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I am not actually a brony, but I find the stories and music rather marvelous.

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I am not quite sure if I am In fact a brony... Perhaps I could be in front of the supreme court being asked a question... 'Are you or ever have been an anti-brony' I'd want to say no. But in the end I most likely would have hung my head in defeat and announced 'yes'.

How could I have been an Anti? How could I have been so arrogant to hate something that I would later come to enjoy. I'd like to say that I was above that... But sadly I was not. If anything I was the worst type of Anti, the type who went out of their way to hate the 'herd'.

BUT! Before you hate me for that, let me explain a little more...

I was born in a small Northern town in the US, the stereo-typical type of town that when people imagine a farming community this town pops up. Now my family, renowned for being the wealthiest family in the town, didn't help my superiority complex what so ever, I mean look at my user name... Pretty pompous huh?

Now since we were a Northern state we were taught three types of acceptance. Religious, ethnic, and sexuality... But no where were we taught hobby acceptance. So when my cousin (A moronic asshole) became a brony, I assumed that all bronies must share similarities with this unsightly person... A pathetic view on life, trust me I know.

That was the day I began to hate all and any bronies, I'd mock the ones I met and show the disdain to the ones I knew. I had began to show little to no understanding or acceptance to anything new because of it. This continued for years until early spring of this year (2015) when one of my friends came to me and admitted he was a brony. Now at the time, loyalty to my friends was about my only redeeming quality. So I accepted what he was but I being so hypocritical I still mocked other bronies until the following June when my friend came over with a copy of the first season of MLP:FIM.

But my hypocritical understanding to my friend allowed me to sit down of watch the first few episodes... And wow... I had hated all these people for what!? Just because they liked a good show!? I hate myself because of what I was.. but I think it molded me for the better.

Now back to the Supreme Court scene, I'd say "Yes I was an Anti-Brony... But that was long ago... And today I cant see why anyone could hate the show! Yes it may seem a little strange to an outsider, but what fandom isn't!? The followers of this fandom take shit everyday and yet their motto is 'love and tolerance' if anything these Bronies sound like an army of Ghandis. Yes I was an Anti-Brony, but now I know the people who are actually pathetic is those people who hate the bronies... The people who have never seen the show and spread hate about something they know nothing about... The people like... Me."

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Hey man, hope you're still alive :fluttershysad:

Just thought I would drop in and say hello.

Good job on your stories, by the way.

Have a good day.

Hello sir. I apologize for the late response. The notification on this site is fickle at best. What can I do for ya?

Of course, bud! You deserve it!

Always here if you need a friend. 😇

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