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The girls had known that their friend had been researching something. They had watched as he pored over books writing notes in a private code. They had watched as he went to town hall and failing that, Canterlot archives looking through Cutie Mark registries. And know they watched, as he finished his personal quest. The only thought they could dredge up was a single word. Why.

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This feels like a prequel could be used to explain the main character more. The flashbacks are great, but wouldn't mind reading more

I... kinda am just lost for words.

This was good. Hit all the right notes to pull at the heart strings. I really does a good job of leaving the reader asking...why? This can lead to a substantial piece if there was more context to it. good job.

This has so much potential to be an amazing story. And the fact the we know he is going to die and it won’t change will leave a somber tone over the story even in the brightest of chapters. (If it was made into a story that is)

To be honest this is the best story I’ve read in a month or two. The right direction and this story would be insanely popular.

They had heard the explosion from the street and ran up to it as soon as they could. They could tell from their tracking spell that John was there, where whatever exploded was. And they found him. They stared at him as blood seemed to slowly pool from a knife lodged firmly in his chest. In his hands rested a strange device they had never seen, smoke wafting from the hole at its end. And the unicorn in the corner, his face seeming to be a mass of blood and bone. They stared as John let out a cough, and began to sing .

CALL 911

Rainbow Dash was speechless, as she began to stumble forward, stopping beside John's bleeding chest. She blinked back the tears in her eyes, as she rested her head by the knife, placing her head on her dying friend. The others couldn't hear her as she murmured into their dying friend, but they heard the first sob.


This was beautiful.
Well done!
You have me tearing up.

I'll remember this one, bears remembering.

Thanks. Being honest I read a similar story and wanted to try my hand.

don't have much love for stories where the Human seems to be instant friends with the mane six but damn....those little snips into the past and the whole thing....you achieved your goal, I'm sad ;-;


Wonder what was in that letter of his. Maybe it was a confession as to why he did that?

I wanna cry so hard.

I forgot I wrote a second chapter of this until I read your comment. Awkward. Anyways glad it hit home!

You ever thou thought of a prequal.

I liked this one but the plot was extremely vag.

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