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God, I'm so sorry.



Diaries of Madman Character Guide · 9:03pm Sep 14th, 2017

I noticed a lot of people were having issues keeping track of characters and events in my story. I wrote this to help. I'm going to do my best to keep it updated. Feel free to post comments and suggestions in the gdoc. I should note that this is for people who have read up to the current chapter. Just about every single entry on the list contains spoilers.

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Hope life's treating you not too bad and you are doing okay o>

I’ve taken the crown.

[Adult story embed hidden]

Ask em yourself.

Claiming the 8 month delay between updates was due to getting sidetracked by a side “project”, but no revelation on what the project is nor any word from the author on this?

  • Viewing 417 - 421 of 421
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