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Bucking Nonsense

A Little Nonsense Now And Then Is Relished By The Wisest Men.


More than a thousand years ago, a small filly flipped a coin, trying to decide which princess to give a precious flower to. Because the coin came up heads, the flower went to Celestia, starting the division that ultimately led to Nightmare Moon. But... what if the coin had come up tails instead? Read on, and learn the answer, my friends...

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Another story my friend? Don't you have a ton of other stories to update?
I'm just joking glad to see you writing again.:pinkiehappy:

Edit: Poor little filly. I hope the joy-dead can be saved and given new life.

Sad thing is the filly probably just wanted to be happy when she created the potion and somepony saw a way to make money off of it and turned her into a slave.

The original potion probably had no side effects and the kingpin had the filly change the ingredients so that a pony would always want more.

You're right on all but one count: The potion always had the side effects. What else could you expect from the work of a five year old filly, no matter how surprisingly skilled with alchemy she might be? Given time and free will, she might have perfected the product, removing the harmful side effects. The kingpin didn't care: He saw a way to get a profit, and a massive one at that, and didn't care who was hurt as a result. In the end, though, he learned a painful lesson: "Men are not punished for their sins, they are punished by them." His own evil deeds spelled his undoing. He choked to death on his own product, because he'd replaced just about anyone who could have saved him with mindless slaves, all the while surrounded by enough wealth to buy a small-to-medium-sized country.

Robert: Heads...
Rosalind: ...or tails?
Robert: The sun...
Rosalind: ...or the moon?
Robert: A nightmare...
Rosalind: ...or a daybreak?
Robert: Astounding how such a seemingly minor event...
Rosalind: ...can make such a massive difference.

This story has quite the dark opening for something tagged as a comedy.

Remember, it is also tagged as dark. You were warned.

Holy poetic justice and moral ambiguity Batman!

I love it!

This is interesting

Joy is one of the worst fictional drugs, I have ever heard of. I mean, the consumer getting more and more zombie like ist bad enough, but the side effect...
It has more application as a bio weapon, at this point. You could overdose or kill quite a lot of Villian easly with it. ☠

Daybreaker here sounds a hell of a lot more evil than NMM, solely because selfishness and greed are more dangerous than jealousy and loneliness.

In the words of Gomez Addams," Damn, it's good to have you back!":raritywink:

This reminds me of the Doctor Who episode Gridlock. People take 'emotion' pills and turn into zombies most of the time. There was a pill called something like 'bliss' where they just forgot everything and kept taking this drug, staying in a mindless stupor of happiness all the time. That's what the Joy drug reminds me of. Please more of this. I love stories where Luna never became Nightmare and Celestia became corrupted instead. So much potential. I always thought of Luna as the more powerful magic user anyway. She has the power of the moon...and the stars. And the sun is nothing more than another star.


Jesus Christ. That kingpin's lucky he's already dead.

Well, if the roles had been different, Celestia would have been the emo whiner and Luna her much more mentally-stable sister who'd then wield the Elements and blast her into the Sun.

Then Lyra would have been the Element of Magic, Derpy the Element of Loyalty... and whatever, 4 other random mares.

*shrugs* What else?


Anyway, this is hardly just a 'coinflip'. There are radical differences in much much more of the characterization and world-building. It's a completely disconnected continuity.

Three separate paths, three unique timelines where each possible result of the coin toss plays out. In the timeline that we all know, the coin came up heads, and the flower went to Celestia. Because of this, Luna felt the first stirring of jealousy for her sister, and... well, you know the rest: Nightmare Moon, a thousand years of banishment, and then Twilight Sparkle and her friends save the day. Et cetra, et cetra, and so forth.

Uhm... reaaaaaaaally oversimplifying how people work here. You're not taking individual personality into account in the slightest. It's like saying Ghandi would absolutely have become Hitler had he been raised in Austria, been a poor artist, and gotten a face full of gas in WWI.

You also missed the FOURTH timeline, where the filly was so indecisive she gave the flower to her mother instead. And then BOTH Princesses got jelly and turned Equestria into a hell hole FOREVER!! Until Discord, who was a cannibal psycho in that timeline, showed up and graphically devoured all the ponies... after molesting them (he made Weinstein look like Ghandi! The regular one... not alt-universe Hitler Ghandi...) :trollestia:

See, causality doesn't work the way you seem to believe it does. You can't predict the absolute outcome of a change, because you can't account for every possible reaction to the change. And when the change involves PEOPLE, then it entirely depends on their own nature.

