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Any decisions on uploading elsewhere?

so, I was just sitting around looking for something to read. Pretty standard bored activity. Then, suddenly, I remember a story I read a while ago. A really nice read, but it wasn’t complete yet and I forgot to favorite it so I wondered wether or not it had been completed, so I searched for starfall. Don’t find what I’m looking for, think I must’ve forgot the name. So I see if I can find it by searching for sci-fi human stories, as you might expect, no luck. I see if I can use the word count of 20k+, nope. I try like six or seven more times before I just try googling it. Leads me to a downloaded incomplete version of the story, but it has your name on it. So I go back to fimfic and look for you, realize you don’t have ANYTHING. So I scroll through your comments to figure out why, see it’s a pretty good reason, and die a little on the inside realizing I sifted through like 60 pages of fimfic stories for no reason.

I totally understand why you decided to pull everything. But oh my god that took like 4 hours and I wanna at least say something about that wild goose chase. Alright, have a good whatever time it is for you.

If one runs into it, one didn't pay attention to the tags - or the writer tagged it wrong. Otherwise one's the one responsible for letting it happen to oneself.

oh wow. I know the Rape/Foalcon groups got some heat in here. but that is some big reaction from you...
Anyway, I lost interest in fimfiction quite some time ago, then due to real life, Job and health issues forgot to even check it in here. I got reminded of by my friend talking about weapons in Alasca, and decided to see how you are doing, remembering that you used to have some serious and mysterious health issues, but to my surprise.... everything was gone... I was afraid you died or something, before I looked at the comments here...

I can kind of understand your point, especially if you have the danger of the professional side of your life linking you to things you do not want to be associated with.

I guess I will have to find you among my total mess of the watches on deviantart then, to be able to follow you :D Unless you have some other blog.

Ao3 has some really questionable content as well. not sure if it would fit.

Thanks, and I’ll be around to respond to comments or update about writing once I get stuff figured.

  • Viewing 213 - 217 of 217
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