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Fucks Ungiven

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Thank you ^-^ Im gonna check out the changeling ones first :3

2268224 Bugging hiccups it's a cute changeling story. Human Blood is pretty decent. Has a pretty good take on ethereal beings that control the universe and how they have to go correct the mistake of a human crossing over. Really detailed and good start on how the guy traveled through.

King of Slumberland I'm pretty certain this is a crossover of something that I don't know about, but it's really good and he has a unique character that you don't even need to know the crossover to enjoy it.

I Come From a Land Down Under Another changeling story. An Australian IT guy heads to equestria. Changeling are a bit perry to him because he gives unlimited (to be seen it hunts a trap a limit) amount of magicaless love.

Well then thanks for the watch ^-^
Also what stories do you suggest? I would go through your library but a story was just updated and I wanna go read the new chapters.

Well you watched me. So I thought I'd reciprocate. Plus the only thing interesting about me on this site is my comments, and I've been here for three years now.

Thanks for the watch!
Even though I necer do anything and am extremely boring. Except for when im not. Which is almost never.

  • Viewing 63 - 67 of 67
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