It’s a bit darker than your previous work. Maybe even more than just a bit.

But it’s off to a very solid start. It’s such a small change; as small as a single flower. But even the smallest change over a long enough time....

You ever watch The Fifth Element?

Your comment reminds me of this:

The possibilities are infinite, and will breed infinite possibilities. This chapter could have been infinitely long, but we only needed 1000 words of nonsense rambling to start the actual story. I Wonder if an intro is necessary at all.

you're probably thinking of Lunaverse...
which already exists and looks far better.

8854697 No, possibilities are limited by VARIABLES. And certain variables are quantifiable. To a reasonable degree of certainty, some possibilities can be excluded.

Unless Celestia is a polar opposite in personality to her canon self, we cannot expect her to behave the same as Luna did through perceived social avoidance. If Luna, however, remained the same, she would be far weaker in mental composition and incapable of successfully fighting back since she would identify with Celestia's personality issues. But, in that case, she would also recognize the issue very early on since she too would possess that ingrained vulnerability and take steps to mitigate it.

You see, changing the dynamics as this story does through one tiny event the results of which rest SOLELY on a character's personality and interpretation of, and introspection upon, said event actually does not automatically result in a similar outcome.

We're dealing with two very different ponies. Flipping a coin hardly matters when one internalizes all slights while the other externalizes. They have different coping strategies, different weaknesses. Having Celestia react like Luna only makes her a white Luna.

There is a fourth outcome of the coin toss. It may never land at all.

Best princess gets the story she deserves? This makes me vary happy. I love all of the new possibilities this story has available!

But nature abhors a vacuum

Made me think of this line: "History abhors a paradox"

Whoever it is that first concocted the foul stuff, they've proven to be the only one who can make it with any kind of success. Anyone, pony or otherwise, who tries to make it either ends up with a toxic sludge, or an explosion. So at least, in that way, the operation is simple: No brewer, no new Joy.

Ahhh, the brewer is not only our protagonist, but also a child :trixieshiftright:

And if he was still here, he had to be Joy-Dead, or else he'd have just plundered the building i the aftermath of the spill, then crept out with a fortune in any currency he preferred.

Yeah, about that brewer :twilightsheepish: :pinkiesad2:

And if, perchance, along the way, the brewer were to accidentally get dropped from about ten thousand hooves above the ground,

Luna if you ever find anyone actually willing to do that, i will finda way to drop them from that height :pinkiecrazy:

Sudden shock and horror filled Luna as pieces slid into place, and she realized what was going on. Heavens above, Luna swore in her mind, the brewer was a five year old filly!

Yyeeeaaahhhhh, sucks right :trixieshiftleft:

Well, this looks like it will be an interesting story :twilightsmile:

Let's just hope this doesn't turn out with the canon Bearers being a buncha flanderized parodies of themselves to make way for the fanon Bearers.

Allow me, for a moment, to draw the main contrast between Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker. Consider, for a moment, if the Daybreaker in Sunset Shimmer's nightmare were how an actual, living Daybreaker would act.

Nightmare Moon was a result of Luna feeling slighted because she was always in Celestia's shadow. Daybreaker, on the other hoof, is born from a desire to have EVERYTHING, and share nothing. All for Celestia, nothing for anyone else. Being denied the flower planted the seed of that unreasonable greed in Celestia, while in Luna, it planted the seed of an overwhelming jealousy. It would be years before the seed sprouted, and eventually bore fruit, but it all starts somewhere, doesn't it?

The irony is that for ponies as different as 'Night' and 'Day', falling to the dark side ends up creating a nearly identical evil overlord pony. Regardless of whether it is greed and arrogance, or anger and jealousy, the end result is more or less the same.

And yet, because of the fact that the emotions fueling of Celestia's transformation are so different from Luna's, Luna can't identify them, or identify with them, so she's unable to stop Daybreaker before it starts or talk her sister down afterwards, and is left with the same choice that Celestia had in the world we know. Making this decision hurts Luna, like it did Celestia, but ultimately made Luna a stronger person, like it did Celestia. After all, unless something new pops up in canon, sealing Nightmare Moon was Celestia's first act of self sacrifice as ruler of Equestria. However, a thousand years of Luna's rule ended up with a different Equestria than the one we know: Celestia is more motherly and kind-hearted. Luna is more formal and traditional. I won't say 'Stick In The Mud', since a thousand years have had a moderating effect on Luna, but as you'll recall, when Luna had her first Nightmare Night, she really didn't know what 'Fun' was. She's not that bad now, but she isn't Prankster Celestia, either.

