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Spike doesn't know how long he's been running - he just knows he can't stop. He doesn't know why the ponies keep hunting him - he just knows they won't stop. From the sky, from the earth, from the water and all the between places, the ponies emerge with their tricks and their ambushes and their unrelenting hunger. He's just the appetizer in a banquet that never ends.

Thanks to a certain crazy person who would like to remain anonymous, this story now has a cover that actually looks good! You can find the commissioned artist, SapphireGamgee, over at Deviantart. Just, uh, be careful when you're browsing the 'More from Deviantart' section. Things get really weird, really fast. I blame myself for this.

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Comments ( 297 )

Very good.

Although after this chapter, you'd better say why things are the way they are - not in a block of exposition, but in dialogue, dreams, etc.

Well paced, and the gore is done well - enough to be visceral and emotive, but without seeming gratuitous. On the one hand, this is crazy to the point of being ridiculous. On the other hand, it's written well enough to make me just go with it. I think that's going to be your main challenge here - making sure the slightly insane concept doesn't go so insane it detracts from the story. I'll admit, Derpy's battlecry is about as close to the line as you can get without going from creepy insane to hilarious insane.

So yeah, I'm gonna be keeping an eye on this :)

alright, this looks interesting. watched

excelent. i see big things for this little dragon, perhaps he destroys everything. :pinkiecrazy:

This story is awesome!!! I LOVE this:moustache:

This is freakin' AWESOME :pinkiehappy: I'm quite intrigued by this new way of placing the hierarchical food chain. Keep it coming :flutterrage:

Very interesting I gotta say.

Nice job making RD and Pinkie actually seem like their characters even when their insane and egotistical killers... mostly. Also seems like Spike is seeming to get that they just don't care. It's all about the hunt to them. Have a mustache for this master piece!


Loving this.

Loving this hard.

Spike is just a BA

His cruel fate forever trapped in this hell to be a meal on the run, never knowing love happiness or comfort. I call for blessings from Mara onto young Spike a wish for mercy and compassion for his scared soul.

Woah so Dash may have purposely or inadvertently saved spike... a bit ironic since he left her to die.

damn. this is awesome ^_^ :moustache:

keep this story going man! I love this, so intriguing!

So it looks like Rainbow Dash done Gilda in. I wonder if this will have a happy ending... I hope so.

Best wishes!

I knew it was to good to be true!!!!:moustache:


Omg, holy crap...What`ll you do Spike....:pinkiegasp:


They hunted him he was thier prey and now they have given him a ultimatum eat your own or be eaten by your enemy.

Eat Spike your morals will not keep you alive, if you want to live become the beast or be the pet but do not ever allow yourself to be the weak they bcome the meal.

What a horrible situation..... eat your own kind and be safe or be thrown out and be prey:fluttercry:
you poor dragon you:applecry:

The level of messed up has went through the roof. This is such a terribly great story.

I wonder if they would show compation if he where to bust out crying? and just started acting like a lost baby? Maybe someponies motherly side could be awoken... Though... yea...

I am wishing for a work for your happy ending... but I don't think it's going to happen. always a positive one I am.

That's not fair. NOT COOL MAN.:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

Ok I just got finished reading the first three chapters of this story and I have just one question.


I swear this story is incredible, but very underrated in my opinion and I just love the suspense you put into this story author. The suspense you are working with is just rustling my jimmies in ALL the right ways and please continue writing this story author. Cheers.

I am enjoying this story. I has an original plot (at least I've never seen anything like it).
Personally I am also hoping for a happy ending for Spike, but don't let my hopes get in the way of what you had planed.
I look forward to reading more of this story.

Oh hell yes Spike.



if that's okay my good man:moustache:

Dude, you have GOT to update more frequently.

:raritystarry: "Come with me, come come come come come!”

:moustache: "I just did"


... I cheered when I saw that this had posted.... Is Spike going to meat..er... I mean meet the rest of the Mane six? I hope what Spike said really got Rarity thinking. ... I really really want to see where this story goes!

Please, Sir ( or Madam) Could we have some more?

