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Gol D Colt

Hey I'm Gol D Colt (or Gol for short) And I adore writing stories with massive tasty hoots and gender bent characters.


Reason for my abstention. · 4:30am May 6th, 2017

Hey guys I know it's be an longtime since you heard from me, and some of you think that I'm die. (And I won't blame you:ajsleepy:) But thankfully I'm not die, but there are multiple reasons why I barely been on Fimfiction. The first one is laziest and procrastination. Now I always been a lazy person at heart, but to frankly honest I been trying to avoid writing my fics for awhile. Not because I don't like writing anymore or anything but when you're writing everything by yourself writing just

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Thanks for the fav on Making Piggy Pie a Mommy! What did you like about it?

Aren't you ever going to continue your story "An alicorn's harem", it's really interesting.

Well because of you I have been inspired to do a fan fic like An Alicorn's Harem. It is called... Spike's Hot Summer.

I apologize mate. I misunderstood your blog. I was rushing through my feed.

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