• Published 5th Apr 2020
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Ponid-21 - Cadenzel Washington

What starts out as a simple medical trial, becomes something much stranger as the patients notice some odd symptoms like horns and wings...

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The Sixth Day (Tactical Espionage Action)

Twilight struggled in place. She was restrained, the titanium clamps around her legs prevented her escape. Her horn was also useless thanks to the inhibitor ring that adorned her magical appendage. Things weren’t looking too good for her. Despite the almost hopeless situation, Twilight still struggled to free herself from this diabolical device.

As she fiercely thrashed about, she saw a figure emerge from the shadows. This figure was a tall, imposing man and he had a wicked grin plastered on his face. He rubbed his hands together and then cracked his knuckles.

“Feeling comfortable there, Miss Sparkle?” the wicked man cackled.

“Let me go, Dr. Franklinstein! I’m not some wild animal!” Twilight cried.

“Ohoho, I’m afraid I must disagree, Miss Sparkle. You walk on all fours, you eat grass and you look like a horse. You’re as wild as they come.”

Twilight fiercely shakes her head. “No! No, I’m not! Stop treating me like this! I’m a sapient being.”

Dr. Franklinstein scoffed at her comment. “You might be intelligent, but I doubt others will see you that way. One look at you and they’ll see a strange, feral animal that they don’t understand. They’ll lash out and fight it because it’s something they cannot comprehend. They will hate you, Miss Sparkle.”

Twilight gritted her teeth and growled. That statement dug into her more than she would like to admit. She had seen a lot of films and played enough video games to know that sometimes humans reacted in a close-minded manner to other sapient beings. She knew not every person was like this but she also knew that some people might be terrified of her. The fact that it was coming from someone she despised made that harsh fact even harder to bear.

“Oh? Did I strike a nerve with that comment?” Dr. Franklinstein taunted. “You know I’m right. There are those out there who would do far worse to you than I would. I simply want to study you and learn all I can from your biology, maybe figure out what powers you have. Others? They would not be so gracious.”

“You have me strapped down and bound to this weird contraption!” Twilight retorted. “That doesn’t really scream ‘Hey, I have your best interests in mind.’ I just want to go home.”

Dr. Franklinstein suddenly adopted a calm and reserved demeanor. “Well Miss Sparkle, you’re aggressive right now but I assure you, you’ll soon come around to my way of thinking soon enough. Anyway, my computers will work their magic. I’ll be back to check up on you soon enough. You’ll come to see things from my perspective at some point, it’s just a matter of when.”

Twilight watched as the doctor left the room.


The Sixth Day

I opened my eyes, looking up at the all too familiar looking ceiling. Despite how comical that dream was, I knew that it highlighted a few fears I had. Anyone looking at me with a naked eye would know that I wasn’t fully human. I looked like some kind of weird mutant. It was clear that the mare I was dreaming about would be the physical end result of this weird experiment. I was certainly curious about why I was dreaming about it and what’s causing these dreams in the first place. I needed some answers.

My mind then turned to Franklin. I dreamt that he was this cartoon supervillain, bent on using my...using Twilight’s body for research and disregarding her well-being. While I doubt he was some sort of evil mastermind, he was definitely hiding something. I also had to question his motives for all of this. He did mention that this was partially a private enterprise which makes me think that he was in it to make some sort of profit. I knew he was holding back some information. I just needed to find a way to get it.

I shook my head. Mulling over that was not going to get me anywhere right now. What I needed to do right now was figure out what about me had changed today. I already knew there would be something different, given the track record of the previous days. The real surprise would be in finding out what exactly changed.

I decided to take a deep breath to prepare me for looking at what had changed, only to be hit with something different already. Breathing through my nose felt different. It wasn’t worse, but it was definitely different. It felt like my nostrils were further apart and instead of feeling one swift motion of air flowing into my body, I felt two distinct gales of air enter my body. They were still close enough together to not seem too different in my vision, but I had the feeling that might be different in the coming days.

I pulled myself up to get a better look at my upper half. Two big changes immediately caught my attention. The first one was the small tuft of soft fur that now adorned my chest. It was a light lavender color just like my hooves that I got the day before. I reached out to touch it with my right hand, only to be reminded of the second new change that happened today; my fingers. It looked like I had gone from four fingers and a thumb to a weird trio of conjoined fingers. This proto-hoof was going to make interacting with the world a fair bit harder. My left hand was still mostly unchanged, but I knew that would probably change in the coming days.

