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A Rant To Rule Them All · 6:17am Jun 16th, 2014

Drunk Drawdex Online…
Target: Blog Post
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Action: Time to Rant.

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This makes me happy.

Did you know that humans are actually pretty cool? It is a sad fact in life that too many have the opposite view, and deride it's holder as naïve and foolish, unlearned in the working of our world. This essay is for those who insist that humans are bastards, those whose misery is matched only by a hatred of innocent people and pointless misanthropy.

Consider one of the most well-known, and loved, super heroes of all time: Batman. He is a tactical and strategic genius, and his fighting skill and physical prowess are nearly unmatched. On top of this, he has a remarkable sense of justice and is an amazing inventor, too, but here is the kicker:
He's only human.

-- by The486thWriter