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I have stuff on the internet. You should check it out. Or not. I don't decide what you do. You could just fap again for all I know.

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This bio probably won't get updated often, but my policy on requests hasn't changed in awhile. I do take requests, but they may or may not get made into stories. Sometimes I just don't vibe with an idea, so be chill. If you ever want to contact me, I check my PM's pretty frequently and I keep an eye on Discord, so bam. Bonus thing you didn't know.

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Disclaimer: I don't necessarily believe in what I write about. Different emotions surface during different moments and often I just find grit and mushy-gushy garbage entertaining to flesh out. Always open to comments, critique, and occasionally fellatio.


Royal Road to Redemption · 7:13am May 6th

Hello, and good tidings to all who read this. As you may know if you've been paying attention, I've stopped working on fanfics altogether and have started my own IP/Novel/Universe. Previously you could find me on Wattpad, ArchiveofOurOwn, and now I'm on Royal Road. Fuck Wattpad and its fanbase for the most part, Archive and RR seem to be a little more friendly to people like me. Merry fuckdays to all of youi, and may your mating season bear you no fruit. Check back in occasionally for updates

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Delighted to corrupt another young mind. Stay in school, Lucy is more fun than Mary and she's into freakier shit, don't speed go fass, and getting laid isn't half as dope as anyone ever claims it is.

As for why I can't proofread: it's 1pm and I get up for work at 7:30 pm six days a week. Some of those days (like today) are twelve hour shifts. I mean you nor any other reader any disrespect when I say I just don't have time. I haven't even bothered to fix my laptop because I just wouldn't spend as much time on it. When I say I'll make it a mini project, I mean I'll read it when you post it and I'll be one of your first ten comments.

Dude, I'm in my junior year of highschool. Alsi, I'm pretty much have all time on my hands at home. Most the time I'm just doing nothing as people call it (playing games. Reading, watched TV, ect.). Just so you know I'm on Eastern standard Time. It's 8:29 for me right now. And if you would like to help with my story, if you have Google docs I can send you chapter 1. Though if you don't you'll have to explain I send that code thing they do on this site

Thank you for the time you've put into the story so Dae and I look forward to seeing you in the comments should you ever want to discuss something. I'm always happy to hear about reader-writers, and while I don't really have the schedule to proofread (6 days solid on 8~12 depending) I'd love to make your story my new mini project.

As for the errors, I started writing in my junior year of high school and picked it up again without an editor for awhile. The story gets more legible and more cohesive as it goes along (or so I've been told), so that's nice. I think. Whenever I can pick writing up again, I'm most likely going to try for something I can actually publish

Hello ringtael. I have found you story a thief's tale road to redemption quite recently. I'm currently on chap 19. I dare say I've fallen in love. I read quite a lot of things in my life, and only a few have ever been so to my liking that I literally would not sleep to read them. Though I will let you know I have notice quite a few errors over my reading. No so bad I can't make out what is there, but bad enough that I HAVE to point it out. I am going to continue reading your 1.5 plus million word story and I'm quite sure I'll be happy doing so. Also I love you idea of God. I would love to get into a discussion about things with you whenever we are both free. If you ever get this let me know if you want to. Also I really love this Max of a man you have made. I know his feeling of giddiness of wantings feedback on what I write. I'm actually somewhat in the works of my first fanfic I'm making for this site. Chap on is short but done. Chap 2 is in the works. Though I would love if I could get a proof reader. Other than that. I think you for making this masterpiece of a story I have come to long to read more of.

Sincerely, Pastrome

give me vbucks

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