I decided to try and test how I would fare with this new appendage by removing my covers. I attempted to grip my blanket. Miraculously, I seemed to have some kind of grip on it despite me not having anything resembling real fingers. I was stunned at how I was performing this feat. Maybe I was achieving this through some form of granular jamming? Regardless of how I was doing it, I surmised that it might not be as tough as I expected.

Pulling back the covers, I saw that the fur from my hooves had pushed up from being just at the ankles and had passed the Achilles tendon and seemed to be residing around the soleus muscles. My legs looked about half-human, half-horse at this stage. I felt like I was some kind of weird looking satyr with horse legs instead of goat legs.

As I pulled myself off the bed and onto my now familiar feeling hooves, I noticed something more subtle was different about me. Everything around me seemed a bit larger than normal. On the first day, the doorknob met up to around my belly button. Now, it was lining up with my lower chest. I couldn’t get an accurate measure on how tall I was but I feared I might now be in the sub-five foot tall club.

I decided that there was one last place to check myself and that was my rear. I had learned that my tailbone had been growing out and now I might have something resembling a tail. Sure enough, looking behind myself, I saw a dark purple tail unfurling behind me. It had an unusually pink streak going through it but it didn’t look dyed at all. I ran my hoof hands through the silky smooth locks and sure enough, it was real hair. Upon seeing this bizarre and unnatural sight, I simply sighed.

A week ago, this would have seemed like something totally impossible, something that only happened in science fiction and when it first started happening, it was terrifying. But now, the constant changes felt much different to me. They stopped being unusual, stopped being shocking. I was starting to fall into a routine.

I shrugged and sighed. I knew I wasn’t going to get much done just gawking at myself, so I decided to simply get changed. I started by getting into a new pair of boxers. I pulled them down and as I did so, I got a look in between my legs.

If someone was walking past my room at that moment, I would guarantee that they would have heard the blood-curdling scream that I had unleashed upon the unsuspecting ears of the world. I didn’t want to describe what I saw there. The only thing I did know was that just when I thought this transformation was getting routine, it ended up throwing a curveball at me. Let’s just say going to the bathroom just became a bit more...interesting.


After my unexpected freak-out over what was now happening beneath my boxer’s waistband, I decided to try and push those problems to the side and focus on other concerns. My stomach was growling and getting some food in me sounded like a great plan. I pushed open the door to the cafeteria and grabbed a tray.

I had been here a few times already but it was only today that I was really starting to look at all the different foods on display here. Normally, I was a big solid meat and potatoes kind of guy. I still was enjoying the smell of them too, but for some reason, I was getting a strong and alluring scent from the salad bar. I suspected that my altered nose might be the reason I was getting this new olfactory sensation. Still, food was food and I was eager to see how these new smells would affect the taste.

I loaded up my plate full of salad and different vegetables and made my way over to find a table. Scanning the room, I found Alex sitting with Nathan and Meghan. It had been a while since I had seen them and they certainly looked significantly different.

If I had to describe Meghan in one word it would be PINK. She had hair that looked like it was swirling like cotton candy, though the actual color of her hair was a much darker pink. I could see her hooves were covered in a much lighter pink fur. She was dealing with having a hoof for a hand just like me but not only was she not having problems using it, she seemed to almost revel in using it to pick things up. She was using her hoofhand like it was some new toy she had unwrapped for her birthday. After getting a good look at her, I turned my head to look at Nathan.

Nathan had a fur color that was a blueish white, making him look quite regal. His hair seemed to be...styled? It was a deep purple but it looked like there had been some work on it to make it look fancy. Looking behind him, he had a small tail that was still styled much like his hair. Even with all the changes he was going through, he seemed to have a “refined” look.

Finally, I looked at Alex. He seemed to have a “fiery” color scheme going on, having a lot of red and yellow on his body. The styling in his hair almost made it look like his hair was actually on fire, though obviously it wasn’t given that there would probably be a lot more panic and screaming happening if that were true. He also had some hoof hands and a similarly fiery tail.

I walk over to them, my hooves clopping on the tiled floor. Meghan sees me out of the corner of her eye and waves me over, still able to smile even after all that’s happened. I sit myself down in the empty chair at their table.

“So…” I begin “Did any of you have uh...” I trail off, a bit embarrassed at the subject matter. “...a bit of a surprise today below the waist?” I asked, trying my best to beat around the bush about it. I didn’t want to actually say specifically what it was because, hey, that’s kind of an embarrassing subject. I saw some nodding from Alex while Nathan looked away blushing a bit, which was a reaction I was expecting.

