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FOR ANY WRITER IN NEED: I am willing to offer my services as a proofreader completely pro-bono, and will work with you personally to hone your fic, if so desired. I hate to see anypony or their work held back for any reason.

Apparently, my inspiratio would rather me spend insane amounts of time on projects that have absolutely nothing to do with anything I've mentioned here and typically come out of nowhere, smack me over the head with a bat, and then upload themselves. One Thousand Autumns is one such story: COG in the Wrong Machine is set to be another. Ah, well, I'm sure I'll get these stories done. Eventually. Maybe.

Still, however, I do have a number of fics in the general works, though right now I'm focusing my attentions on To Outlast and a fic called a Spartan and a Huragok Abroad, the latter of which is on my fanfiction. These are the two fics that people have requested more of, and, coincidentally, are the two that I am most inspired to write.

So, look forward to new chapters soon: I'll upload them as I complete them, and hopefully people will like where I'm taking this. Suffice to say that it's going to be a long and bumpy road, but hopefully an enjoyable one all the same.

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Woah hey! Thanks for the fave! That means so much that you would like my stuff and I hope you continue to to enjoy whatever else catches your attention :twilightblush:

Well, I'd say it was a pretty good movie, and they did the impact of the satellite really well. Really showed the strength it had. That being said, the concept of OZ is still confusing.

Yeah. I'm fine with world-building and character development. It's just that, like you said and I saw, it's pretty slow. At least the art and animation are amazing.

It really is a slow build. The first half is building characters and world for the most part, while the latter half is the bulk of the plot and action.

Alright. THe latter half is fun.

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