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This story is a sequel to Linguistic Walls

Artwork edited by me, original work made by nobody. Proofread by the amazing WrittenWord333.

Three months have passed since you were able to ever so cleverly deduce that Celestia had adopted you, indeed NOT trying to be your lover, and things have been absolutely terrible ever since due to nightmares that are making you question what is fantasy and what is reality. Not that mom would know, you've done a pretty good job of not letting on that anything is wrong. You two not speaking the same language makes it easier too, but you're still being kept on your toes by your aunt, Princess Luna.

Though you still have a way to go the lingual gap is closing slowly and during the process you've learned of Luna's prowess and abilities concerning dreams. Your only reprieve is that she seems to be having trouble accessing your dreams for some reason or another, but now the clock is ticking until she finds a way in.

Years of ingrained independence and the blurring line between dream and reality leaves you in a terrifying corner as even the pony you've come to care for the most may not even be real.

Featured 10/13/16, Thank you all so much!

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Nice start; looking forward to this one. :)

Nicely done.
I like how you didn't make Miss Conson a stereotypically cruel and heartless caretaker.


Agreed, this is an excellent start. I can only imagine how this will go.

Yus. I'll be waiting for the next chapter!

That was an amazing start to the story. It was really intense.

kid will be lucky if he doesnt go completely insane


Hope you have him age until adulthood, we don't need a perpetually ageless 10 year old again. #Ash Ketchum

Well then. Lets see where fate ( the author,) will take us.:moustache:

Oh! Sweet! I loved the prequel to this! Gonna check it!

Too short!!! I want more!!


It's coming, I promise, I'm just dealing with a broken car, jury duty, and looking for a new job.

No, that's not me being a sarcastic asshole. It's not as bad in context, just saying it'll take a while for the new chapter.

7387744 I shall wait patiently then.

So sad. Really good characterization of MC. Want more!

Might I ask what the human character's real, non-pony name is? I doubt it's Sunshine or something...

7477596 I don't want to argue with the author about their own story but this is written in the second-person view. The protagonist's identity would be the reader's identity projected onto the character, would it not?

Good chapter regardless. The only real knit-pick I would have is some sentences could be reworded to make them more clear. I await more with anticipation!


Really good take on all the emotions flying around at The Breakfast Table it was really well presented.

Looking forward to the next chapter

Years of ingrained independence and the blurring line between dream and reality leaves you in a terrifying corner as even the pony you've come to care for the most may not even be real.

Didn't even read the story and I'm already feeling

Life finds a way...
to be an asshole.

Irrational fears. This will only get worse before it starts to get better, won't it?
So much pain in one so young. Well... Celestia and Luna will eventually get through. I hope.
Either way, can't wait for more :twilightsmile:


If I am asked then canonically his name is Anon, short for Anonymous obviously. But as you see I have avoided naming him in story and will continue to do so. The reasons why I won't get into here, but really you can go with what you said and just have him be named after you.

I'm glad this is getting the attention it deserves.


Be sure to check out this AMAZING person right here --> 7486470 <-- for all their hard work!

7487041 Come now, you give me too much credit.

Sorry to bother, but in the next update? I really like the story!

I'm liking the story so far. My only suggestion is to reduce the vocabulary of the child's POV.

I really enjoyed the chapter! The part where we have trouble with the language is something that really immerse me into the story! I hope you'll make more with that!:moustache:

Is the chapter name a pun for smoking?

7640036 Let me be blunt... maybe.

I would love to have the night mare force show up at some time as a way to personify his fears.
I always like two characters internal struggle better than some outword one thoulgh so i guess im in two camps here my self :twilightoops:

Thanks for... clearing the air.


This IS the sequel I made when the first one did unexpectedly good. This will be the end of this particular series once all the chapters are done.


Looking forward to the next chapter. I really like this take on a human in Equestria.

Good chappy. Makes me really wonder what I'm trying to remeber.

Serious talk time. Fun ahead!
That dream though. Luna will her work cut out for her if she ever manages to get in.

This is a great story, I can't wait to read the next chapter!

Hey, that's pretty good

LOVE this story! Do you know when the next chapter will come out?

Sorry for the late comment but whatever

I love this story very much

Please update it soon

Update update update update update update update update update!

This is a really good fic! I hope you're going to update it soon :fluttercry:

Been waiting forever for this to finish...

this stories dead, isn't it.

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