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I.... honestly don't know where to begin. Knowing that i wanna reach out isn't enough, there's been sweeter people, more educated and capable that have spoken towards giving you hope to continue. The how many series, the unwanted attention mini verse... I've seen so many epic, wonderful stories just die here, fallen to the wayside because life became too much, the bestial, overprententious dicklords made the basic code of bronyism nearly obsolete.

I... can't begin to stress to you how much i want to inspire you too continue, but all these words are is a feeling... sincerity changed by perspetive. The best i can offer is that i hope you find strength to keep going, come back to us. And that in the end, i haven't pushed too far in this small plea.

Thank you

Milos #78 · May 4th · · ·

I genuinly enjoy the 'How many' series and I'm sorry you have to deal with pricks that make you feel worthless. Just know that this story's canon is only canon if you say it is and if people have a problem with it, they can fuck off.

Taking a break wouldn't help. The same people are still here, and interest is slowly dying from both the fans and myself. I'm only writing because of Patreon at this point and with more people leaving than joining, even that avenue is starting to run thin. Perhaps I'm just having a bad month, as I released the third book of the "How many-verse" and in turn get a lot of shit thrown at me because of the choices I make with that story, but it's just overall draining to produce anything for this fandom.

I can't please everyone, I know that first hand and have only been writing what I believe is right but seeing those comments, getting DM's about all the wrong I've done... This used to be fun, and now it's just painful. The only solace I have is that people care enough to donate through Patreon and whatever little strength I have left is due to them but as stated before: More leave every month and soon that'll probably end.

I've been playing this game for about seven years now. At this point, I'm done with playing games. Basically, too old for this shit. If some rando gets a kick out of me leaving, that's fine by me because I don't even care at that point and can enjoy life. I understand people will be upset and that the very toxic minority is just that, a minority but it's those comments that stick with content creators the most and can make what you once loved into a miserable task.

Overall, I'm just thinking about it right now.

I understand, everybody can get tired of such things. If you will leave, then know, that your pieces of writings are a pleasure to read for me (and not only me).
As about comments you get, peoples have different opinions and, unfortunaly, some of them don't know how and don't want to constructively share opinions. Other bastards simply like to bully others and they like even more, when they succesed in it. I know the problem, as person being bullied through 10 years of education for being different.
You are free, adult person. Whatever you will decide, I will respect. Thanks for answering.

I wouldn't want to interfere with your own problems, but I think you might just need a break. I do realize I'm only adding to the problem by posting another comment which, you've had enough of, but maybe you'll reconsider these emotions once you've had some time to yourself?
I just finished reading the first story in the "How many...today?" series, and I, and I'm sure many others, would be disappointed if you were to leave this site with the series and all your other incomplete stories unfinished.
I'm not saying you should bow down to us, and frankly, I don't like giving life advice. Just maybe consider this while you're doing your contemplating?

  • Viewing 75 - 79 of 79
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