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Time to say goodbye · 12:22pm March 28th

So, the time is finally here. I’m sure many saw this coming, while others not so much. As the title says, I’m finally bidding my official adieu. It’s been a wild ride. Since joining back in 2012, I’ve read so many stories on this site, seeing users grow from beginning writers to well-known names in the HiE category. While I rarely commented, I was always around enjoying what was being created.

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Your name makes me think of this

Hey, man! I hope you’re doing well. I understand you’ve said you’re pretty much done with writing, and I respect that. I hope you don’t mind if I ask something of you: please don’t delete your stories. I love your wonderful works, especially the How Many Friends Have You Made Today? series. It’s honestly my favorite of all of the hundreds of stories I’ve read on here! I’ve seen many writers announce their retirement from writing, leave for a while and come back and delete their stories. Or others who just delete them out of nowhere, leaving their many fans and readers unable to continue enjoying their unique works. I would be devastated if you were to do such a thing. I understand that decision is up to the writer, but I must beseech you not to.

How late to the party am I? I go away for a few weeks, and when I get back around, I find out you're quitting. Which really sucks, since I've been reading your stories for, uh, something around 4 years. But hey, it's your decision, and I wish you the best. Good luck.

Gonna miss you bruv... Your stories really had a diffirent taste... Come say hi from time to time?
heh... Cheers...

  • Viewing 88 - 92 of 92
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