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Still kicking... · 1:41am Mar 8th, 2019

I’ve gotten a few messages lately asking about how the stories are going and where they will be posted when I’m able. Life has been ‘odd’ with a fair bit more medical and other drama going on, but I have gotten a much better feel for the universe I’m wanting to build.

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Is Nfire alright?

Comment posted by JamesMChew deleted Dec 24th, 2023

I heard back and he apologized for not updating, saying he’s been obscenely busy (that I understand) and that an update would be posted over the weekend. I sent a reminder email Saturday while I was at work but no reply. I’m at the point that I feel bad bugging him about it, because life is insane right now. But don’t tell me updates are coming as a reply to people, if they aren’t getting posted. Kinda feel like an asshole to both sides over it. Especially since getting an ending to Legacy is one of the few reasons I log in anymore.

Let me guess, no response.

Nope, he kept the cards pretty close to his chest. I’ll fire off another email but I doubt I’ll hear back.

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