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Me and my friends were always fans of My Little Pony even after it ended years ago. I never thought that one day, I would discover that the show was real in a strange way.

(One of the many sidefics for Five Score Divided By Four by TwistedSpectrum. It's not required to read the main story to enjoy this one, but there will be references to the events of the story.)

(This story takes into account the 2019 update of the original Five Score story, as this wouldn't exist without it.)

(Updates whenever possible)

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Oooh! A new 5/score story! Congrats on publishing!

yeah - same reaction here. ive been meaning to re-read five score. i was following it back when it was still being written.

Oooh... Been a long time since I saw a Five Score fic :moustache:

The prologue is redundant, since all the characters are introduced in the first chapter anyway.

Also, in the Five Score lore, there were only five seasons. I’m not complaining because:

  • I appreciate you including characters from later seasons, especially because I like the Student Six, and
  • The original was written in 2013, so presumably the remainder of the show was different to what we got in reality

...I just like consistency.


I guess this story is following the updated Five Score lore, which does include the nine seasons now – the original Five Score story was updated and re-edited last year for the print version.

A new Five Score story, and with an interesting cast of characters – I'm curious to see where this is going!

I thought the rhythm was pretty fast in this first chapter, we didn't have much time to get to know who the characters are and how they interact before their lives change drastically. Still, it was quite enough to get a firm idea of their personality types, and the Prologue had already laid some of the groundwork, so it works out pretty well!

Five Score! Divided by Four!

Your memories removed, your body confused!

For your insolence you must pay,

Cast off to a land far far away!

To scatter the six, just the start of my tricks!

Your mind shall be weak, your outlooks all bleak!

Forget everything and live like a fool,

You have lost, now long live Discord's rule!

Yeah, my main character met a... Somewhat different fate.

Discord had just sent my friends away.
"No! My friends!" i cried out.
"Don't worry." the draconequus said. "you'll be with them soon. I have something special planned for you."

So saying, he intoned,

"For five score, divided by four
To see your homeland nevermore.
Your memories removed, your body confused
For your insolence you shall pay,
Cast off to a new land, far away
Though power you'll have, 'twill come at cost.
Should you live long enough, the familiar lost!
Ever growing the range, ever quickening change
Within few years more, the magic and chaos shall soar!
So i send you off! let's not be a bore! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!"

I thought there was a site-wide ban on any more stories in this continuity? One the original wears as a badge of honor?

The next what be Gallus and the others

I am gonna continue the story. I’ve just had a lot of stuff to do that has prevented me from working.

My favorite part of the transformation is coming! It's going to be interesting to see how Sam/Smolder deals with her tail. Those things are a bit thicker than pony tails.

Smolder is an interesting choice for a main character. Her indifferent reaction to her pointier ears seemed odd to me at first but maybe it is in her nature to just go with the flow? Her reaction to the changes later was great! That got a smile out of me. I hope to see more.

There's still a lot of characters I don't have a feel for who they are yet but I know it won't be the last time we see them. : )

I didn't know about that either. Where can I find that change?

Hurray, new story, Can't wait to see next part!

One of the only episodes I remember is that one episode where a bunch of dragons raced to become the new dragon lord. It makes sense why I would remember that episode considering dragons just happen to be one of my favorite fictional creatures. My friends know that as every birthday I would get at least something dragon related.

Lemme guess: Sam is Ember?

Enjoying this so far! I look forward to seeing where this goes :)

“Congrats Jenna, to our knowledge your the first ever being on Earth to cast magic.”

You mean 'you're', as in 'you are'; not 'your' as in 'it's yours' or 'your horn', as in it belonging to you.

Believe me, it took me a long time to not use the wrong one and to get it right instinctively.

Sorry it took me so long to get around to reading this.


Yeah... I know how that goes too. :twilightblush:

I'm curious what kind of adventure they're going to end up going on! Probably going to track down these twitter ponies? Safety in numbers and incidentally getting the group back together!

Looking forward to Smolder going through more dragon changes!

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