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Weeks after the failed assault on Canterlot by the Chrysalis Hive, things are tense in Equestria. A lone changeling looking for somepony to feed on is discovered in Ponyville like many often are. But that's where his involvement in Equestria ends, for his adventure in Skyrim is about to start.

Sent to a new and frigid land where people can be as cold and unforgiving as the weather, this changeling will find that all is not well; a civil war threatens to tear its people apart, dark forces work in the shadows to gather followers and waiting for the opportune chance to strike, and an ancient prophecy is about to be realized, as Alduin the World Eater returns to raise an army of his dragon kin to destroy all of Nirn.

But all is not lost, as the Dovahkiin, dragonborn hero of legend, is on a journey to fulfill her destiny, and save the world from Alduin's wrath.

Who better for out changeling to join up with.

Read on as their tale unfolds.
A long needed rewrite/ revision of my first attempt at a story, A Changeling's visit to Skyrim.
9/15/17: Changed title from the way too lengthy original "Escapades of a Changeling Soulstoke: Skyrim".

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Well... yep, there's combination of bad luck that makes me sad when it comes to Stross and the fuzzy romance that makes me feel warm. Now where's Fen so I can wrap the two up in the fluffiest shipping blanket ever? : P

Whelp, here we go again.

And thus begins the shipping once more...

And the adventure begins anew! Huzzah!

I'm going to have to write a side-story for this, won't I?

huh maybe >.>
only if the real hail slick is also a good changeling X3

I'm going to have to write a side-story for this, won't I?

Nah,Stross will just have to do some cleaning when he returns.

I must say, this is definitely "good-er." :rainbowkiss:

P. S. Stross and his silver tongue makes him overpowered as all oblivion. :pinkiecrazy: :rainbowdetermined2:


Nice twist to the clasic favrote

Why do authors need to humanise every single being that gets transported from Equestria to Skyrim?

6610080 You could say dimension hopping can go like this: if you accidentally jump through the void, you lose your from, what then stays is your mind in a type of stasis with the idea what it was. When this mind then connects with another universe, the void opens up in an area and reconstructs the body like the lifeforms which are higher evolved, but it also tries to reconstruct your body after the image you had of yourself. This can then get mixed up good or bad and you then have a hybrid at the end. :pinkiesmile:
This would pretty much be my guess what an accidental jump through the void could do to you.

I do hope that despite the loss of the tag, there will still be some comedy to this story. :duck: While the first edition was hilariously random, it would be great to see some of the old spark to make it's way into this rewrite. :pinkiesmile:

This is a much, much better opening to the story than the original's. In this version you get a lot more of a feel for Stross' character and who he is as a person. You also seem to have toned down the overabundant, and quite frankly obnoxious pop culture references, which is a good thing.

You know, I had nothing really against the first version of this story, but I have to say I really like the improvements you've made in this one. The pacing, the detail, the alterations to the normal chain of events... Fantastic job.

Well, at least they still get their gear. Maybe this time Fenora will keep the cart for selling? If nothing else, the mill could use it to sell wood in Whiterun. Then again, Fenora and Stross will probably use it for hauling loot. Because it's easier to haul it like that.

Village of murdering, backward, knuckledraggers about to kill you is burned to the ground? Time to celebrate!
FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! Heh-heh-heh-heh!

6610080 It's a D&D setting first and foremost. Whether it's pen & paper or on a computer, anything on 4 legs that's not a cow tends to end up a Mount, a Pack Animal, a Pet, or a Familiar.
If it talks, add the word "Enchanted" to any of those descriptors and ignore it's pleas that it is NOT an animal...
That does not sound like a fun story with any denizen of Equestria, actually, so bipedal stance it is....

it was that bad the previous story?

I don't know why you felt the need to rewrite A Changeling's visit to Skyrim, because that was really well written and very enjoyable to read (gave me plenty of inspiration when I needed it), but I look forward to seeing how this one turns out.

