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God, I'm so sorry.

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Diaries of Madman Character Guide · 9:03pm Sep 14th, 2017

I noticed a lot of people were having issues keeping track of characters and events in my story. I wrote this to help. I'm going to do my best to keep it updated. Feel free to post comments and suggestions in the gdoc. I should note that this is for people who have read up to the current chapter. Just about every single entry on the list contains spoilers.

It's not currently finished since that's a lot of bullshit to write, but I'm working on it.

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Ho Lee Schitt :pinkiegasp:

That's my favorite character

Looking at just how much of this story I barely remember, I think I will just re-read it again.

Why would I use this when it's so much more fun just to re-read the fic? :3


If you mentioned Slab, why not Red?

i added a little for ya.. rarity and the magic blueberry/

Because Slab is known for being an earth elemental. Nothing is known about Red other than the fact that it's a character.

After reading DoaM 11 times I still need this guide.

I absolutely love the timing of you posting this. We are going through a time where Nav is constantly guessing whether or not Flo has messed with his mind and memories. It's basically his way of dealing with things. Good on you!

Psh. Anyone who has trouble remembering things clearly hasn't reread this story enough.

Not it, she. Nav does say that he "needed her for something" during the foreshadowing drug trip.

I actually got the idea from a game called Prey. I figured it fit. I originally started it from the perspective of an outsider, but I didn't really like how it read. So I changed it. I think it's much better now.
So we know a name and we know it's a she. Why would I put her on the character list with just that?
I dunno. Some people just kept complaining about not remembering who a certain character was, so I decided this would be a good idea.
That's the spirit!

For me, I haven't rewatched an episode of the show in the 4 years I've been watching it, I haven't reread a chapter of this story yet. I don't look at the old stuff until the full thing is done so I can see how my thoughts on it when it was unfinished compare to the finished product.

Also you're too good to me, WM.
Imma call you WM since I can't think of a good nickname that matches your username.

Could you add a description of what each character looks like?

Comments and suggestions are open on the doc. I'll try to remember to add descriptions for all of them, but there's no guarantee.

This is a wonderful idea, plus everyone can add to it. I see a list of abilities, known spells, items, status, etc being added over time to this. A really nice "cheat sheet" of who is who.


I could kiss you.

Congrat's on this going on for over 5 years now.Love your work and have reread it quite a few times.Next time I go through Ill try and help with the rewrite once you get there and all.

More than 93 characters and you wonder why people have issue keeping track xD. This story really is huge. Amazing and huge!

I never have problems.
What's stopping you?

It won't be long until the cheat sheet needs to be posted as a chapter or another story! :pinkiesmile:

The internet-real world barrier

*raises hand*

Will this be on the test?

That'll do it.
Yes. Your body better be ready.

Some of us who started reading it back when it was MUCH shorter now have full time jobs and commitments that barely allow us to keep up. :raritywink:

That's fair enough~ I started reading this quite some time ago. I still re-read it when I had full-time jobs. :3

I remember trying to read this story years ago and distinctly remember Nav going to the Gala as a stallion named Zero. Am I going crazy?

I also remember him getting raped by Rarity while Ponk masturbated in the corner. What the hell was that?

I did a rewrite and got rid of a lot of the retarded shit that happened in the beginning.

That makes sense. At least I can put the psychotic meds away.

Speaking of rewrites were you ever planning on doing another one or are you happy with how the other 2/3rds of the story turned out.

I've made some mistakes, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. If I could go back and change things, I absolutely would in a few cases. But for the moment, I'm happy enough with it.

im amazed and impressed you've kept going for so long. good on you sir....or ma'am. i dont judge....often..

Should update it lol, I noticed it still says Aqua owns Nav right at the start of his/her/it's bio

Now that we are past the re-cap, this needs updated!!... ek-em Please, before ye get started on the next chapter?

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