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Give me one reason Celestia isn't best pony. Pro tip: You can't


It's not something Anon thinks about a lot but one tough day in school is enough to bring up a question that's been bothering him for awhile.

(Thanks to PeerImagination for editing!)
Art by Nobody

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Pretty good. Sad and sweet. I like it.

This story was short but sweet, good job Sarcastic :twilightsmile:

P.S. Would be interesting to see a sequel One-shot where we get to see Anon in his teenage years or him meeting Luna for the first tim

The sequel: Celestia smites ponies

I donno, I’d say the best weapon is a platoon of marines without getting their dip replenished, only getting tuna MREs, and living on Rip its.

Point them in a direction and everything dies.


Solid story though.

Anon the Teen: "Oh my god, Mom, it isn't a phase!"

It's up to you to decide what 'not-phase' he's talking about.

This little story just gave me an idea for a new story.:raritystarry: A pretty sweet short, though.:twilightsmile:

Sequel: Anon raised by Daybreaker.

I'd say that on that diet, mostly the things they're facing *away* from would die. Is chemical warfare legal in Equestria? :trollestia:

... a Anon fic that doesn't revolve around them banging the cast? Damn, I don't go for Anon fics, but you caught my attention with the idea

That's basically all my Anon fics in a nutshell.

That they do or that they don't bang the cast?

Hmm... thank you, I might take a look then

Aww, this was so sweet! :yay: :heart:

Hey now, Meals Refusing to Exit is a 3 maybe 4 day punishment in of itself. :trollestia:

Damn you made Anon a savage at the end there. Good story overall, but I think that ending gave me whiplash...

This is a very beautiful story. I didn't see any story like this before. Great!

Yes. Roll credits. :twilightsheepish:

Am I adopted?

No. Of course not, little one.

You were bought off Ebay at a heavily discounted price.

"And Anon kept inviting colts and fillies from school to come to the castle and play. As the days went by, fewer and fewer students were going to Anon's school. Hushed whispers went between the nobles of the court, fearful of the slight change in their ruler's disposition. Parents, seeking their missing children, came before their princess. They left in tears, eyes widened in horror. Their cries of dismay echoed through the halls.

As for Anon?

Well, suddenly he had a lot of new brothers and sisters."

What? Did you think I'd kill them? You guys are monsters.

That was a fluffy story.

Aww, this was just so sweet! Another great story. I'd love to see a continuation, or maybe a brand new story with this premise (Kid Anon and Momlestia). Seeing Tia as a mom is always heartwarming.

"We destroy our enemies when we make friends with them."

Anon is Calvin confirmed

Calvin, as in the underwear brand?

That's a bit rude, don't you think?

Holy shit, I can see replied to names again! It's not just numbers anymore! I'm too excited about this.

Wait, was that really a thing? An old follower of mine made a comment somewhere about not seeing names and replies and stuff before, but I could see them just fine. Are you joking with me or was that really a thing happening for people?

I think it's just my phone that's broken...
On my laptop, it's fine.

Pretty sure that's how mobile works, just numbers.

Huh. TIL thanks.

Come at me bro. Jalapeño cheese is the holiest of holy. :twilightangry2:

Anon gives the colt a look of pity.

“It makes sense now why you would pick on me. My mom loves me no matter what I am. It must be hard not having unconditional love from your parents.”

Wow... he addresses the problem, confronts the colt, sums up the core issue, all with good intentions and a respecting attitude?

Like a boss, kid.

Totally adorable. Love it. :twilightsmile:

aww, that's cute. :)


The title makes me think about the reaction on 0:44......

I think it was funny how i was on Pandora listening to music when a harmonic song played while watching that video

Very well written good sir I thank you for making it.

Truly, a very sweet story.

keep working on your skills. This is a good story but I know you can do even better.

This hits me especially hard because I was adopted as well. I've gone through some of the same things! Just the other day I heard some kids whispering "Why is he brown and not white?" I like the explanation that Celestia gives because it was almost the exact same one my mom gave me! Thank you for writing this beautiful story!!!!!

i'm not crying, you're crying! who put all these onions here!

Brony novice has read this story and likes it:moustache:

Comment posted by The White devil deleted Sep 16th, 2021

I just love the fact that even though anon is a different species Celestia always finds a way to take care of someone.

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