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Matthias Síðasta Von has always wished to visit the magical land of Equestria, see the wonderful colors, talk to the ponies that live there. Perhaps even, should he be so lucky, live there permanently. Help Fluttershy with the animals, listen to Twilight talk about her most recent lesson or experiment, lift baskets of apples with Applejack, tell Lyra about humans.

One day, a connection is made, an offer: step through the gate. It was warned that the cost might be hefty, that the journey might be hard, but anything was better than this drab, grey life. So he stepped through.

But, this is not the Equestria he knew. Buildings aged and decrepit, roads cracked and eroded, the Everfree slowly reclaiming the Apple's farm and the last barn finally given out under the strain with nopony to raise it anew. What happened? Where did they go?

The colors bleached, the ponies gone, the Harmony and love that once sustained the land dried up and blown away like so much dust.


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Sounds like a very good story dude. I'll keep it in mind

Please continue

That can happen when one writes dark stories.

This story is pretty cool, good job dude!


this makes me wonder if high magic banished or cursed the ponies like dormant as the crystal empire was or worse magic is a fickle thing

ok wow looks like equestria went to war and lost

I wonder if they banished themselves? like survivor did a time displacement for there safety to outlast a disaster maybe?

Welp time to play some doom music and find and kill the bastard who did this

puts in read later :trixieshiftright::trixieshiftleft:

so not the griffins then, the castle being sealed even with no-one around either means that no one is alive in there to unseal it or that they are not alone and that the enemy is still there. Maybe they only come out at night?

ohh man, thing are getting very interesting.

so it seems the first enemy has appeared

Yeah to hell with cryptic cliffhangers.

This is certainly interesting. Consider this liked and followed.

It's alive.

'Tis truly a glorious day.


The way you described that wolf I pictured this guy from The NeverEnding Story.
And for a moment there I actually thought it was going to talk.

Anyway, it's great to know this is back. I can't wait to see what he finds at the heart of the compound.

Good start. I want to read and know more!

That's actually very similar to how they look! Though, imagine a swirling ink vortex instead of the white eyes, something like a black hole. As for speaking... well, now. You'll find out eventually, and it'll answer a few questions in the process, but you will regret ever knowing. Trust me on that one.

I've been keeping a close eye on this story for a while now. At first, I thought it was another Fallout: Equestria, but it doesn't look like one anymore. Anyway, my interest remains; This is good stuff!

At least our hero is no longer alone. Hopefully he'll get some answers on what happened to Equestria. Although I get the feeling that when Luna wakes up. She's probably going to attack him. So he'll have to quickly earn her trust if he's going to survive their first meeting.

How do you pronounce Síðasta?

I caught a couple of things that looked familiar, but I have some doubt whether they were intentional references.

"There are two doors in this room." Now that she- for it was a she, I was certain- had mentioned it, I saw the other door: this was unlike its sibling in that it was a plainer door, of aged brown wood.

I could only think of: Ayreon, Into the Electric Castle, The Two Gates

A tunnel stretched out into the distance, all light and confusion and kaleidoscope colors, shifting and changing in patterns that made absolutely no sense to the naked eye, or to my slightly addled mind.

Well, that could only be one possible thing: 2001 Stargate Sequence

Awesome Story but I think you should make them longer can’t wait for next chapter

The protagonist speculated this Equestria was the result of Starlight's meddling with time travel and preventing the Sonic Rainbow which got the Mane Six together. But if that was the case, how did NM become Luna again?

Oh boy! Things are getting crazy, and you have me on the edge of my seat!

Maybe, maybe...

I'm slowly working up the size of the chapters, but I'm glad to know you enjoyed it!


Good to know! You'll enjoy the next chapter, then! I've already got plans...

The first was unintentional, the second WAS intentional... but was sadly not the one I was talking about when I mentioned the reference.
Good eye, though!

i fucking hate u for dat cliffhanger:twilightangry2::facehoof:

The moment you give someone a sidearm, you know they’ll be using it soon.

