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Dark Side of the Rainboom


We've all seen humans learning about ponies, at nausea. But what about if a pony (or eight) have to learn about humans? Enter Dr. Alexander Dagenhart, an Anthropologist. Though, just call him Alex. How hard could it be?

AN: This was just an idea that was in my head for a while. Although really, it's just me dicking around. And in no way shape or form is this trying to rip off "Anthropology". Don't take it too seriously please. Also, I tried doing my best with the history I know without having to consult a textbook.

PS: Seriously? Still no "Normal" tag?

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You pretty much asked for this in the description, so allow me to administer it early and get it out of the way for you.


Blatant ripoff of Anthropology! Thumbed down, reported, and called the cops!

Now, with that out of the way, I certainly enjoyed this. Just the right mix of humor and serious discussion, though the formatting hurts my eyes a little.

Not bad not a ripoff as its less character driven I'd like to see more

Those Ponies....:ajsleepy:

"Humans suck!" lolololololol:rainbowlaugh:

when I think about WW2 I also think about the equality and good that was brought by it as well
-Strengthened women rights
-First computer invented
-Start of the space program
-Increased defence against militaristic nations
-Start of the UN
-Increased medical and agricultural technology allowing life expectancy in most Europe to rise 100 years
While human nature can lead to the worst moments in history, it is that very nature that makes humanity work at it's best when things are at their worst innermichael.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/sign-Humanity-wins-over-greed.jpg

523040 I know, I too know of the benefits of WWII. As horrible as it was, it was still a very important time in technological history and society today would be very different without it. I would like to direct you to the conversation about MLK and how the ponies could only see the negative though.

Interesting read. Certainly would like to know how Alex got himself into this. :pinkiehappy:

WHY DOES EVERYPONY USE THE "HUMANS ARE BASTARDS" THEME?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?:ajbemused:

523506 Because, unfortunately, if you're looking at it through a lens different than us, that's all it seems like. Also, note how only half of it uses that theme.

523506 Because its fun to write.

I agree with you on that, when dealing with a species that has found a utopia and had it for over 1000 years its must be impossible for them to understand the absolute sacrifice that most go through for us to have a feeling of peace and thus don't see the difficulty is us achieving it, going straight to the old by thinking "Life is bad because we are"
But then again they have a cheap reason to be united with a compassionate immortal living among them, being the default ruler, I mean if we got ourselves an immortal emperor that protected the earth from cosmic events and loved everyone then things would be VASTLY different in society.
But I did like your story, it was true to itself and the characters made sense, however I would have hoped to see some shinning armour in there, I'm sure as a Guard Capitan he would understand the sacrifice needed to protect and his contribution can well challenge the main six and their thinking. easily saying they haven't needed to sacrifice to protect so how can they believe by default that "peace" is easy

528671 That made complete sense. I agree Shining Armour would contribute to certain arguments, however I had this story in mind since February. Of course I didn't start writing it until a couple days ago, but then again I also don't like SA.

shira #13 · May 1st, 2012 · · 3 ·


Well...we kind of are as a species. You want to find good people? Start looking at smaller groups.

"“I’ll never eat mustard the same way again…”"

As soon as I read this I knew I was going to love this story.

Lol what you did there with Lyra asking about hands. I see it.

Umm... The 1900's is cataloged as the most violent century of human history, almost 100 million people died in WWII and it witnessed over 250 armed conflicts... So i dunno if it introduced "stability" at all...
Innovations? Yes
Ideas? Yes
Science? yes

Albeit it has been the most bloody 100 years of human history, witch is well over 6,000 long and it has also introduced the most revolutionary inventions to date (computers and airplanes to name a couple)

599590 I think it introduced stability. What with all the wars going on previously, the second half of the 1900s certainly was less violent compared to other eras. But to each their own I suppose. Oh, and slight tidbit; the official casualty report of WWII was 72 million. But also, the most bloody? That's debateable. But on a website that celebrates friendship and harmony, I will not discuss this further.

601335 Yeh.
Oh well, i really the ideas you put in, specially the ones where we all unify into one nation, or government, or whatever. Something that i really itch to be done

Truthfuly i think that this should be turned into a kind of series. These eight or so learning about the human society and culture and etc. Each time from someone with a different perspective on the human race; anarchist, politician, average person, well you get the idea. Seems to me that it would be an interesting topic. Especially if you through discord in there.

601335 you need to continue this:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy: please

"What could go wrong?"
- Famous Last Words

And a humanity 101? When I saw this my first thought was "Horrific emotional and psychological scarring".....makes me kinda proud to be human :pinkiehappy:


It introduced stability in the sense that people became far less ultranationalistic (in the violent sense, at least). Just because the 1900's were unstable doesn't mean they didn't lead to stability. Do you see a world war III in progress today? No? At least, I sure as hell hope not! That would be bad and I'd like to know if bombs are dropping now rather than later plz ty.

You should have a segment that covers the war with the Scrin and the Covenant and Flood :D THAT would get their attention! :rainbowwild:

Btw, about the possibility Luna brought up at the end of human ability to destroy ourselves getting "out of hoof"...that isn't likely to happen simply because we know what we're doing...which is actually kinda scary and insane considering that we really do know what we're doing and how to do it while handling things that could wipe out all life on our planet countless times over... go humanity!

Oh, and I can easily see Twilight reading a summary of Christianity and shouting "YOU NAILED YOUR GOD TO A STICK!?"

wow, why does everyone hates Germans in WWI?

The Allies technically started WWI when a Serbian Assassin killed Austria-Hungary's Archduke.

Oh Well, the Victors always tells the story to their children.

We've all seen humans learning about ponies, at nausea.

*ad nauseum

Alex is part right in the homo sapiens thing. The species is Homo Sapiens but almost all humans belong to the subspecies Homo Sapiens Sapiens. This is a species of homo sapiens with neanderthal DNA. Just about every race is homo sapiens sapiens, the exception being African because they don't have neanderthal DNA. There were no neanderthals in Africa at any point in time.

*if this offends anyone I apologise. I'm just stating what I have learned from multiple anthropology classes.

3643790 it's all the bad rep from wwii

2089871 the humans are for humans!
kick your superiors in the nuts and steal his kingdom while he's down:trollestia:

Loved the story! Great comedy! But i'll be honest, the parts with Raindow Dash, Rarity and Applejack's comments about humanity (honestly all the ponies, but those three in particular) made my blood boile... oh well!

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