I love the boldness Spike shows throughout the story. Awesome chapter and in high anticipation for the next.:moustache:

Maybe he was prey to the end, however pretty they wanted to dress it up, but he'd leave these hunters some scars before it was all over, Spike swore to himself.

That's the right mindset Spike! If you have to go down might as well go down swinging, probably more in the psychological attacks instead of physical, but still about the same. I look forward to the next chapter author for whenever it gets released, even though it has me by the balls with its awesomeness.

The thing I like about Spike in this story is that he's basically a genius, not in the sense of academics or fancy mathematics but in the sense that he knows how to survive, talk his way out, psychologically demoralize people to get a chance of escape such as when he was captured and when confronting Dash and Pinkie. It is very entertaining to see how he gets out, kinda like Houdini um, long story short great chapter, happy to see an update. Keep up the good work.

Spike is a badass

Mindfuck and some scars. Well played Sir Spike

Well he made Rarity cry
, so we know he did good!

Well, what shall I read this fine sunda-:ajsmug:

'Unnatural Selection updated'...:applejackconfused:

REEEEEAD UPDATE!!!!!!!:flutterrage:

Ahem. I mean, superb. This continues to be delightfully horrific in every way. I can't wait to read more!

:moustache:QUE VIVA LA REVOLUCIÓN!!!!!!

I'm preparing myself for that moment.

Oh dear God... please update soon! This is just starting to get good!

Bravo! Another fine chapter author, I look forward to the next update whenever it comes out. :twilightsmile:

Gummy NOOOOOOO. No no NOOOOOOO. Damn you Ponies, damn you to hell

This......my Lord This! I don't know whether to curse or praise you to be honest. In the one hand, it is so brilliantly written and delivered that I can't help but keep reading it, even whilest it twists a knife further in my guts from the sheer WRONGNESS of this world. From the mind set that all other life, besides pony life, is pointless except as a sourse of nourishment is......it's just so wrong. I should hate this, part of me wants to hate it, but I just can't! I am conflicted! :raritydespair:
I am almost afraid of what you plan to do with Fluttershy! In reality she would be the best canidate as a supporter for Spike, but......I just don't know any more.:facehoof:


Good news - you won't have to wait too long, Fluttershy is next up. ;) (Not much of a spoiler, really, it's the obvious and natural progression, I think.) I try not to play favorites, but she IS one of my favorites, so I'm trying very hard to get her just right. Hopefully I'll be able to do her justice without her taking over the story.

... Holy sh.... Damn, uh.. WHATS GONNA HAPPEN I NEED TO KNOW!!! *Flails*

Best wishes!


On a more serious note - great chapter. One of the best so far - it really shows how even though Spike is fundamentally the same dragon we know and love, the life of desperate survival has taken a pretty serious toll on him. The conversation towards the end was interesting too, this bit in particular:

“Everybody needs to eat?” he asked quietly, not looking at her.

“...yes,” she said at last, soft and ashamed, just as unable to look at him as he was unable to look at her. “The weak get eaten by the strong. Then the strong get weak and get eaten. That's nature.”

It reminded me of a line from a book called Cloud Atlas: "The weak are meat the strong do eat." The character who says this says it is the first of two rules of survival. The second rule is that there is no second rule. "Eat or be eaten. That's it." Spike's clearly hoping that civilisation, or morality, or whatever you want to call it, can be enough to overcome these base survival instincts and I get the feeling that Fluttershy wants to believe that too. But going by the story of her mark and the closing line, she also knows that it's a vain hope.

Please, keep up this good work :)

That ending.:ajbemused:

There's always a catch... fuck.:ajsleepy:


Another great chapter author keep up the good work.

Also one last thing.

...Fluttershy is... pregnant isn't she?

As much as this is a dark story and the content gives me the guess that the ending wouldn't be as happy as we would like to think, but I wish that you add Twilight into the story and even the Princesses opinions on the whole "eating meat" situation.

It'd be really cool if there were ponies who tried to help animals live happy lives and fight against ponies who ate meat.

No matter where he goes, he is never safe... not even with Fluttershy.

I feel soo sorry for Spike.

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