• Foal Necromancer A designated villain finds himself in equestria and his paranoia runs rampent, scaring the locals. by Kytranis 122,386 words · 25,478 views · 2,946 likes · 90 dislikes
  • Dash of Humanity Have you ever woken up as a vegan cartoon pony? I have, and she won’t shut up about it. I’m stuck in her body as our minds swap control and our memories blur. I’m not sure I can survive the rest of the day, let alone until we fix it by Kaidan 95,297 words · 29,303 views · 3,504 likes · 137 dislikes
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Thanks for the follow.:twilightsmile:

You're too kind with this mad-writer. Thank you.

1426389 I don't have one it a good story


Hey, I see you liked Stay. An special opinions?

  • Viewing 192 - 196 of 196
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