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God, I'm so sorry.

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If my story gets removed from the site... · 2:30am Jun 28th, 2015

...turn your mature filter back off. I shouldn't have to keep telling people this. If you reset your cookies, your mature filter will be reset. Turn it back off and you'll see my story right where it should be.

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It saddens me that so many need to be reminded of this...

I'm completely aware of this, and still catch myself getting confused on where some of my stories went when I restart my PC and the filter switches back on.

It's just one of those things that just keeps escaping your attention. Might be because we're so used to settings not changing on accounts like that anywhere else I've been to.

700,000 more words and your story becomes the longest single story I have ever read. Also, I never turn mature filter off, so yay?

I usually don't have problems with stories "disappearing" and contacting authors. I usually start looking for stories and go "where is this story I'm looking for?" or "Why are there less stories in this list than there should be?" Then I realize I don't see any mature stories, facepalm, and turn the filter off so I can see all my stories.


The idea is that the mature filter is PC-specific, unlike your user profile settings (so you can leave it off at home but on at work/starbucks/library/etc.), and, by design, the browser can flush anything PC specific to prevent tracking.

I've never had to turn the mature filter off since I did it the first time because I whitelisted cookies from FiMFiction.

If you're not browsing in a Private/Incognito window...

1. Click the icon to the left of the URL in the address bar and choose More Information
(or right click the page and choose View Page Info)
2. Choose the Permissions tab
3. Under "Set Cookies", uncheck "Use Default" and select "Allow"

1. Click the cookie icon at the right end of the address bar
2. Choose "Always allow www.fimfiction.net to set cookies"
3. Click "Finished"

(You may need to restart your browser and disable the mature filter one more time before it'll stick. I can't remember if it remembers requested cookie lifetimes while they're set to "force to session-only")

Really? People are having problems with this?

3189077 Apparently, some people are too retarded to live if they can't figure out what happens when they clean cookies.

How is this a thing? You'd think people would notice when every single mature story on the site disappears, and not just assume that the author summarily deep-sixed their own story.

You know what? Let them suffer. If they can't figure it out on their own, maybe they shouldn't be able to read your story anyway. Definitely not worth a blog post at any rate.

Oh wow.... Really?...this is a thing?.... I'm flabbergasted by stupid.

While yours isn't one I have problems with, there are a few stories I've found that don't show up anywhere except on the user page no matter what your settings are.

All these people questioning how people can be this stupid, guys, come on, we all know they can be much, much, MUCH more stupid.

I mean, sure this is stupid, but it's not advanced wumbo stupid.

Eh, I had that problem then fixed it, its not that hard. Also, dude this story is fucking amazing, if it ever gets finished I would buy it in goddamn novel form if I could.

NOOO this story must stay:applecry:! if it gets removed it would be a waste of your hard work!

3191940 he wasn't talking about the story being removed, he was talking about the mature filter being turned on because you cleared the cookies on your computer. If the mature filter is on, all mature stories are hidden from the sight, such as Diaries of a Madman.

From the way he made it sound, a lot of people didn't know this, and sent him messages about it. He was probably just sick of it, and made a public post to prevent people from spamming him.

I panicked for a second. Then I felt like a buffoon.

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