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Started writing fics in 2020. Only took me 8 years to do it. :V


I honestly didn't think there'd be much to this medical trial. I'd just have to be the guinea pig for a potential cure to a big bad disease. I figured the worst problem I'd have to deal with is sheer boredom of being in a lab for several weeks. But I soon realized that boredom was going to be the least of my worries...

Keywords: Transformation, Slow, Human to Pony, Set on Earth

Cover Art by TF-Sential.
Based on the Eponavirus/PONID-21 drawings by TF-Sential: https://twitter.com/TFSential/

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And trust me: I'm a guy who is a MAJOR PLAYER/HUGE LOVER of transformation material, mainly of the Male to Female aspect that is.

I'm so adding this to my favorites and tracking it for sure!!!! :D :D :D :D :D

There are two stories regarding this concept already! I look forward to both of their growth.

I think a real life sapient pony virus would be better if it happened in rl then the rl killer coronavirus. Instead of thousands of deaths we'd have new sapient pony communities.

Way more people would die from irl pony virus than will die from cornavirus.

What was the second one? Damage made it into daily log style on his/her blog page.

The one by David Silver the other day, actually. Lookin' forward to today's update.

My fears were mostly unfounded however. There was only one academic book amongst the three I recieved. The book in question was called “History of Horses in North America”

Because that isn't apropos in the slightest.:ajbemused:

This is such a good story, and I want more! :3

You know, there's a Plague Inc scenario based on this - Pandemic is Magic

PONID-21 sounds like a secret agency

Ah those images..yes now i remember those.

I really like this story so far, but I have to point out something. In the description you said in your keywords "slow transformation", but I have noticed that it has been moving faster than it should. It took only a day for one his eyes to turn purple, and not only that, but Twilight's voice or conscious has also already begun to form in his mind, and his feet and fingers are aching, likely already beginning to turn into hooves only on the second day, along with his forehead hurting in an area that suggests a horn beginning to form soon, and again it is only the second day. The rate that this is going, he will fully turn into Twilight in a week and a half at most. I suggest using small time skips of a day or two at the very least to give some time for his to happen. Remember, when a bone is set, it takes time, and his entire skeletal structure is going to change, and while eye color is understandable to be an early change, it still happened a little too fast. Everything takes time to happen, especially medications and even vaccines. pain medication for instance don't immediately take effect, they take a little while before kicking in fully. Other than that though, this is a great story!

You're probably unfamiliar with the already established Time-line of infection and symptoms that's already been carried out by the PONID-21 image series! But yeah, it's one day, with 3 weeks before complete transformation.

You'd be right. To be honest, I only saw this story and thought the idea sounded cool, so I gave it a shot and it so far has not disappointed. Could you send me a link or something to catch me up?

There's currently 3 PONID stories on FimFiction right now.
This one, This Blog-Style one by Damaged, and this other one by David Silver.

The image series can be found on Derpibooru

Though I will say that even if the author is just being accurate for the timeline, they should still remove the slow transformation "tag" in the description since the transformation in definitely not seeming slow in the transformation's timeline that I have seen from that blog link. If only because it is slightly misleading, but not really a big deal. I honestly don't mind that much.

Comment posted by Courage Fire deleted Apr 8th, 2020

I don't think you know what a slow transformation constitutes as, and ... yeah. You kinda do if you repeat yourself multiple times.

and the effects of the vaccine seem to be working as intended.

Now there's an ominous turn of phrase that seems surprising to miss.

I have to wonder about the different colors.

My initial interpretation of the purple one was that it was happening in Penn’s mind where he was having lapses of Twilight’s influence.

But with their respective colors appearing in the other patients, is it a sign that their voice briefly changes? Or that Penn finds those words strangely familiar in someway? Because either way he doesn’t react abnormally to those. And since these people are complete strangers to him, he by himself would not see those different colors as abnormal to that person. If it is the first, then someone should’ve said something about voice ticks, speech ticks, or something along those lines.

I put that in as a narrative flourish. It's not them having a different sounding voice, just showing them slipping into a different way of thinking. Thanks for the feedback though!

Well, considering I have a daughter with heterochromia this is a very interesting story.

I have a feeling things are gonna start getting real next chapter.

Poniness intensifies Excited for future chapters to come and glad Penn is included in this. They are such an awesome TF artist that deserves some good TF fiction to match.

# TwiSential

I agree i can't wait for more chapters to come out, this story's already got the feeling of being just as epic as five score /4

Interesting, I shall leave a like and track this story for it has caught my attention. Proceed with the good work dear author, proceed.

Poor guy, he's been hoodwinked! Most trials for preventative medicine do NOT have you put in isolation for any amount of time, and said facilities are definitely not prison cells!
Question is, who are these guys and what is their plan...