You wrote this so Stross could have an orc girlfriend...:raritywink:

Don't lie!:rainbowhuh:

I'm watching you, mister!:rainbowdetermined2:

“I can see my house from here!” one yelled as he was flung, “It’s on fire!”

I can't help but think of this...

Now I know that there's quite a few people out there that either favorited A Changeling's visit to Skyrim, or just threw it on their "read it later" shelf. And if you're one of those people... THANKS! It means a lot to me, it really does.

... i made a list called "stuff i have read" ....used it to count how much i have read.... *i read ALOOOOOOTTTTTT* ... so when you said it was cancelled i added it there..


...why am i pronoucning it "else where"

That's how you're supposed to pronounce it

its a pun

The Khajiit live in a giant country sized pun full of badlands, sand, and disappointment

That's why they're so bitter

“Oh what fresh Oblivion is this?”

I love this phrase.

This story does seem a little bit better than the other one, but really, the previous one was fine! :twilightsmile: No idea why it's being rewritten...

I hope at least one other pony goes after him, and something like with Luna from the first one happens in here, because that was enjoyable.

Much, much cleaner. I'll admit I'm one of the ones that couldn't get far in the first story, but it's always very gratifying to see an author grow and improve, and I'm definitely going to give the reboot a fresh read :twilightsmile:

Although I will say, for a prologue whose entire purpose was to set up an elaborate circumstance just to bump into Twilight in the last two lines, the story here is compelling enough in itself. I'd read it even if it wasn't going to go horse-climbing cliffs and robbing shopkeepers with a bucket.

Each seemed tired, yet they always kept an eye on both Fenora and him, even as they tended to their camp.

Other than that small nitpick there, still loving this. Lovebug has a friend, people give you random stuff to give to random other people, and nords are stubborn, all is right and aggravating in the world.

Should i go to sleep or should i read this now. ...

It's 1:30 am right about now, sooo maybe i should go to sleep:facehoof:.....

New chapter, so we have to have the theme song:

I assume the same reason Argonians and Khajiit stopped having digitigrade feet and pronounced snouts in Oblivion. Gear. :twilightsheepish:

I am appreciating the reduced references for the sake of references. TBH that was a pretty big turnoff last time around, and you can clearly write things that stand on their own merits.

You know, you would think Farengar would just pay the Companions to go and retrieve it, assuming of course, the main character didn't show up to warn them. Though, then that doesn't give the players a story reason to reach the final chamber, just the call of early game loot. Though, the story would then need to stall until the player decided to become the Dragonborn... At least, so long as they wanted to keep the immortal NPCs hidden from completing the story without a Dragonborn to do the dragon slaying.


"Yeah sure, got it." Fenora called back, "And you might want to turn down the heat on that spriggan sap!"

“What sprig-“ Farengar began right before explosion, followed by a cloud of smoke erupted from the study.

“Oh by the gods, it’s all over the walls!”


Dragons? Surely you cant be serious.

I am serious, and thats Frank.:trollestia:

"Yeah sure, got it." Fenora called back, "And you might want to turn down the heat on that spriggan sap!"

“What sprig-“ Farengar began right before explosion, followed by a cloud of smoke erupted from the study.

“Oh by the gods, it’s all over the walls!”

Still funny.

Ah, good to see that the constant obnoxious references have been toned down. This is much better.

When I saw you didn't have the comedy tag I was afraid this was gonna just be a gritty reboot with no humor. This chapter disproved me worry. Good job! Still, not sure why you decided to reboot.

Unless the main character is a shade of red, you might want to fix the typo in the description to rogue changeling rather than a rouge one.

Thank goodness you tones the references, (sarcasm)humor(/sarcasm), and etc down in this version. Yay! Let's hope they do not make a reappearance.

6611744 I wasn't aware that the Angry Video Game Nerd could play the kazoo.

Wait, I though that Alduin was nicknamed the World Eater, not the Dragon of Time.

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