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Ringtail is the Panda. Ringo is the Person.

We of Ringo's Tales LLC,Inc,tm take donations of food, currency, and constructive criticism. Otherwise just do some reading, idk. I'm not your [Parental Figure Here]

If you need to contact me, PM's and Discord are the way to go. Ringo Farr#0456

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Disclaimer: My beliefs don't necessarily echo into my writing. I prefer to have my characters represent multiple opinions and paths in life, though that's not to say that I won't use a character to explore the exact opposite of my own prerogative. Writing is subjective, and 'good' writing even more so.

As Always, Stay Cool, Kids


Ringo Dingo D'oh: Tf did I go? · 4:31am Apr 15th, 2023

Sup nerds? I live, I breath, I'm no longer literally living in a forest. Life is better.

Yeah, so I was homeless from August of 2022 until January 2023. Funny how life works. Explained below.


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Basically whenever I get a computer/laptop

Will make a blog post soon

when is the next update to A theif Tale?

Admiral Snuggles most dangerous and effective weapon: CUTENESS.

Thanks for the invite, and thank you for making a pool of positivity! Looking forward to seeing some jokes and laughs later!

Oh yeah, there were plenty iof plot holes in the original if I'm not mistaken

Yup its Holy alright... Plot holes lol jk

Yeah, MLP is dying fast and A Thief's Tale isn't going to be done anytime soon. I'm working again so I have inspiration, but not time. When I'm not working, I get writer's block by the end of a full week and that's why progress has been so slowover the past 6 weeks.

On a different note, I apologize for not getting back with you sooner. I probably clicked onto my user page to mess with my notifications and missed the note for your reply. That being said, thank you for your readership and I hope you enjoy A Thief's Tale in all it's... Holy Glory

the rewrites i will read im just reading in order right now

i have the forknoledge that the original is more of an IF story and will take that with a grain. my reading style is read as original and pick myself the ending that i think best suits in my opinion if there are multiple and i believe thats what and IF section really is just a way to give the author a way to enact their prefered end if the original didnt meet up to their standard regardless if the IF section is the new or the original end. me? im just enjoying the ride in order and i like my books that way :) it rllly is som good stuff and am punching myself for not startining it sooner since it was the longest "complete" story and im tired of the finding the types of stories i like are always incomplete on hiatus or -shudders- canceled and this is 1 of the few that i enjoy that has the complete still attached and i just wana b sure it is even in original. i dont mind the rewrites especially if the author wasnt happy with it at this point i just wanna read since i dont rlly have anything else to do so incomplete stories that wont be finished piss me off a little since ive ready all the actual books i have and cant find anything new i enjoy anywhere this is the last refuge i have for literary peace and im sad it seems like its dying more each day now the main cannon is done :fluttercry:

  • Viewing 93 - 102 of 102
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