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Still kicking... · 1:41am Mar 8th, 2019

I’ve gotten a few messages lately asking about how the stories are going and where they will be posted when I’m able. Life has been ‘odd’ with a fair bit more medical and other drama going on, but I have gotten a much better feel for the universe I’m wanting to build.

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As of a couple months ago, he was busy but hoping to post chapters up. I haven’t heard anything since though. Life and two jobs are keeping me too busy and tired to write. I have pages and pages of notes for a Starfall and Stasis rewrite, but no idea when I’ll get time to write it, let alone where I’ll put it up since they’ll be non-pony.

Darn, while I feel bad poking someone over something that isn't in his control, I have to ask, do you know more since your last comment about NFire. I'm sure you would have given some news if you had some, I thought I could ask, just in case.

On a different note, What's happening with Starfall? And how are you faring Arxsys?

Well, that sucks.

Comment posted by Edguy0009 deleted Oct 24th, 2021

He hadn’t responded to my last emails, so I have no idea. Hope he’s ok, but it’s been a few months. :(

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