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Who says stallions can't become Alicorns?
Pretty much everyone. But that's only because they've never SEEN one! There's no medical studies, scientific whatzit, or ANYTHING that proves that conclusively!
And so it was that the great Gerard set out, to prove to two worlds that you can accomplish anything as long as you have the powers of Friendship and Magic on your side.
Dark gypsy magic, that is.

Rated Teen for:
Sexual Humor
Crude Humor
Mild Language

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 11 )

Wary of this story for its title similarity to one of my own stories.

Oh, when I went to your page to see what you were talking about, I was expecting to see another story titled "Alicorn Complex".

Nay, the fact that both or story titles include the word "Complex" is but a coincidence. In truth, I was thinking about the Oedipus Complex when I was planning the story.

Nevertheless, I hope you give it a chance and enjoy it!

Your story is pretty good. A few notches above mediocre.
My story is a crossover of a game called "PARANOIA", so you'll understand why I'm wary of things like this.:twilightblush:


You know, I really should have read through the story again before I submitted it, because you're right, it is only a few notches above mediocre. Stuff that I would've caught if I had taken the time to read it over again. I'll have to do some revisions later on.

I'll have to look over your story, I don't believe I've ever heard of that game, but the "Comedy" tag is enough to convince me to give it a try. I do like me at least a bit of humor in the fics I read.

>But, as the story goes, instead of finding the much-needed paper, he found a temporary dimensional overlap.

Top kek

May I use banana bushels for a short story?

On one condition: You have to shoot me a link to the story when it's done!
Thanks for the fave, by the way! You're too kind!

3998489 Haha alright, and no problem. Just keep writing so I can keep enjoying.

more I say more!!!!!!!!!!!!

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