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Give me one reason Celestia isn't best pony. Pro tip: You can't

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Makes sense. Alright well you take care :D

While I appreciate the thought, I closed any form of donation a long time ago due to various reasons. Still, the long and short of it was: The number of donations, unfortunately, couldn't allow me to dedicate myself to producing stories. So I felt guilty not being able to "repay" in a way to those who did care enough to donate. So I've decided that I'd no longer accept donations moving forward. This, in a way, relieves me of any obligation to produce or even finish any story, as it's all free and not paid for.

Do you have a pateron or something? I adore. The How Many Friends story series You have and would love to give you some money to help keep funding it :D

I stumbled across your HMFHYM fics on accident, basically while looking for Anon in Equestria trash (I love me some trash). I am offended that this series was not trash, and was something really damn good. Thank you for writing these fics.

  • Viewing 105 - 109 of 109
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