I was unprepared for Meghan’s reaction. “You mean the fact that we’re all gal pals now because you’ve all got vagi-HMPH!” I interrupted Meghan’s speech by stuffing some salad into her face.

“Yes. That.” I bluntly retort. “Look, Meghan, when this all began, you were the sole girl in the group. It’s a little odd to suddenly look down and realize you’re gonna have to sit down on the toilet from now on.”

Megan frowns and leans back in her chair. “I’m sorry. I guess I’m a bit more open to all of these changes. I’m kind of excited to see all the different things that could happen! You think we’ll get fire breath? Oooh! Or maybe rainbow wings? Or even-”

“Meghan!” I yell.

“Sorry!” She raises both her human hand and hoofhand up. “I’ll stop.”

Nathan set his fork down and looked at me. “Penn, darling, we’ve been meaning to talk to you about something. Alex has been looking into our condition and he’s got something very intriguing.”

I look over at Alex with an intrigued look. “Is that so?”

Alex nods. He fiddles his hair with a human hand before placing a fuzzy appendage on the table. “Well, it’s pretty apparent at this point that we’re all becoming equine-like creatures. But I don’t think we’re becoming full-on horses, and I’m not just saying that because we have colorful fur that doesn’t match any known horse breed.”

I raise an eyebrow. “Oh?”

Alex nods. “I decided to do some research in the library, and cross-referenced it with the data about what’s changed about us already. Now, some of this is based on speculation given that we don’t know everything yet, but I’ve concluded that we’re not turning into horses, but ponies.”

Silence filled the air for a few fleeting seconds. I decided to break the silence with a simple, “What.”

“I know, I know. You might be thinking, ‘What’s the difference?’ or ‘That sounds dumb.’ but I have evidence to back it up.” Alex then pulled out the journal we all agreed to write in and saw that there were some sticky notes added. “Think about it. Several of us noted that we seemed a bit shorter and if it wasn’t apparent yesterday, it certainly was today! I measured myself at being about five feet and four inches, but my height when starting this whole thing was six feet one inch.”

Alex proceeded to flip through the book noting that Nathan, Meghan, Juan, and himself noted a height drop. He then produced a photocopied image showing a human and a horse. “Now,” he continued. “While every horse breed is different, most of them end up being overall bigger than a human. If we were turning into horses, we’d probably be getting taller, not shorter!”

“So we’re becoming younger horses? That seems a bit odd.” I furrow my brow.

Alex shakes his head. “No, we’re still fully matured. The way our anatomy is going, it’s lining up with how we’re supposed to be at our current age. I suspect that we’re becoming some kind of equine creature that’s just naturally smaller, either because the environment it grew up in necessitated a smaller size or some other factor made it so that being smaller was more beneficial.”

I chuckle. “You did all of this research for us?”

Alex smiles and puts his hand behind his head. “Well, I guess I just like to help others.”

I nod. “Is that all you found out?”

Alex’s smile fades and he looks a little nervous. “There was...one other theory I have. But it kind of sounds silly.”

I gave him a blank stare and simply raised my hoofhand and motioned towards it.

“...point taken.” Alex sighs in defeat. “Alright, as I was researching, I was able to find theories and explanations for the horse anatomy and the reason we were shrinking, but I was having trouble figuring out the soreness in the head and shoulders...at least when looking at real-life anatomy.”

I pull away from the table and raise my eyebrow.

Alex continued. “Do you know what kind of animals have anatomy that relates to the forehead and the upper part of the torso? Unicorns and Pegasi.”

“Excuse me, WHAT?!” I sputter out. “You’re telling me we’re turning into mythical, fictional animals?! That’s crazy!”

Alex gave me a blank stare and simply raised his hoofhand and motioned towards it, mimicking the same motion I had given to him mear moments before.

“Damnit!” I cursed under my breath, realizing my own point was being used against me. “Okay, alright. So, we might be turning into mythical creatures from days long past. That’s a lot to take in.” I sigh.

“Again, this is speculation and theory.” Alex reiterated. “But given what we know and what we’ve seen, I think this is the most likely scenario.”

I hang my head low. “Great, so we’re slowly becoming something that looks like it jumped right off a Lisa Frank folder. I’m not looking forward to the point when we won’t be able to wear pants.”

