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I'm always here. Unless I am not, and in that case, I am not here. Feel free to talk to me :3 I am not a psychopath.

Sometimes I write random stuff to write random stuff. I also apparently really like bat ponies.I dream of someday writing my Fallout:Equestria fanfic. soon(tm)


I did not say that about peppermint swirl. · 4:45am Jul 12th, 2022

- the real reddling rain

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I wish. The moth ponies would worship me as a god... or eat me. one of the two.

oh no.

Reddling Rain,

I'm sure you've gotten this before but I couldn't help but comment on how I found your chat avatar to be adorable when I stumbled over it.

2338411 Thank you, I'm very glad you enjoyed it! ...2 nights though, that's a new record.

(oh god you read it in two nights? It took 2 years to write!)

i just read night guard tales in just under two nights, you sir, you are a master weaver of words.

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