But please keep an open mind with this story: The Butterfly Effect is in full swing, and changing just a few events in the past do more than just change who rules the kingdom a thousand years later.

8856646 Well that's the issue, Daybreaker was STARLIGHT'S notion. Celestia has never shown any sign of this greed, so we're just plopping that trait into her personality for the sake of the story. It's not a coin toss, as I said. To accept this story is to accept a typical fanon character inversion trope.

An entire version of the events leading to the alternate outcome for Celestia, including how her nature became selfish in the first place, could be written. And when it was done, we'd have to ask ourselves, "Why did we even bother writing this with the name 'Celestia' in mind? This isn't even that character at all."

Interesting so far, I hope you continue this.
I actually love the idea that both sisters were a lot more selfish before Nightmare Moon happened,

I would imagine that in an “Edge timeline” the princesses have a stronger relationship with each other, but they would be worse rulers for the rest of ponykind since they were never put on the road to become better people.

plus, they still have their fatal personality flaws waiting for a time to surface, even if it wouldn’t turn them against each other, it would still suck balls for all the little ponies around them.

And yet the franchise has done that very thing on two separate occasions, once with Daybreaker, and once in the comics with Mirror Universe Evil Celestia. Don't get so nettled at me for using concepts that are actually part of the canon, even if they're parts of the canon you don't agree with.

Look, I get that you're not super-buzzed about the initial concept of 'Celestia turning evil instead of Luna', since in your head-canon, that's impossible, but let's not get so caught up in a dispute over head-canon that it ruins everyone's ability to enjoy a decent story.

Everytime he shows up it hurts a story because he's just that butt hurt.

Yeah. And you know what's worse? Last week, he went and commented on What's Your Story, Morning Glory? You know, the fic that started my descent into depression that caused me to stop fanfic writing for a long time? He wrote this:

Just to let you know, I'm still smiling about ruining your mood 2 years and 3 months ago.

I thought you'd like to know, you're still in my thoughts.

Have a nice daayyyyyyyyy!

I wouldn't even have noticed it, if a fan hadn't pointed it out to me a few minutes ago. Alondro said that, on that story, regarding how he ruined my mood on X-Mas, on what could have been the last X-Mas I ever had with my father. And he only had the guts to post that on a fic that no one visits anymore, since he knew he'd probably get downvoted 1000+ times, and probably get banned.

He gives himself far too much credit, though: Compared to the jerks that spent X-Mas sending me hatemail just to be a jerk, he's less than a mosquito. Every wolf suffers fleas, and they're usually not worth the effort of scratching. But if he wants to try rubbing salt into my wounds, he's going to be the one left feeling salty.

HEEEEEEEYYYYY EVERYBODY, LOOK AT ALONDRO'S PROFILE. He's got four stories, and all of them have received more than 50% downvotes! In fact, one of them is so red that I can barely even see the green! If I had any stories that had that many downvotes, I'd delete them out of shame and quite writing fanfiction forever, but I guess Alondro has no shame whatsoever. Go figure!

And here's Uberdeathninja's stories! He's one of the most infamous trolls of the MLP:FIM fandom. His deviantart profile literally says that all Bronies should go and die in a hole! He has more stories than Alondro, they're all much more popular, and so many of them have so may upvotes that you can barely see the red at all! He even has more than twice as many followers as Alondro! One of the most infamous trolls of the fandom is a better MLP:FIM fanfiction writer, and is more popular, than Alondro! AMAZING! And here we are, and Alondro is trying to tell me how to write fanfiction! WOW! AMAZING!!! WHAT A REMARKABLE WORLD WE LIVE IN THAT GUYS LIKE THIS THINK THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO TELL ME WHAT TO WRITE AND HOW TO WRITE IT!!!


So please, Alondro, tell me all about how this is a terrible story, that all my stories are terrible, and what I need to do to change them. But...

