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No longer relevant.

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Ya need to upload starfall somewhere dude. It could of been on of the best stories on here.

never forgotten

Any decisions on uploading elsewhere?

so, I was just sitting around looking for something to read. Pretty standard bored activity. Then, suddenly, I remember a story I read a while ago. A really nice read, but it wasn’t complete yet and I forgot to favorite it so I wondered wether or not it had been completed, so I searched for starfall. Don’t find what I’m looking for, think I must’ve forgot the name. So I see if I can find it by searching for sci-fi human stories, as you might expect, no luck. I see if I can use the word count of 20k+, nope. I try like six or seven more times before I just try googling it. Leads me to a downloaded incomplete version of the story, but it has your name on it. So I go back to fimfic and look for you, realize you don’t have ANYTHING. So I scroll through your comments to figure out why, see it’s a pretty good reason, and die a little on the inside realizing I sifted through like 60 pages of fimfic stories for no reason.

I totally understand why you decided to pull everything. But oh my god that took like 4 hours and I wanna at least say something about that wild goose chase. Alright, have a good whatever time it is for you.

If one runs into it, one didn't pay attention to the tags - or the writer tagged it wrong. Otherwise one's the one responsible for letting it happen to oneself.

  • Viewing 215 - 219 of 219
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