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Just your average everyday evil genius, looking to share stories about ponies with the world!

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Rating System

You'll probably notice that in some of my story descriptions, the reasons for content ratings will be color-coded.
This is just to express the severity of each of the reasons.
Obviously, Green means little to none of something (as would be expected in a story rated "Everyone", Yellow is means moderate content, as expected of a story rated "Teen", and Red will be the absolute extreme, for Mature content.
I will usually rate a story by the highest color code in the reasons, for instance there will usually not be Language in a Teen story.

As a WIP progresses, I may add tags, and the rating may shift from "Everyone" to "Teen". I will NEVER upgrade a story to "Mature" unless I receive understandable complaints from people about the content. That means that even if I decide halfway through a "Teen" story that it would be a benefit to the story if I ultra kill ponies in a way that would make a horror movie director faint, I will NOT add that type of scene to the story.

Language - Slight use of mild language. "Damn" at most.
Language - Moderate use of mid-tier curses. "B***h", "B*****d" used frequently, "S**t" and "F**k" used on occasion."
Language - Frequent and unnecessary use of God-tier curses, very descriptive violence/threats. Will be rated "Mature" after a certain point.

Sexual Themes - Very, VERY minor or extremely vague references to sex.
Sexual Themes - Direct, non-descriptive references to sex. Will usually be rated "Teen" with Sex.
Sexual Themes - Sex. I do NOT plan on EVER using that one.

Violence - Slapstick, slap fights, slappity slap slappers. No blood, but someone will be in minor pain, or threaten to inflict minor injuries on another.
Violence - Barfights, dark alley showdowns, meet-me-on-the-playground-at-three-so-I-can-break-your-nose. A bit of blood, but they'll be home for dinner.
Violence - Gruesome murder, detailed threats, no mercy for thee. Drinks will flow and blood will spill, and if the boys wanna fight you better let 'em. Will usually be accompanied by a "Dark" tag, and will always be rated "Mature" with Gore.

If you have any concerns about my rating choice, please don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you very much!

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Thank you very much for favoriting Magical Melodies. I'm glad you liked it!

You look new. Welcome to Fimfiction.

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