Nathan raised his hand. “Actually, that might not be so much of a problem. I’ve asked around with the staff and I’ve been able to acquire some basic sewing supplies that will allow me to modify our attire and allow us to wear them. Not to mention I can make something a bit less dreadful and drab.”

I threw a surprised look at him. “I didn’t know you knew how to sew, Nathan.”

Nathan gives a confident grin. “It is a useful skill and one that I wear proudly.”

I nod. “Well, at least we won’t be going around in our birthday suits around this place.” I lean back and stare at the ceiling. “Hmm, you know, all of this stuff is good, but I feel like we’re just reacting to all the stuff that’s been thrown at us. If we wanna find answers, I think we need to start being a little proactive.” I look back down at the rest of them. “I think we need to do a little reconnaissance.”

Meghan gasps. “You mean like a SPY mission?!” she squeals out.

Nathan rolls his eyes. “Not with that kind of volume, no.”

I lifted up my finger and was about to respond to Meghan but before I could, the PA system piped up.

“Nurse Akai, please come to Room 515, immediately.” The announcer said, putting a massive amount of venom into the last word.

“Uh,” I began. “It sounds like Nurse Akai got in trouble about something. I could feel the anger in that announcement. I’m worried about her guys.”

“Should we launch a Spyyyyyyyyyyyyy mission?” Meghan looked over at me with the biggest grin I had ever seen.

I let out a massive sigh. “Well, I don’t have any other leads right now so yes, let’s do this.”

Meghan pumped her fist and danced in her seat. We were off on a “spy mission” even if that was far from what we were actually doing. We just needed to get some information about something that’s being kept from us and hopefully without other people knowing about it.

Damnit, it IS a spy mission. I cursed in my head.


We were all walking down the hallway toward Room 515. Well, three of us were walking and Meghan was constantly putting her back up against the walls, humming the theme to Metal Gear Solid 2 under her breath. I rolled my eyes but decided to tolerate it since she was actively making an effort to be quiet and stealthy.

Alex smirked. “If we encounter a mile high ladder, I’m out.”

I stifled a laugh at that comment. “Alright, we’re here.” I put my ear close against the door. I could already make out some muffled speaking but nothing concrete. I folded my arms in disappointment. “Well, we can’t hear them from out here and we can’t just barge in either. Anyone got any ideas?”

Alex motioned to the room next to it. “They’re in one of those rooms with the double-sided mirror. We could listen in from there!”

I nod and look over at the door. I look down underneath the bottom of the door. Fortunately, there wasn’t anyone inside. I move to open the door but I see that it’s locked with a keycard. I try to swipe my own keycard but it flashes a bright red LED at me saying that it wasn’t gonna budge. “Figures it couldn’t be that easy. My keycard doesn’t have clearance for this door.”

Meghan whispered behind me, causing me to lurch forward in surprise a bit. “Colonel, I got the Level 3 keycard from Vulcan Raven.” She grunts out in her best Solid Snake impression while holding out an actual Doctor’s Keycard.

“What the? Where did you get this?” I inquire.

“Got it from Doctor Eckert!” Meghan replied in her normal sounding voice.

“Did you steal it?” I glare at her.

“Yes! I also happen to know that you’re probably still going to use it even if you berate me into telling me that stealing is wrong!”

I stare back at her with a dumbfounded expression for the...fourth time this week? I simply shake my head and use the keycard, realizing that trying to talk some sense into Meghan would be a fruitless effort. I open the door and see that the observation room was empty as I had thought. I motion for everyone to come in and quickly close the door.

I looked over through the two-way mirror to see both Nurse Akai and Franklin at the same table I was at only yesterday, but Doctor Eckert was also there standing in the corner. We had dropped in on them mid-conversation but it was clear that Franklin was upset about something.

“Even if it was for a good reason, you still misappropriated resources, Akai! You used it without bringing it up with me or any of the other higher-ups!” Franklin growled. “We don’t need to be dealing with MORE situations than we already have!”

“I did it because I knew that if I simply asked to do it, you’d say no.” Nurse Akai counterattacked. “Given your current reaction, I’d say my hypothesis was dead on. I figured it was better to ask for forgiveness than permission.”

Franklin let out a pained sigh. “This is not some toy we’re dealing with. We’re using something that’s fundamentally different than any other vaccine on Earth. I’ve poured time, money, sweat and tears into this and I can’t have you doing something like that on a whim!”