Hmmm, better question: is Twilight being translated over? That has disturbing connotations...

This is a very intriguing reveal. I'm willing to bet the true creator of the vaccine knew exactly what it was going to do.

“Many people have come to me with either the headache or the pain in the shoulder blades, but having both seems to almost never happen."

This line in particular makes me believe these trials are being executed elsewhere, with more potential ponies. Several would seem more fitting for 5 individuals, but many sounds like a more extensive amount. Even further, only two people have each of the symptoms. That doesn't sound like "many" to me. It makes sense for there to be the same trials in other facilities, and might've been outright stated, but me and my terrible memory saw this now and it makes me wonder what other ponies may crop up. Could be Lyra, could be Celestia.

Edit: Penn to room 515 reminded me of the dumb Pen 15 joke.

If that last part is true, then at least it means that the people behind this made a genuine oopsie.
I look forward to seeing what the 'source' of this is.

Was totally ignorant of the existence of the image sets, and clicked this expecting a parody of current events. The comments alone tell me that I'm not at all correct, and that pleases me. Will be giving this a read.

"working as intended" So it IS planned! Conspiracccyyyyy!!!!
Seems Pinky is in on it already...

Hmmm, newbie hasn't been identified, who are we missing?

"many"??!?? MANY??!?!?! Yeah, they're lying. Distrust! Conspiracy!!!!!
Biggest question is: How did they obtain their "vaccine"?
Keep going! ;)

They got the vaccine from Equestria, didn’t they?

Franklin leaned back and shook his head. “It goes back to the origin of the vaccine and whether or not you’ll be given access to what we’ve been looking at. Given your unique case, it might be worth giving you a look.”

"Might be." A procedure that's already rapidly transforming him into an entirely different species and the best answer he can give is to the question of where the hell it came from is "might be." That's... not encouraging.

And reports of both pains almost never happens? That means it has been reported before. So either more people are becoming Twilight, or there's another person (or more) we haven't seen yet turning into one of the other alicorns.

He claims they don't know much. We still don't trust them.
What a convenient name for the project. Also, such a specific distraction. "live unicorn" indeed. He has no reason to suspect they believe anything like that, so it's very telling what's on his mind...
Keep going! ;)

Twitter fudging hates me and won't let me see the images

I’d never seen eyes change, or people walking while standing on their toes.

I walk on my toes quite a lot actually.

All this hidden info... when real world doctors mess up they tend to be a lot more...generous when they are in the wrong. Especially with legal repercussions for not divulging the full nature of their mistake. Even disclosures couldn’t protect them from such drastic changes. I wonder if they will use that to their advantage. was also expecting Penn to set conditions as to the testing, friends being there in particular...

So apparently the goal was to get alicorned humans - wings and horns, Equestria Girls style - and they somehow didn't realize that it's a package deal. Also, them claiming to be in the dark rather contradicts recognizing other alicorn transformations before in last chapter..

And as for a "live unicorn", I guess that means they have a not-live one ..

Or a live alicorn. Words are funny things if you're not specific about them.

Penn calls it 'convenient' that he only gets to know more should he agree to extra testing, but it's far more nonsensical than that to keep secrets from the very people being subjected to this treatment. You want to fuel panic and paranoia? That's a good way to do it, because "we're just lab rats to some shady corp's experiments" isn't exactly wrong here.

Doctor Franklin nods. “Alright. I’ll make sure to tell him that. You’ll most likely start this testing tomorrow. We’ll let you know about all the details.” He turns to walk away but pauses and turns back towards me. “Oh and Penn...thanks for trusting me, even if you have no reason to.” He turns back around and walks away, leaving the four of us alone.

Wrong person.

Dun Dun dun!!!

And Franklin is just mysteriously absent here.

And Tia and Luna just up and disappeared after Franklin banished them to the moon

Tyrell shook his head. “I’m sorry Penn. I’m just not allowed to tell you what we’re working on.”

So, imminent dissections then? Because if you're not telling them anything you're working on, the people suffering from your works have no reason to believe they're not just simple lab rats to you.

Grumbling at stupid logic aside, judging by Julius and Tyrell's reactions this is the first time they've seen magic. Which is interesting given that they've hinted at seeing alicorns before previously.

“We’re not exactly dispelling the notion that we’re an old, married couple.” Julis jokingly quipped.

About this and the paragraph down has Julius misspelled.

“Excuse me!?” I sputter out, dumbfounded.

Missed a comma. This is what I could see from just reading it and not focusing really hard on grammer and such. So is Penn progressing slower than the other separate races? Like they were expecting wings, and a more developed horn, but his were going along a bit slower than the others?

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