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Wild Wire

I just wanna write what I wanna write when I wanna write it and then never deal with it again.


I was just an average brony who played a lot of video games, but then I took an arrow to the knee... well actually it was more like a black goo to my everything. Now I'm surrounded by snow in every direction except up with a weird set of numbers at the top left of my vision that looks freakishly like the Minecraft debug menu. (My attempt at a 1st person story) [starts in season 5 premiere]

Sorry, I lost ALL motivation with this story. I might do a heavy rewrite a long time into the future maybe(probably not) but for now, it's canceled. Sorry to disappoint everyone who actually read this trash.

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I hope discord will at least make some appearance in this.... please

He definitely will at some point, but it might not be for a while.

Don't worry, he will still be super powerful... Just a little bit less.

How can you nerf cheats... it's cheats its meant to be OP

I like stories with OP characters, they are funny :)

Does he have fourth wall breaking powers? Also can you please have a twilight breakdown with the whole floating blocks thing (Minecraft), or have both him and pinkie annoy twilight to no end... I see a lot of potential for that.

He does NOT have forth wall breaking powers, and every time he does break it, it's by accident. He just read enough fanfics to know he might possibly be in one. He will be meeting Twilight and the rest soon and won't annoy them TOO much until he reveals himself to anypony other than the ponies of the Crystal Empire. But they will meet and our hero Stanley will be a badass and won't get transferred to Gay Baby Jail. Shoutouts to SimpleFlips.

finally, some progress in the story

I know I'm not so great at this, but this is only my second story ever. Make sure that if there is something you don't like, you tell me and make sure you tell me exactly what I did wrong so I can improve it.

The only thing that bothers me is how oblivious these ponies seemingly are. Even by pony standards. Where is all the curiosity? The distrust? The panic? (The horror! The horror!) Anyway, just "Hey, you could stay in my house!" out of nowhere, and then "Oh, you startled me! Your bedroom is on the second floor." They act like he's Discord or maybe Pinkie, but seem to care even less. They feel somewhat NPC-ish because of that.

I'm curious what you'll do with that OP character of yours. Would be really interesting if there's some sort of meta-game going on, where he isn't all that OP after all. Like his SAVEs affecting the world a-la Undertale. Or maybe that mod really being a virus and a part of some evil master plan like in Spy Kids 3. Or maybe he just was moved to another segment of the Matrix? Or mayb[brain dump truncated]

"They feel somewhat NPC-ish because of that."

I found that wording slightly funny, given he has game powers. I could just say 'that's the point' but that would be a lie, I'll try to improve on that and maybe at some point add a chapter where he completely messes up everything and has to restart with some new 'updates'

I'm not really good at this though, I could use some more advice. I feel like the pacing is really off too, sometimes he just conveniently does something, other times parts seem a bit stretched out. I'm trying to get better, but I don't really know what I'm doing.

[Future Changelog]

+Fix ponies trusting too fast.
+Fix speed of everything.
+Add herobrine.

That last one is a joke, unless some of you actually want him as a villain or something though.


Top 10 famous last words.

I shall be at your funeral...

Also I didn't see the [update] tag on the chapters so when I clicked the newest one I was so confused

Well Stanley, that's another fine mess you got us into?

Can't touch me.

I'm like that guy from Lethal Weapon 2.

I have diplomatic immunity.

So Hammer, you can't sue.

Interesting improvements and updates. The whole ahh hes a monster even after the guard sees hes good and the point of capturing is null is agrevating tho.

"I'm Stanley."


I swear I will bring you justice, creature! I promise that!


"The Pink One has detected us." I say, dead serious. I'm internally flipping my shit because I don't know if my powers will save me if Pinkie finds me, as she has strange powers of her own. Randomly just knowing things, fitting herself into spaces smaller than her own body, appearing out of nowhere, fitting a CANNON in her mane and much, MUCH more. It truly scares me, so I quickly explain all this to Starlight, and she starts to freak out too.


Yeah, I like the new version better. Only Shining is being a dick tad too much for his character, I think, but him having had a bad day would explain that well enough.

Also, I think Stanley miscounted creatures more powerful than the princesses. He forgot about Pinkie. In my headcanon she is more powerful than Discord, but unlike him thinks "What fun is there in being OP?" Not sure how her power relates to Stanley's. Won't be surprised if she can see his debug consoles and maybe even strip him of admin rights xD

Cool, how long is it going to be before he does Mario, Pokemon, and Skyrim glitches?

So, uhhhhhh, I don't like how my story is going, but a few people seem to be tracking this and I still like the idea. Should I continue where I left off or just restart and try again?

Aside from basic grammar mistakes and poor wording, this is an amazing story so far. I vote Continue.

please have him use I-D-D-Q-D:pinkiecrazy:

It's already active. He used it during his first pause.

I swear I will bring you justice, creature! I promise that!

Justice for what, you flaming racist douchebag?

I'll get the casket and the parade set up. New Orleans style funerals are best funerals because they actually celebrate the life that was on their way back from the cemetery.

If I never update this story again, just pretend Pinkie Pie caught them and Stanley decided to crash the universe with ent_remove_all.

What does that mean ? Anger ? annoyance ? irritation ? confusion ?

there is no mess. Stanley already mopped it up.

it's excellent story and you should focus on this instead of your other stories wild wire. Cause its clearly going well and if you need help with where to take this story then I could prolly help.

"I guess this is the end of poor Stanley... Heh, I was hoping to get the broom closet ending."

You have my eternal love and gratitude.

"We're going to try to deceive Pinkie Pie."

Top 10 famous last words.

You said it in jest, yet your story ends here....
-> "Not sure if just trolling or the pink one got him."

gonna vote continue. There's some spelling and grammar problems, but overall it's great.

Top 10 famous last words.

Top ten anime betrayals.

Is thus gonna be a lohav? Please DON'T make it a lohav....

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