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The purpose of this group is the discussion, analysis, and sharing of any and all fanon or headcanon.

But before we begin, a few rules:
1. Try to not be horrible to other people.
Please, remember that this group is for discussing each other's "Headcanon" We do not take kindly to people bashing someone else's idea. But, don't be nervous. I assure you that; we aren't carrying a ban hammer immediately.
2. No spam threads.
Although most threads are allowed. Threads with a very vague title like: "Sooo... Guys.." Will have to be unfortunately deleted, and the user notified of his fault. Remember, this is a discussion group. Not a blog post. ( ^_^ )
All stories explaining large theories about many parts of the FiM universe can go into: [HC] Stories folder.

Alright then, go on ahead and unleash your HEADCANONS!

I'll see you in the forums. ~ Jioplip
I'm going to TAKE OVER THIS GROUP, MWAHAHA-- I mean.. Moderate it. ~ Datjapanesekid

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Finally: a group that embraces the reason we're all really here. :pinkiecrazy: Headcanons AWAY!

Best group ever! Well, except for Harry Potter Bronies and Gamers of Equestria and the other groups I'm active in

This has called my attention. I have heard of many, too many headcanons and I have enough science and knowledge to make many up. I shall remain lurking in the shadows and awaiting a discussion to barge in and discuss the hell out of everything.:rainbowderp:

Good day.:ajsmug:

You have brought me here, nice job spreading this.:twilightsheepish:

This is officially my favorite group. I shall monitor, lurk, stalk in this group.

This is the right place where I can unleash my TSUNAMI WAVE OF HEADCANONS.

And oh yes, and also have an intelligent discussion with people.

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