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Count Weirdly

Just your average everyday evil genius, looking to share stories about ponies with the world!


Braeburn, a simple farmpony, and Quinlinn, a normal pony with an average past, become millionaires after creating what historians will call "the greatest snackfood of all time", a crazy and daring combo of Nutella and taco salad!

Follow the dynamic duo as they make loads of bits, fight corporate giants, and look good doing it in this odd tale that will bring absolutely no tears to your eyes!

I do not own any of the Nutella corporation, aside from the container of it in my cabinet.
Taco Salad is not a trademark of Taco Bell.
The reader is solely responsible for any mental anguish due to fanon smashing, headcanon busting, or lack of actual Quinburn shipping.

Rated Teen for:
Drug Use
Sexual Themes

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 6 )

I've calculated that my body is roughly 17% Nutella.



Hmm... Interesting observation. That's more than five times the doctor-recommended percentage of Nutella by body weight. You may want to have yourself checked for any concerning hazelnut-related illnesses.

My blood is a brown, nutty, buttery spread.

i wouldve cut myself to death many years ago if i had that problem :derpytongue2:


Certainly isn't a bad problem to have. It's just not recommended by medical doctors.
Then again, they told me not to inject myself with food coloring, but what do doctors know?

Food coloring isn't bad for you. It's just corn syrup, dye, and some mysterious chemical the government doesn't want to talk about.

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