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You want to know how to write a good story? You take a group of interesting, likable, wonderful characters, and you turn their lives into Hell on Earth. -- Chris Claremont


Trafalgar D. Water Law was a lucky man. Doomed to die at a young age he became a pirate, wishing to only cause misery to those around him. He would eventually become one of the most feared captains on the Grand Line.

It was during his coup against his former leader, Donquixote Doflamingo, that his luck finally ran out.

Fighting a losing battle against the Heavenly Demon, he fell in battle. But, he did not die. No, he instead finds himself in unknown lands surrounded by midget horses and other beasts.

Normally he would approach this situation with the same cold, calculating indifference he usually portrays. He finds himself losing his patience, however, when a creature known as a Changeling decides to follow him around.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 76 )

And another new story! One with a brilliant start, as well.

YES Can't wait to see what antics Law ends up in.

Yes i have been waiting for a long time for a law story or a trafalgar law displaced, thank you

Good story dude! I hope to read more soon!

Part of Dopple’s mind wondered if the creature was overcompensating for something.


Damn, you really know how to portray Law.

I bet he would've gone for the heart grab torture for information if Dopple wasn't there.

6358635 Dude this chapter settles it. Your fukin nailing it bro! Haha perfect, just perfect. Keep it up, this is one of those stories that gets me to release weird excited noises halfway through reading it. One moustache for you. :moustache:

I am a big law fan and I am really enjoying this fix, I hope u don't do like other authors and just quit it

Damn Law is just brutal.... I LOVE IT!!! And it's been a while since I've read or watch One Piece but man is Law's past just so tragic. His country, his friends, his family, Corazon. :applecry::fluttercry::fluttershysad::raritydespair:

Although maybe those pasted experience could motive him to helping those around him if the circumstances were similar? Like the discovery of the white lead by the dogs or the ponies?

Just curious what time is this taking place in the MLP canon?

6359647 I will be completely honest with you and say I don't have any intentions of cancelling this story. I am, however, a full time student and school is right around the corner. With that in mind my upload speed will be somewhat slow, possibly to the point where it may seem I'm on hiatus.

6359654 I'm not really sure at the moment. I have a few ideas but nothing is set as of yet, and I wont need to make a final decision on the matter for few more chapters.

6360041 Compared to other things Law has done that can be considered tame!

Well that was a nice way to mentally scar a bugpon.

But in hindsight, Law did do a mercy for them via killing them. Since he COULD have just left them as they were until they slowly died from dehydration or starvation.

Still brutal though ^^

Oh and tiny error I noticed.

Neither Law or Dopple heard the dogs scream as they slowly suffocated to death.

Or should be nor. As they say in class, Either Or
Neither Nor.

6361366 One of the reasons I have to add the Dark tag is because this story is about Law. He's arguably done much worse before.

Well my old English classes sucked then. I'll make the necessary change, thanks.

This is why you don't mess with Law.

6361381 No. That is why you don't mess with 'thee' law.

Well whatever you decide to with I know it will be awesome.

I find Law one of my favorite pirate supernova's from the new world. Though he does live up to the reputation as the surgeon of death I see him as someone who is not evil but has no problem using permanent solutions to remove obstacles.

About the manga I hope the straw hats meet up with some of the other supernovas and we get some back story to them. the ones i look forward too are Kidd and Drake mainly because their names originate from real famous pirates.

And so the story of a D. continues!

Side-Quest: Rescue the Slaves!!!

Mission Time: 2 hours, 6 minutes
Confirmed Kills: 87 [Perfect Run]
# Times Powers Used: 1 [A-]


Gained 2461 EXP

Gained (5) Diamond Dog Pelt

Gained Follower; Doppler the Changeling!
Influence increased with Doppler.
Doppler now is at (Friendly) status

jeez, you certainly do a good job at writing serious law. good freaking job.

Man, Law really kicked ass in this chapter. Also, I agree with you in that he got an S rank.

Personally I don't get the ponies reaction to the changeling, they live in a world with predators large enough that eating a pony whole wouldn't even take the edge of their hunger. But changelings, they just want a bit of positive emotions that from the looks of it isn't even harmful to them.
Even Shining Armor was fine after a bit, and he was drained more than a bottle of vodka in the hands of an alcoholic.

Overall they don't seem to be that bad a predator to fall prey to.

6369002 Not using his powers at all. Using the power of the Ope Ope no Mi puts a lot of strain on Law's body. By not using it, he saves strength.

6369041 Wait, there's another kind of Law besides serious Law?

6369061 I agree with you entirely, but I suspect that the ponies would have a deep fear of anything more dangerous than themselves. Which is, more often than not, everything.

6369079 those docile horses are plenty dangerous. For an example, machine gun unicorns(pinkie and twilight wedding episode) lightning shooting clouds(every pegasai) and earth ponies strong enough to drag small houses (at their peak that is, also ignore that they can't lift huge cakes).
I just think their flight-or-fight-o-meter is biased towards flight.


funny law (or rather law when he has to interact with the strawhats)
rather i meant by my comment that your good at writing law in a more serious light i suppose. i dunno, i just really like how you write law.

6369111 I'm just going by what I perceive to be cannon.

6369118 I know, I was just being silly. Just seems like every other time Law is in the picture he always has a frown or wears no expression at all.

And thus began the legend of the Two-Legged Slasher.

Great chapter, please let there be even more Law Badassness in the future. Oh have him fight a dragon!

Sh watched in relief


Otherwise good chapter. :twilightsmile:

Yeah it will be interesting to see the less dark Law, then again at his funniest he is just in a shocked sort of mindset.

But can't really blame a man like that getting all :ajbemused: faced when having Chopper tied to the top of his head.

Either way you are doing a great job! So happy to see such a well made O.P. crossover.

6362606 And that was well influenced by Donflamingo's wickedness.

Ha! Spoilers?! They don't scare me because I'm on the latest one already!

MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:pinkiecrazy: Please :pinkiehappy:

This story is awsome. I read to other FIMFIC about law but this is how the story should go.

Loving this story and how accurate you are with Law's character.

Well didn't expect THIS to crawl back out of the grave. Still nice to see it update.

6708508 To be fair, I posted a blog explaining what I was up to in regards to this story.

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu- I love this, but there aren't any more chapters. But I need more chapters, cause I love this story, and because I love it I need to see what happens next, but there aren't next chapters. Now I have to wait, but I don't want to wait. AGH!

Anyway, I love the story. Dopple and Law's best team. Cant wait for future chapters :D.


Does anybody knows where I can find a cryogen pod?

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