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God, I'm so sorry.


Diaries of Madman Character Guide · 9:03pm Sep 14th, 2017

I noticed a lot of people were having issues keeping track of characters and events in my story. I wrote this to help. I'm going to do my best to keep it updated. Feel free to post comments and suggestions in the gdoc. I should note that this is for people who have read up to the current chapter. Just about every single entry on the list contains spoilers.

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Someone told me to make a patreon · 3:20pm Jun 8th, 2016

So I took a poll and did. (I really hope that's the right link)

I gotta say, I've never seen a more hipstery and circle jerky site. I started a help vid and got five seconds in before I cracked up. The dude in it was the perfect hipster, down to the shitty fake glasses. I looked at their help documentation and it was full of in-jokes and shitty old memes.

Having an account there makes me feel dirty, and I've written gay horse sex.

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If my story gets removed from the site... · 2:30am Jun 28th, 2015

...turn your mature filter back off. I shouldn't have to keep telling people this. If you reset your cookies, your mature filter will be reset. Turn it back off and you'll see my story right where it should be.

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On rewriting... · 8:41am Aug 26th, 2013

Rewrite should be completely and totally done. If anyone notices anything out of place, let me know.

Created this: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hdqSBj1Jm-dw5Jl4iJA0OpbPbJZzVFfQW3rlT_gIkm0/edit
If you want to read the original, download it here: http://pastebin.com/KD2TFT0Z

NOTE: If a chapter's title is blank or "Slice of Life," I'm looking for a title for it. Suggestions are welcome.

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