The room grows silent as Nurse Akai turns her head away and seems to mutter something under her breath. I leaned in closer trying to make out what she was saying, only getting the word “help” from it.

Franklin pinches the ridge of his nose. “Look, I’m not saying your idea doesn’t have any merit. You have a medical background and you could have insight into things that some patients may not. However, Project Alicorn is something that I’ve devoted years of my life into. This entire operation wouldn’t have happened without the efforts and capital I’ve put forth. Now with this snag of people changing, I feel like all that effort is going down the drain.”

Franklin sighs and stands up and looks at the wall, away from the mirror. “You know what happened when I first told the Governor about what I had uncovered?”

Nurse Akai shook her head.

“He said I should stop smoking weed while watching sci-fi movies. I held my tongue at that and continued my efforts. I got research, got hard data, got real tangible results, and tests from this thing. I had all the evidence to back my theories up and when the pandemic hit, all the stars aligned and all the pieces fell into place and he gave me the go-ahead. I felt like my efforts were validated.”

Franklin fell silent. “But I FUCKED UP!” He screamed, slamming his fist against the table, causing everyone, including the four of us, to reel back in surprise. “Apparently, I don’t know enough about what this thing is, people are changing, and now the Secretary of Public Health knows about it and will most likely be going over to the Governor again telling him ‘Franklin Merchant is turning American citizens into horses!’ and everything is going to go sideways. I’m screwed, the project is screwed and unless I can figure out how this transformation is happening, those patients are screwed too.”

Franklin calmly takes his seat and clasps his hands together. “That’s why I’m being so hard on you for going out of line. It’s not because I hate your idea, but because I really REALLY don’t want to be dealing with unforeseen factors. Are we clear?”

Nurse Akai nods.

Franklin leans back and sighs. “Alright, you can continue your duties, and you’ll report your findings, but please do NOT take any outside actions without my approval again, alright?”

Nurse Akai nods again. “Yes, I’ll do that. I’m sorry for acting out of line.”

Franklin shakes his head. “It’s not the worst idea I’ve heard. In fact, I might be able to make this work. Again, let’s not act on ideas without discussion first. Anyway, we’re done here. You can return to your duties. Let me know if anything comes up.” Franklin says as he gets up to leave.

She nods and turns to leave as well. As she does, I look at her closely and gasp. She had a green eye and a pale blue eye.

“What did you see, Penn?” Nathan asked.

“I think Nurse Akai...injected herself with the same vaccine we got on purpose. She had heterochromia just like we do.”

Everyone collectively gasped at that.

“No way,” Alex uttered in disbelief. “She did it on purpose? Why would she do that?”

I look down at the ground. “I think I might know why. I remembered yesterday that she said she understood what I was going through. I said that she didn’t understand and that I really wish someone did. She then replied by saying ‘I’ll try and find a way to empathize with you and the others’ and I think I finally found out what she meant by that.”

Meghan gasped. “She injected herself so she could help us? Wow, that’s amazing!”

I nodded. It was crazy that she would go that far for us but she clearly wasn’t kidding when she said she’d find a way to empathize with us. “Still, what was all that about a ‘Project Alicorn’?”

Alex tapped his hoofhand against his chin. “Well, I know ‘Alicorn’ refers to the term for a unicorn’s horn. It seems fitting given our current situation.”

I nod. “It also means there’s probably some connection to why we’re changing into these Equine creatures. Do you two have any thoughts?”

“I know you’re there,” Meghan said in a stilted tone as if she was reading it off a piece of paper.

“What?” I reply confused.

“Oh sorry, I was just reading what Doctor Eckert wrote on the piece of paper he’s placed against the mirror.”

My eyes go wide as I whip my head around to see Doctor Matt staring in our general direction with a piece of paper placed against the wall with the words ‘I know you’re there’ written on it.

All four of us screamed in surprise.


The five of us stood outside in the hallway, Doctor Matt tapping his foot on the ground, like a father who just learned his kid broke the window with a stray baseball. I kicked the ground, refusing to look at him in the eyes out of embarrassment. The rest of us had similar looks of shame upon our faces. Meghan even offered up the keycard she swiped almost immediately after we had been found out, not wanting to anger him any further.

“So,” Doctor Matt began in a low tone. “You mind telling me what you all were up to?”

Meghan immediately shot her head up. “I confess! It was me! I wanted to go on a sneaking mission! Please don’t hurt my frieeeeeeeends!” Meghan begged in an overly melodramatic fashion.

