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Give me one reason Celestia isn't best pony. Pro tip: You can't

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Hey Sarcastic Brony. I wanted to say thank you. I’ve never really been into this franchise but I am aware of it and its characters. In fact, I made an account just to write this message. I came across HMF and instantly was hooked. I was bummed when I got to the end but understand why you stopped writing. I’m sorry what happened to your dog. I’ve had a similar situation and know that it sucks. I agree that you deserve rest. I am thankful that you gave a synopsis of the character’s ending points. I honestly don’t know if you will even see this. You may have just left this website and franchise permanently or you may have a different account that you use to read. I have no idea. If you do see this, I want to say that I would love to read some new stories but understand if you don’t want to. I hope you’re doing well and you’re in my prayers dude. God bless.

We all wait for your return.

Man hasn't even login in since 9/12/22 yesterday was the anniversary rip author.
Yall ever wonder they be reading comments in the shadows? it takes a village was alright sucks its canceled. Gl in your life

Although I've said what I wanted to say on his blog post, I feel this to be appropriate---Even if it's late. Wherever you are now, I hope you're doing well and having an amazing time. We're almost crossing one year to the day and it still stings. The most important takeaway though is your mental health and safety, and I'm wishing you all of that in the years to come, man.
Sugar and Spice remains THE story for me to come back and read whenever I wanna get in the writing or reading mood; It's been helping tremendously in keeping me focused with those dopamine hits from Bonbon, Anon, and Twist being a lil' happy family. Your other stories continue to inspire me and other writers, and even though you're likely never to see this... you've inspired a lot of authors, Sarcastic Brony.
You'll always have a spot in the authors of Fimfiction in my eyes: Kkat, MadMaxtheBlack, Somber, Speven Dillberg, Flutterpriest, and many other authors who are well known. You included.
Hopefully we can see each other again in the future. Until then however, so long space cowboy.

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