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This story is a sequel to The Worst Equestrian Necromancer

The world of Equestria is a strange place. Mad necromancers consorting with a regal princess. Gods of chaos released and running free. In this face of insanity, even a single snapshot can lead to glimpses of madness that may amuse and confuse. These are those snapshots.

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Wooo. This is great and i cannot wait to read more. Ill see if i can get to the podcast.

Side note. Just a small typo

He picked it up and slid it into the lock of his manacle. With a click, the monocle fell off,

Edit: what time is the podcast?

Thursday. And thanks! I fixed it.

You know, of all the ponies to witness some unknown thingamajig wander out of an abandoned crypt, Maud is quite likely the best choice possible. I await the continuation with great enthusiasm.

This makes me question wether or not I have been wrong in regards to how I assumed Ragar was pronounced.

It is indeed Ray-gar. It's one of the minor things I wrote to adress

I had wondered what happened to Sunset on this go around, lovely! A challenge like this is just what she needed.

Yep, this whole thing is written to answer little questions like that.

Oh, after several re-readings, I finally figured out what happened here. Ragar, you horrible, horrible being.

Everyone loves scavenger hunts!

This is so amusing! The tablet is the best, though a shame he's unable to drink!

Russian tablet is best tablet.

Wonder if it’s that pony Ragar cursed.

Nope, that's an ancient tablet. Sunset is on a quest to find Ragar, and he turned it into a scavenger hunt.

For some reason I attributed the voice in her pack to something other than the tablet. Honestly not sure why.

9464046 9464141 It took me a second to figure it out myself. Perhaps changing:

Sunset levitated the tablet up, placing it in her pack.

to something along the lines of:

Sunset levitated the tablet into her pack.

would make it harder to gloss over...

he wanted some of Celestia's Tea

How lewd.

The rock is a Rag-olith!

Well I think I’ve fallen in a live with this and it’s main story

Comment posted by GuardianofRoin deleted Aug 3rd, 2022

Oo, I never knew about these extras! Will this story ever continue? I know it's been a few years, but I would enjoy learning more of the story behind Ragar and his friends.

Just stumbled on this after finishing necromancer well this one continue or is it on the dead pile

Stone tablet that talk... it should be grateful to encounter Sunset rather than Maud.

Don't you just hate when text switches to another language but halfway through you remember you can't read russian even though you just read "pony does not speak Russian" just fine?

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