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Thou who art undead, art chosen............

Welcome to the Bonfire, Unkindled One......

Take a moment to Remember the good times.....

Link the Flame..........

And Begin an Age of Fire Anew..........

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Keep up the awesome work!
Im new here. So im still searching for gems among the hundreds of years of reading time this awesome site provides.
Its a shame that no one is still updating the mechwarrior fimfics. Seeing what the races of Equis would do when humans piloting 20 to 100 tonne battlemechs decend ftom the heavens and start battleing eachouther is facinating.

But keep up your work. I look foward to seeing your stories

My thoughts exactly

Finally a story that the main character dies. Twist and turns keeps the story alive.

Thank you. Expect a new chapter sometime soon!

  • Viewing 36 - 40 of 40
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