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George has a lot to learn about Equestria. For the most part he's been doing that by reading all he can at the royal library, where he works. He's not too concerned with going out and making friends but meeting one pony may change how he feels about things.

Thanks to FallenAngel for commissioning this story.

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And thank you for this splendid story

This actually seems like a good HiE.

I'd donate if I didn't already have overdue bills.

Awesome story man. Can't wait for more.

another story that seems like my cup of tea from you i see. have a track and like

How can anyone dislike this? Have a follow.

I got really confused when I saw this on the front page, it's got the same cover pic as one of my other fave five XD

anyway good work look forward to more

Same issue lol. Was wondering if it was connected.

Will put it on my to read list.

This is interesting, I will be watching this.

Laying it thick huh, Rarity? I'm kinda glad that the story is coming along well.

“I haven’t ate breakfast.” George puts out there.

Should be "I haven't eaten breakfast".
I'm really liking this, I look forward to the next chapter =D

Cute, thumbs up and follow

Interesting...so far, so good.

Imagine if George knew the The Library of Congress Classification System - they might give him a stained glass window :twilightsmile:

"The Princess and the Human" by Ausbrony? That story is awesome.

Anyways, I'mma read this one soon.

Good story so far can't wait to read more.

I believe this cover art has been used in two similar stories.

Wait, patreons can get the full story. That means it's already done and this will never be left as an incomplete fic forever:yay:

One thing I've found a bit amusing is how many HiEs never attempt to introduce any ideas at all from human civilization. So, here's one that finally does. . . and he picks the Dewey Decimal System? Really?? Well, I guess you'd have to start somewhere.

But then there's this. . .

“How can that even work?”

“That’s sadly one thing I can’t answer. It’s so complex that most people don’t know how their technology works, it just does but that’s only one of many things we had.”

So he's either talking down to her as if she's in first grade, or else his own understanding is actually that limited? Either way, it ain't good.

I wonder if anyone has done a HiE story where the human sets out, as his career in Equestria, to advance their society as much as possible from his own general knowledge? I don't recall any that really went down that path.

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His eyes widen as he gazes upon a pony the likes he’s never seen before. A purple alicorn stands there. She’s not tall like Celestia, she’s not even as tall as Luna. If anything she’s about the same size as a regular pony. George doesn’t recognize her. Is she another princess?

She's a alicorn. The title is also a play on the fact that he's a librarian, not her.

Georg approves.

I love the story, can't wait for it to be completed

What's with the grammar and tense in this story?

>That makes sense, kinda.

Who is saying this or thinking this? This sounds as if it's George's internal monologue but the story is written from the 3rd person.

>Woah... George was not expecting her to say that.

Impartial 3rd person narration should not be expressing a character's feelings. You are again writing this as if it's 1st person, but with 3rd person referents.

This is basic writing dude.

Also as mentioned above, 3rd person usually uses past tense.

I made my own hybrid style. It's what I prefer and something I won't change.

hmm, so that spot was a dating spot? and rarity was by herself yo who stood her up?

Hmm. Sarcastic, I am not sure if it was your intention, but the pic you have on this story is an exact clone of this one. If you got it from a place that states that it has no copyright, it's okay. But if the original was made by someone who specifically wanted it for that story and that story alone, you may want to change it.

Interesting Start. You have my attention, and I will be keeping my eyes on this one.
+1 Fav and Upvote.


Good start.

Needs Moondancer appearance. She needs more love all round.

When can I expect the next chapter to, hopefully, sate my desire for Adorkably Nerdy Book Horse?

If the whole "2 Weeks" thing goes, then on September 12.

It was posted by an artist that has no affiliation to the story you posted. Not to mention, you should comment at the other author that he should provide the source of where he got the image, as I have, because it's rather rude to use someone's image without due credit. Even if that credit is just a link to their tumblr/deviantart.

“I hope you don’t mind but one of my friends told me about a small restaurant she’s been going to and it has a two pony minimum."

(raises eyebrow)

it has a two pony minimum.


Oh, I know exactly where this is going.

They finally make it to the restaurant that Twilight’s friend talked about. As Twilight and George walk in the first thing they both notice is how intimate the establishment looks. It’s covered in deep reds and pink colors. Hearts adorn the walls. The entire place looks fit for a first date.

And I was not wrong! :rainbowlaugh:

Alright, I was just checking because I was unsure.

Wait, if there's a two pony minimum... then how exactly was Rarity there by herself?

Not to bad, I'll be keeping an eye on this.

looking good so far ajs being a bitch though

I love this story specifically the well crafted social interactions.

lol Cadence? who needs her, we got Rarity

Not liking how AJ Is acting. Also I can wait for the story to update. I don't mind.

Applejack looks up and can see that all the ponies here are looking over at Anon from the corner of their eye.

Huh... didn't know this was an Anon fic

“Have you ever seen the crystal cavern below the castle?” She asks George.

“I didn’t even know there was one.”

“It’s so beautiful. I would like to visit it again but I’ve never had a reason to.”

I bet she really saw it's beauty as she was running through them, with a half emaciated princess, trying to find an exit so they could stop an evil shapeshifter from marrying her bother and taking over Equestria

AJ, don't do anything rash now.... you got that. :ajbemused:

Enjoying the story so far, but the way you introduce the main 6 feels a bit off-character on their part. Mainly RD being a bit too straight forward and "thristy" if you catch my drift. Aj has a right to be cautious, but in this case she even felt cold towards our buddy George and I don't think Pinkie would ever refer to someone as a "creature" and generally that word was used by too many characters to describe George.

Other than that it's a pleasant read, so please continue writing. :twilightsmile:

Get an editor. If I wasn't on a phone at the present time, I'd go through WHY you need one but just trust me on this.

Edit: It's not BAD bad, but a lot of the sentences are tell-y instead of show-y and the dialogue needs some more emotion. Anon-George and Twiggles seem like they're reading a script at the beginning though that loosens up after we get into the party. And there are a few errors (curse this phone for not letting me copy).

I thought RD was supposed to be the stupid-paranoid one.

Well thanks Fluttershy for torpedoing his reputation with the kind rural ponies, now they all are afraid of him cause he eats meat. You should have let him break it to them at his pace.

new chapter hype!:pinkiehappy:

a vary good chapter and it looks as if the story is taking shape.

who the fuck reports on an established author? super bizarre.

i'm enjoying the meek-ness of george. the whole "heat" thing is kinda left field, but lets see where it goes.

enjoyed it cant wait for the next one.

also nice celesta bit :trollestia:

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