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I am a brony. I like warhammer. I play vidya games. I read frequently. Guess what? I also hate talking about myself.


Hey you guys · 3:13am October 24th

Another day, and I was bitten by an idea that I couldn't ditch. My muse infected me and I just wrote a chapter in a haze of energy drinks and self-hatred like any good writer. I just sent the chapter off to Guldane, so it should be a few days until it drops, but happy days for all. Also, I have cover art now. Thank Locke_Jaw for a wonderful picture of Ragar that is now gracing my story.

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I doubt you will

Well hopefully we don't disappoint

Lots of potential. I'm interested to see where it goes.

Thanks for the favorite but what exactly did you like about it?

Thanks for the favourite!

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