Interestingly, the first door was tagged as the entrance to the 'incursion suppression weapon & armaments storage'. It was odd that they'd have an armory right here, right next to the entrance to the rest of the compound... I would have thought that they'd have them deeper in, to make getting to the serious weapons and ammunition more difficult for invaders over the standard issue armaments in the lockers in the front. And yet, here it was, sitting here. Out of curiosity, I checked the door, finding it locked with a card reader. I poked it a little, then shook my head. There'd be plenty of time to search this room later, when I'd found some answers in this place...

>mfw our mc has a case of the tisms

The wolf went down a lot easier then I thought it would. That's bad, really bad. Because that usually means that there's a damn near endless horde of them waiting to Zerg Rush their prey.

Matt fired approximately ten-twelve rounds more or less comparable to .45 ACP into it. This served to annoy and distract it.
Our resident alicorn fired approximately twenty rounds roughly comparable to 7.62x39mm into it. It was still alive, and took a further three rounds point-blank to the head to go down. So, let me ask you...

What makes you think that it went down easy?

As for a horde... well. I suppose we'll find out, won't we.

Luna just woke up and appears to have only a fraction of the power she normally has. Along with the fact that both Matt and Luna took it down with a single clip from both of their weapons.

Considering just how many monsters there are in fantasy stories that shrug bullets off like their raindrops. Yes I think it went down easier then most of the things that are lurking just beyond the veil.

I literally cannot express how this contributes to making [these things] a, um... threat, without major spoilers. I can't even properly express that I can't explain it without skirting around spoilers, such are my detailed plans. Hell, I can't even reveal what they're named without it being a spoiler for huge and wide-reaching reasons.

So, I guess you'll just have to wait? I mean, I'd love to explain the whole thing and not mince words, but I'd rather feed it to you and everyone else in my tiny audience in bits and pieces rather than ruining the ride.

I don't mind waiting. In fact, now I'm even more curious on what those things are and how even their name is a spoiler.

Luna's very cute but i am surprised she has not asked any questions about what Matt is or how he knows about her and equestria

I find this story to be very interesting, so good job on the whole mystery thing. This reminds me of one of my favorite stories 'Written In Dust' by The Rogue Wolf, and that's a good thing since it was good enough to reread multiple times.

I get the feeling that when Matt and Luna find a way inside the castle. All they're going to find are more questions and any answers they do discover will only be depressing ones.

Fascinating so far! I am really looking forward to seeing what happens next. Luna is characterized well. She needs to get out under her Moon so she can start recovering. I wonder if she can track or sense her sister somehow. Also there is the mystery of how the moon and sun are or are not moving without her and her sister for so long. And the question of the other major immortal, Discord. Where is he?

Because these things are such common knowledge that it would be like a US citizen knowing who the president of the US was. Luna doesn't know that he's not from Equestria, or Equus at all, and therefore his knowledge of such things is not worth noting. She might not recognize his species, but she's also missing huge blocks of her memory- for all she knows, his species moved into Equestria, and she just doesn't remember.

so they sense and hunt down magic it seems, given that it's the only thing that this guy doesn't gave that the ponies likely would in some degree.

Bets on the countdown timer being a 'zerg rush' estimate timer trigered by Luna''s awakening?

Definitely sideways, sideways is best.
More seriously though. Luna is really up for interpretation. For a long time she wasn't established enough to really have a defined character. Even now I would say she is a blank slate of a character, at least officially.
Unofficially there are a few well know and defined fan made versions of Luna that you could follow, not sure which you are going for yet but I am fine with any of them. As long as it is organic then you don't have to worry.
However, I prefer the fun loving but strong willed Luna myself. With barriers to hide her pain. Feels the most right to me. But like I said, what is Luna to you. There is a reason she is the most beloved princess, it's because she can be whatever the veiwer wants. That and her edgy back story, the general audience likes that.

Excellent! I am looking forward to Luna asking him more questions and trying to understand him. How does he know all the details? How does he know her and the world? So many questions and character building for them both to go through.

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