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The General

Everything I do has a greatly stupid reason... Also: http://cyberspacecat.deviantart.com/art/PonyRock-wip-315443499

General facts about me

1: Of all of the people I have ever met, I am the only Brony. Seriously.

2: I have played many different instruments over the years, but I am in love with the Saxophone (alto) and the Bass Guitar (P-Bass, Fender).

3a: Although I love music very much, I hate singing around other people, and only join in if someone else is doing it with me.

3b: On the topic of music, my favourite bands are: Sabaton, The Beatles, and Queen.

4: I joined the fandom on the 29th of October, 2015.

5: My favourite ways to blow off steam are: playing pool, playing pinball, or playing an unhealthy amount of music.

6: Ich kann Deutsch sprechen.

7: I hate how politics works, but I love to talk about it.

8: I am a huge nerd, and own, among other things, 5 decks and 500+ additional Magic the Gathering cards.

9: I live on the American East Coast.

10: I have a huge love for history and the sciences.

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I'm glad you enjoy it! I'm working on redoing some of the earlier chapters, though. I plan on making them better than what they currently are, but I won't update them for a while until I'm done with all of the revisions in Google Docs. I hope you enjoy the sequel as well! :pinkiehappy:

You're very welcome! I followed because I finally got around to reading Millennia: Beginnings (your story which I had marked 'read later' a very long time ago) and very much enjoyed it. Although I'm only a few chapters in, it is very entertaining, and I look to reading much more!

Thanks for the follow! I am curious, though. What for? :twilightsmile:

No problem! Because as we all know, all's fair in pone world.

Oh hey there, thanks for the follow and stuff!

Wow...just, wow...

119-1 ratio? Now I have to check this out, because that's just insane. Congratulations, and keep up the good work!:pinkiehappy:

2376188 Actually, 'My Only Sunshine' is just what you're looking for. While it's not as dark, it is EXTREMELY emotional. I would suggest it highly, especially with Chapter 9; the finale, on its way soon.

It's currently the single best story I've ever written. It trumps everything in my library by a thousand miles.
If you won't take my word for it, take the like/dislike ratio's word. 119/1 as of current.

Also, thanks again for following, and for responding to my comment!

You are very close in your assumption, but it was really was Beneath the Sun's Surface that pushed it for me. It was able to push this super hard, dark, and awe inspiring feel that... I... really have no words...

If you ever go to write like that again; I am totally up for it!:rainbowdetermined2:

Thanks for watching! I was about to ask what prompted you to do so, but I see 'Beneath The Sun's Surface' is in you... top favorites! It makes me quite happy to see that old story of mine was impressive!

I'll assume you did watch me, however, because of 'My Only Sunshine'.

You are quite welcome! And to answer your question, I finally stumbled across your Love Dashed into Life in my 'Read Later' folder. I was blown away by the storytelling and grammer, checked some of your other content and found that great too!

  • Viewing 81 - 90 of 90
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