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A new land is discovered outside of the Equestrian borders, outside of their map. And for the first time in decades, Equestria had nothing directly related to it. The now United Nation of Griffdom, which discovered the land, had found themselves with something they need to share. So much so that they will go against their own beliefs and pride. And ally themselves to Equestria.

But the day it all comes together, the exchange and the signing of treaties, isn’t well received. What appeared to be an insurgency of a new species attacks Canterlot Castle where the meeting takes place, and the kings and queens of Griffdom don’t survive the encounter.

Equestria finds itself in a difficult standing. A nation with no leaders is slowly eating itself and its crazed eyes are blaming Equestria, while those that begun the horror are still on the loose, and the discovery from outside Equestrian borders wants to come and greet their newly discovered neighbors, but they have their own reasons.

But none is to worry. It’s all in the plan. The plan of the one and only.

Nothing is left unchecked. No one is left to go against the plan without the consent of the one and only.

Three peons had an opportunity to intervene, and were brought down. The princess, the assistant, and the stranger, who's strangely still on the loose.

Now what happens to the peons once the one obtains their unconditional loyalty? Nothing. In the end, if they're ever to meet, all they can do is tell stories. And wait for an end they are not sure will come.

“Why do people constantly repeat that my research is against what’s ‘sacred’ or it’s a ‘taboo’? We are nothing more than chemical processes that work like clockwork to the code that I base my work upon. Why do people deny that they are nothing more than a tool? Is it because it reminds them of their mortality? Bah! It doesn’t matter, those people are chained, but I am free. Free to take control. A tool to make things as they should be.”

--Head researcher Laura Minerva. “The future.”

A story which will take on Ancient Humans, with built on social logic, and attempting on world building and future politics, which by default includes: Language barriers, ideologies of relationships, ideologies of ways of rule, numb inducing illogical hate, what is to be alive, and if you are not unique do you matter?

Action scenes are a must have, but it shall develop in between; norms and the 'common knowledge' is my goal to show.

Characters will be added as chapters with them are added. As well as tags.

I don't own My Little Pony Frienship is Magic, or anything related to it. I do own the cover art though.

The gore's not REALLY gore, but things that might freak some people out.

This is a re-written verson, or if there's no chapter's it's still on its re-write. They all shall be released at the same time once done as well as a fixed image. It will be the same story. The way to tell however will be different.

Still first person though, but with a twist.

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