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After a year or so I finally decided that I should make an account on this site to comment and or write because I love reading the stories posted here.

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Invite · 8:11am May 19th, 2019

I realized it was likely stupid to just ask anyone interested in taking part in my plan to merely comment their interest, instead I will be posting a link to a discord server (made moments before this blog post will be put up and I go to sleep) so that those interested can instead join that server if they are interested


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Just thought I'd share. I like making others happy. :pinkiesmile:

:pinkiegasp: :twilightsmile: :twilightsmile: :twilightsmile:

I think the first time I've been randomly commented that on my user page, kinda didn't expect anyone to do it either given how little activity I've given recently. Not that I don't want to be active, just kinda been dead on inspiration

oh, my knowledge on that comes from having played as Dante before in the games

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