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Decent writer who enjoys crossovers and is new to the MLP fandom. Bigger fan of the fandom than the show.


Inspired by A Crafters Dream, by ruthim345

Steve, the last Crafter, gets transported to Equestria. Little does he know, the biggest threat to both ponies and Crafters is coming. Now Steve must protect Equestria. However, that’s hard to do when fate is constantly messing with him.

Chapters (18)
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Hey guys leave any CONSTRUCTIVE criticisms here please. Try and enjoy the story!

I was just thinking of a Minecraft crossover. I leave constructive comments later!

Okay constructive criticism. You written the fight scene very well. That said I would like to see more details in the story. What did the skeletons look like? Were they blocky or more like what we would see in MLP?

Did the leave glowing experience orbs or floating bones and arrows?

Where did the fight take place? On the apple orchard or in the Everfree?

Those are questions that came to my mind.

I also spotted a few spelling errors. Try downloading Grammarly they have a free version that spots basic mistakes.

Very good points I will keep that in mind! Thank you for not being rude about the criticisms.

Also, to answer your question, Steve (and the mobs) are what you would see in MLP. Steve is supposed to look like a human. I forgot to say that here, so I’m gonna say that later.

One minor thing how did Steve sleep? With my game I can’t sleep with mobs near.

I would perhaps have the fight near a Neither Portal and it explodes. Maybe a creeper.

It said he was safe in his house. He was running from the skeletons and made it home and then went to sleep.

Like I said it was minor. Still think a Nether portal going boom would be a more interesting means of getting to Equestria. This is more nit picking than criticism.

It wasn’t his sleep that caused him to be transported. It’s a mystery for now.

His diamond sword, which was enchanted with smite lll and unbreaking ll, his bow which was enchanted with power ll, unbreaking lll, and mending, one stack of arrows, his diamond axe and pickaxe, both enchanted with unbreaking ll, everything he had from his last mining expedition, which included 45 iron ore, two stacks of coal, two stacks of cobblestone, 32 gold ore, and 27 diamonds. He also had his shield, fishing rod, 28 ender pearls, a bucket of lava and one of water, a stack of wooden logs, his diamond armor, which was all enchanted with protection lll and unbreaking ll, 59 cooked beef, 23 cooked pork chop, 10 cooked chicken, 44 bread, and his various potions and potion materials.

Not to be offended, but you throw him in pretty overpowered. A bit less might have been better, because this sounds like it came straight out of a creative inventory.

Like the story so far. Keep it up!
Should be interesting to see where it will go.
I will keep an eye on the updates.

As for the criticism: The mane 6 became friends after Nightmare Moon. You need to explain the timeline. I saw the alt. universe tag, so i guess it has something to do with it, but explanation would be nice.

PS: What is the height difference between Steve and the ponies?

Firstly, thanks! Secondly, the timeline should be the same as the real mlp after that. Lastly, Steve is much taller than most ponies, however, he is the same height as Celestia, but a little shorter if you count the horn.

I mean if you played Minecraft for years than you’d be OP. I think it’s incredible he hasn’t found Netherite yet.

Still, diamonds is mitt-endgame, but when you count in Netherite...

Yes, you got a point there.

Underrated. Epic Quality. More chapter pls.

Thanks! I’m working on the next chapter.


First encounter. That is one of the titles everyone uses (even me), but in this case the first encounter is not the first encounter.
The beginning is a bit confusing, you should tell the reader about him using a potion of invisibility, especially for those that don’t know about the item because of they’re lacking knowledge of the game.
The fights where decent, but can be improved (they can always be improved so that doesn’t mean that much. :P)
The idea with the ravine was great and the waterbucked trick a good addition.
Lastly a question: How those water work? How much is Minecraft and how much Equestria?

I tried to fix it as much as possible. If you have any ideas for the chapter name that would be great. This is only temporary until I, or someone else, can come up with a better one.

Also, the way it works is everything, except for any sentient beings, has equestrian physics until Steve interacts with it. Like if he chops a tree, it would fall, but once he picks up the logs they have Minecraft physics. I’m going to make him explain later.

Also the way he places water is he’ll throw it like how you would with a bucket, but:
1. Instead of scattering everywhere, it flows in neat lines for nine blocks like in Minecraft.
2. He has to be within five blocks (5 meters) to use it.

Thanks, i remember it for future chapters.

Ideas for chapter names:
First battle//confrontation//the chase//one vs all
I think that should be enough for now.

So Luna decided to play Freddy Krueger.

Can she even do that?

To be honest I have no idea what this reference is.

Horror movie of a guy who killed people in they’re dreams, causing them do die in the real world.

Would the same happen if Luna...

Something that wasn’t said:
Luna was not trying to kill Steve but trying to get him to reveal his home so the guard could hunt him down, easier. It wasn’t said in the story so I’m pointing that out now.

Oh, that explains some things...

As Steve was heading home, he heard good steps coming from behind him. He ducked behind some heavy brush.

I think you mean hooves?

“Hey, I wasn’t the one who pulled me down on you.” She shot back.


I‘m probably be getting chapters out every 1-2 weeks.

Hey, i got the same upload schedule.

Damn. Stupid autocorrect. If you see an error like that please tell me.

I also added something else I forgot to add.

Him calling Gilda a mutated chicken. I was gonna put that and forgot, but I just wanted to put that in.

Hey this is good keep it up

When dit you make that cover? (It’s nice.)

I made it some time ago. It was just a little something I’d wanted to do.

The monster always spare the children. (Monster, not bad guy.)

Tbh, I think even bad guys spare the children.

So... For some reason, i never got notified about this story getting updated.
It updated on the 14th of March.
At the time of this comment, it is the 19th.
That aside, it was a good chapter.

Steve could fix Derpy roof but it would be a block shaped and stick out like a sore thumb and the image would be cursed for pony

Which is probably why he didn’t. That would make it obvious he was there.

Just in case you didn’t get notified, I posted a new chapter. Hopefully this show up in your notifications.

Saw that coming. (Cover spoiler.)

Yeah. It’s also one of the tags. But you don’t know what’s gonna happen. How will Derpy stand with Steve (just friends or lovers or maybe become enemies)? What’s relevance to the plot? How good are her muffins?

I can only answer the last question.:rainbowlaugh:

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