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I am a brony. I like warhammer. I play vidya games. I read frequently. Guess what? I also hate talking about myself.


Update · 7:02pm Apr 23rd, 2019

So, I'm sure you've been wondering what the down low on the downtime for this story. Well, I have good news. I'm working on editing the story over to try and publish it. I'm obviously not going to publish it with a big old pony theme all over it, so the edits have been time-consuming and crafting a full intro to give some of the background that pony lore gives all you lucky readers. If anyone wants to look over the intro I'm making then just comment it. In other news, I am still working on a

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So is a bad day off here end of the field hunt series or is there something more you just having time thinking

Thanks for the fave on Sunset Shimmer: Kunoichi!

Thank you for Favoriting and liking Skeletor, Master of The Empire. I'm glad you're enjoying it so far.

Yeah, I know he has been super busy, but I miss talking with him, and planning out the story. Was hoping to dive into editing now that my term is over.

he seems to be, but his words aren't.

  • Viewing 45 - 49 of 49
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