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The Lutece twins

My goal is to create great stories that everypony will like, so it's nice to meet you. Enjoy my stories to your hearts content. Enjoy. Used to be Golden oath.

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what story you guys want me to work on? · 7:01am January 7th

now that i am starting to come back to fim fiction, what story do you guys want me to work on the most? :twilightoops:

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Panzer Pony

Ty for the fave:twilightsmile:

ehh why bother, the rude person isn't worth my time

Really? He insulted you for a story? Wow...

If you want, you can tell Eldorado, he's one of the moderators.

but the person wouldn't listen and than they began to call me a dick instead

Fun is a good reason for writing.

yea I even told them, I don't do it for fame, I do it for fun

  • Viewing 335 - 344 of 344
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