I sigh and turn to look at Doctor Matt. “Doc, it was me. We were tired of being kept in the dark about things and we also were worried about Nurse Akai when we heard the announcement. I accept full responsibility for what we did. Everypony here knows what we did was wrong but it was my idea to come here.”

Doctor Matt raised an eyebrow, “Everypony?”

I bit my tongue. “Everyone. Look, I’m sorry. We just don’t like to be kept in the dark about this and we wanna know what’s happening.”

Doctor Matt sighs. “Penn, the problem is that we’re not entirely sure what’s happening. I know you might think I’m full of it, that I’m hiding some kind of government conspiracy and you probably distrust me. That doesn’t change the fact that we’re in the dark about some things as well. You’re just going to have to trust me.”

“You want me to trust you? Alright. Tell me at least one thing about Project Alicorn that wasn’t mentioned in that conversation.” I reply.

Doctor Matt falls silently, taking a long breath in and out. “You’ll be happy to know that we don’t have a live unicorn down there. I still can’t really tell you much about it. Besides, Franklin is someone who’s much more qualified to talk to you about something like that.

I scoffed. “Yeah, like he’d talk to us.”

“He does want to talk.” Doctor Matt bluntly replies. “Given he gave me a letter that he wanted me to give to you concerning you specifically, Penn.”

“Seriously?” I ask.

“Yup.” Doctor Matt pulls out a piece of paper and offers it up to me. I grab it and open it. It looked pretty official looking with proper letterhead, logos, and a digitally placed signature at the bottom. I decided to read it aloud so that my friends could know what was in it too.

“Penn, I realize that you’re frustrated with the lack of information you’ve been provided and you want to know more. Given the sensitivity of the project, I cannot divulge the contents of what I’m working on in this letter. However, I am offering you the opportunity to know more if you so choose. The current situation with the patients who are transforming is something that was unexpected for us and my researchers and I need to examine what is happening so we can learn from this. If you wish, I am offering you the opportunity to volunteer for extra testing. This would let you work directly with some of our researchers and you’d be able to find out what we’re learning the moment we do. Out of all the patients, I believe you are the person we can learn the most from. Many of those nagging questions can be answered if you do this. Please consider my offer and let Doctor Matthew Eckert know if you choose to accept. Thank you for reading, Franklin D. Merchant.”

Doctor Matt looks at me with anticipation. “So, you think you wanna try it?”

I frown. “It all seems pretty convenient.”

Alex places his hoofhand on my shoulder. “I say do it. You’re the one who said we need to be proactive, right? You can’t do that if you don’t jump at opportunities.”

Nathan nodded. “I agree with Alex. I understand the trepidation in pursuing this course of action, but we’re in a bit of bind here. There’s not a whole lot we can do at this moment in time. However, it is ultimately your decision.”

I furrowed my brow. Franklin seemed like the kind of guy who was out to protect his bottom line if that speech was any indicator. Still, I could tell he wasn’t completely without empathy, and the fact that he was offering me something at all meant that he knew I wanted answers. While it’s pretty obvious that he’s keeping facts from me, he hasn’t outright lied to me so far either. I turned to Doctor Matt.

“Alright, tell Franklin I’ll agree to do his extra testing.”

Doctor Matt nods. “Alright. I’ll make sure to tell him that. You’ll most likely start this testing tomorrow. We’ll let you know about all the details.” He turns to walk away but pauses and turns back towards me. “Oh and Penn...thanks for trusting me, even if you have no reason to.” He turns back around and walks away, leaving the four of us alone.

“Welp!” Meghan says as she clasps her hands together. “That was a lot to take in. I personally vote we unwind in the Magic Meeting Room because that was a doozy!”

Nathan nodded. “Agreed. Penn, you must be exhausted with all the favoritism you seem to be getting from Franklin.”

I tapped a finger on my chin. Yeah, that was weird how I was being singled out. Maybe there was something special about my transformation that set me apart from the others. Either way, I was on my way to getting some answers...even if I had to go along with Franklin’s tests in order to get the answers I wanted.

I wondered what kind of tests I’d have to do. Would I be jumping through obstacle courses or writing massive essays? Would I be treated like a human being or strapped up like some animal like I was in my dream? Is this going to help set my mind at ease or would learning the truth make me worry more?

Those were all things I would have to find out...tomorrow.

Author's Note:

And there's another chapter completed folks! Once again I'd like to thank Courage Fire for her help in editing this chapter. My commas and hyphens would be all over the place without you.