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i made this when i was edgy and young, sorry jade if you ever see this


[no title] · 3:47am Sep 4th, 2014

Hello all of my beautiful followers (all 0 of you!) how's it going? Amazing? That's good, my new story titled, I don't have any stories who am I kidding, is up as of never.
Goodbye everyone.

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2413541 You'd be right in that feeling ;)

Guess who?

You know why I'm here, I'm sure! But why not just let me do my thing!
Thank you for adding... Hang on, what was it? I forgot... (checks real quick)

AH yes, thank you for adding Teh greatest sekwel evah!1! to your favorites! Cheers to you, and I'll see you around!

Hello Doctor! Just wanted to thank you once more for adding my story, Phoenix Submits to Equestria Daily to your faves! Cheers to you mate! ALONS-Y!

1151776 Oh hey again, looks like you added another story to your faves!
Thank you!

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