Please remember, you started this. All I did was reply in an appropriate fashion. And don't expect any more replies to your comments: I'm done humoring you. If you post another comment like that one on any of my stories ever again, I'll repeat this, as a blog post to all of 2383 (and counting) of my followers will know exactly what you said and where you said it, and it will also let every one of them know your exact caliber as a writer. And if you keep doing it after that, I'll post it on YOUR profile, and then on every story you've written, and I'll pm it to every last one of your followers, so everyone on the site who has even a grain of admiration for you will know how undeserving you are of even that much respect. If you think I'm bluffing, try me. I don't care if it gets me banned for doing it: I will burn everything I've accomplished on this site to the ground in a sea of fire and salt if it means you burn with me. I can start again, write new stories, make new followers. I'm a good writer, it's easy. But you're not, and we both know that if you get banned, and deserve it, you'll just shrivel up and die. And there will be much rejoicing.


muhahaha! sick burn!

I would follow you if you ever got tired of FIMfiction and moved your work to another site like AO3.

your writing is a precious work of art :twilightsmile:
considering this line from the first chapter.

Changing one thing a thousand years ago, however, can change everything in the present day. Ponies who fell in love and had children in one timeline never even met in another. Ponies who might have changed history were never born, or ponies who never existed in one timeline were born in this one, and changed history. Twilight Sparkle and her friends, as a result of one coin toss a thousand years ago, were never born at all. But nature abhors a vacuum, so other ponies would eventually rise to fill the gap. The Butterfly Effect can be a cruel and terrible mistress, or a fine and classy lady, depending on her mood, and your point of view. Regardless, the flow of causality had been diverted to another stream, and Equestria, if not the entire world, would be a very different place as time went by.

looks like it is not even possible unless they travel to a parallel universe at some point. so, thankfully not.

8858754 Ok, again... Daybreaker was STARLIGHT'S mental projection. Meaning we don't know what would set Celestia off or how long it would take because Starlight didn't and couldn't know herself.

And in the comics, the mirror world had BOTH Celestia and Luna being evil... as well as everyone else 'opposite', merely as part of a basic alt universe trope with absolutely no explanation as to how it got that way.

Again, not good arguments.

8858953 Popularity does not equal quality.

If it did, then we would have to praise Michael Bay as one of the greatest film-makers in history.

I can and will tell you that your concepts are severely lacking. As for my stories being downvoted, that's mainly due to the auto-downvoting of anything I write by those I've lambasted. Most of them never actually read the stories.

I also don't have as many stories because I have a very busy job which only permits me short periods of breaks which are not conducive to creating a long-winded narrative.

But the breaks are enough for me, as a speed-reader who can manage 10,000 words per hour, to quickly zip through and analyze the heck out of several chapters of most stories at a time.

So, rather than go on a little pedantic rant about how I have no right to criticize anything, you might want to consider that I've actually been far more patient and analytical with you than with the truly terrible writers I eviscerate mercilessly. I offered legitimate arguments, and your response has told me I was too tolerant. Very well.

Ask, and ye shall receive.

I see. Well, I have a question for you: If I block you, does that mean that I can't receive PM's from you, or are you rendered completely unable to comment on any of my stories and blog posts?

Because see, back when I was getting hate-bombed during that unfortunate X-Mas, I forgot I can block users. I could have spare myself a lot of headaches if I'd just done that before. But I remember now that I can do that. And honestly, after that little comment on 'What's Your Story, Morning Glory?', not a soul would blame me for blocking you. If blocking you doesn't stop you from commenting, well, I can always just delete your comments without reading them. You're not worth getting banned for, honestly. You're a toxic troll, and a cancer to the MLP:FIM fandom, and I don't need you darkening my stories anymore.

:rainbowlaugh: Every time. Every time I see Alondro in the comments I wonder to myself: "Why isn't this guy banned yet? Why doesn't he have more dislikes?", so reading this was a treat.


As for my stories being downvoted, that's mainly due to the auto-downvoting of anything I write by those I've lambasted. Most of them never actually read the stories.

This is how you coast along through life, is it? Is this how you let yourself sleep at night? That you don't suck but people are just hurt because of your 'criticisms'? :rainbowlaugh: Alright buddy you keep pretending people really take you seriously.

If he's 'critiqued' that many people, and did so harshly enough that their response was to downvote his stories, he should probably start keeping his opinions to himself. But let's look at facts: Uberdeathninja hates bronies, is a merciless troll, and does nothing to hide his contempt, but he still manages to write stories that get large numbers of upvotes. From Bronies. And as mentioned, he specifically states on his DeviantArt profile (that is easily reached through his FimFiction profile) that in his opinion, bronies should go crawl in a hole and die. And yet, here's Alondro, and his stories are unfairly downvoted? I'm sorry, but I'm just not seeing it: His testimony contradicts clear evidence to the contrary. Especially since at least two of his stories have over 500+ reads. If that many people have read his stories, but the overwhelming majority of the readers didn't even bother to vote, but those that did, decided to downvote it, that means that his stories are somewhere between mediocre and awful, and having read them, that's a fitting assessment.

Interesting so far, i’m looking forward to reading more, i doubt it’ll be easy to complete this story, so i support this endeavor with all my heart, i hope you will continue to do what you do and make greatness :3

The idea of it came from watching The Last Unicorn. The plot of the movie is kicked off by King Haggard, who as a young man saw a unicorn, something that filled his heart with such joy that he thought that he was going to die. Afterwards, nothing else in the world could make him happy. Nothing, but to see another unicorn. And to do so, he did the unthinkable.

Consider, for a moment, how rare it is for a human being to experience a moment of such pure, undiluted happiness. Now, imagine, once experienced, how much you'd sacrifice to experience it again.

Other parts are a bit more grounded in reality: Some drugs, when taken for the first time, have an effect on the brain and nervous system. The first high is intense, like nothing else you've ever experienced. But because of the effect of that drug, you'll never experience that high again, no matter how much you more take. But most people, not knowing better, try anyway, chasing after an experience that they'll never be able to recreate. Heck, I've heard of how, if a person takes ecstasy for the first time, it permanently alters their brain chemistry, and scientists still aren't 100% certain what that does to people in the long term.

Long story short, yeah it's a terrible drug, but people have ruined their own lives for far less than five minutes of pure bliss.

True, Joy is actually pretty realistic in a lot of point's. Even the zombie part is actually just a more powerful version of what actually happens with some drug addictions. Becoming unresponsiv to the real world and doing pretty much anything in order to get more.
Hearing where your inspiration came from is quiet fascinating. I would never have guessed the Last Unicorn. But I got a pretty bad feeling now that I know. Not about the story, but what could happen in it.
Equestria has a lot of Joy-Addict's, who can only feel happiness through the drug. Now, I'm don't know if Luna and Celestia have plans for some kind of rehabilitation center, but I doubt the whole idea of rehabilitation would work for anypony who took more than a few doses of joy. Considering it literaly kills the ability to feel, the more you take.
The production has stopped, so Joy is now limited. Storage will run dry fast, cause of the popularity. So now you got a few THOUSAND ponies who are going to start behaving like a combination of King Haggard and a desperate addict. Without the, presumed, possibility of 'curing' them.
It would probably end with a war over the remaining Joy, between the addict's. Addict's who barely have any emotion's and are going do become more and more desperate. Addict's who won't care about collateral damage. Who have access to what pretty much amount's to zombie's. Who are going to be ready to act like King Haggard did and do the unthinkable, whatever that would be in this context.
... At least that's the nightmare scenario. I don't know what your plan's are, but this whole 'shutting down the production and distribution of Joy'-Thing could end extremly bad for equestria and it seem's pretty likely, considering that King Haggard's obsession ended in his death. Joy is a parallel to Haggard's obsession, if I'm not wrong, so it could end just as badly.
Or I'm completely wrong. Whatever direction you take it, I wish you the best of luck.

He doesn’t need to take various personalities into account as he is stating the result of one very specific event as opposed to a broad concept like your Ghandi example. You can debate that Celestia would be out of character in this action of course but we are inherently in an AU setting so it could be said that in this universe she was that petty. Also he didn’t state that this is a dissertation on causality but rather went with a “trousers of time” story scenario. For that matter wouldn’t your own fourth example not be taking personalities into account as it would imply both princesses are going to get jealous of a random mare receiving a gift from her filly. Further he even states that many things alter due to new stimuli so much so that the mane six aren’t even born as opposed to most time altered fiction where it’s just the same characters except in a different timeline.

Even more sinister than We Happy Few. Lot quicker at destroying society as well I suppose.

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