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The League of Sweetie Belles was founded by a handful of Sweeties who decided they liked hanging out with each other. What started as a simple club for like-minded white unicorn mares turned into a complex organization with a lot of responsibility. One particular team of Sweetie Belle explorers have taken it upon themselves to explore the multiverse, delving into the lands of ponyfics and beyond.

(If you're not reading from the beginning and just want to look into one chapter relating to a particular story, the SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIAL: The Sweetie Personnel Files blog is your friend. Refer to it whenever you feel you lack context. But don't read the entire thing; use it to look up names.)

(Part of the Songs of the Spheres continuity, but you don't have to read that to understand this. This fic can never never be complete due to its episodic and open nature, and it may never update again—but who knows? As with all SotS stories, there's a Discord server)

Warnings are there since certain fics will require them when they are included. You won't get sex, death, or gore everywhere. You are likely to get violence and some profanity in many chapters.

-GM, master of Chronicles.

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Came 'cause it was linked from Oversat.

And lol at the split adventure, and stuff!


baloon > balloon

Oh! A bunch of Sweetie Belles from across the multiverse hanging out, with references to other fanfics? This sounds like fun! :pinkiehappy:

*Reads tags*

>Violence, Death.

Uhhhmmm. :rainbowderp:

Girls! Girls! Rainbow Dash got me into a TSC’!

I can't believe it took me this long to see what you did there.

Any one in particular you want to suggest?

-GM, master of spices.

It currently sat in the middle of Earth Shimmer’s United Nations, surrounded on all sides by faceless bureaucrats trying their best to look calm and collected when they really couldn’t wait five seconds to see what was inside.

A few of those bureaucrats were dolphins and one was a very officious emu, but bureaucracy transcends species.

"Don’t try to read it all this time,” Sunset added. “Seriously, there’s too much in there, have the A.I. do it.”

"Gillion's been self-aware for over a decade, guys. I think we can trust that it won't try to take over the world at this point."

Sunset opened her mouth to respond, but halfway through her first breath she realized he had a point.

"Remember, Sunset," she thought to herself, "we want to avoid crowning ourselves God-Empress of Mankind. That never ends well."

It was a joy to help out with this one. Thanks for making my neck of the woods the first stop on the tour. I look forward to seeing where the Sweeties go next.

It's inspired by the Sweetie Chronicles. Are you really surprised that the early shenanigans are going to lead to mayhem and torment?

The Sparkle Census? That's the vibe I get ;3

I guess in a way they're like the census, though a lot less "CATALOG EVERYTHING" and more "ENDLESS VARIETY OF UNICORNS AND ADVENTURE!"

-GM, master of the not nep.

Hmm... Other pony fic worlds... Hmmm...

Stardust/Mente Materia is my first suggestion, followed by of course FO:E, but both of those are already tied to Sweetie Chronicles. Not sure if that'd be a problem. Dunno. Just throwing out some ideas.

You really like overzealous bombers in young multiversal worlds, don't you? I can think of at least two instances in early Songs.

Spent a lot of this chapter trying to get a read on the not-Cinder Sweeties. Blink's sneaky skillset is fascinating when paired with her sort of showy personality. It's a contradiction on paper, but given how effective her use of Void is she can get away with it. You know, compared to some rogues that get with it in spite of being mundane.

Cinder... I keep getting the feeling she's off. Not quite insane, but compared to the cartoonish aspects of the others her crazy is more traditional. Pyromaniac is most likely, but that'd be too simple. It can't be just that. I say this all because of that chat at the start with Sweetaloo and how okay she is with her situation. Her situation being that she appears to be standard except for her eyes and the fire thing. You don't call attention to that without something being up.

Squiddie... So far she seems a few woomies short of a booyah, if you feel me. Arrogant and prideful, not quite in a fun way. It's early in the story so I can't make a fair judgement yet.

The rest I still don't have much on. Suzie, Celia, and Seren to an extent all featured here but I personally don't feel like I've gotten a lasting impression from them yet. Suzie has a temper, but other than that I'll need to see them more.

If I ever do a chapter with The Sweetie Chronicles - which part of me kind of doubts I will (even though it is amazing) - it'd be a very late-game chapter.

-GM, master of limes.

Suzie took them and handed one to Cinder, one to Renee. “They should be keyed to each other. So long as we are within service – which should be most of the time – you will be able to talk to each other.”

Rarity, not Renee

You think I'd know better at this point...

Thanks. Fixed.

-GM, master of TF.

Merodi Universalis had a habit of making things that had no right to look fantastical and otherworldly just that. All they neededto load onto Swip was a simple storage crate filled with everything Earth Shimmer needed. Instead, the bored and clever government designers created a chest studded with numerous precious gems, rimmed with gold, and engraved with a couple magical reliefs of an animating Merodi symbol.

I would love to see a picture of this.

I'm only a short way in but I'm already in loooove with this :heart:

Wanderer D

9434993 The only regret I would have is that I couldn't make it TSC official. Otherwise, it'd be neat to see what shenanigans she'd get into.

Well in that case I'll at least add it to the master-list of 'accepted fics' with a note saying 'probably not for a very long time, and virtually guaranteed to be non-TSC canon'.

Normally I would be tempted to say "well, we could just say Sweetie gets lost again after the adventure is over," but I already DID that in Songs of the Spheres with the Reach of the Sparkle Census chapter. The LSB are actively looking for 'the Sweetie' and the moment they find anything, they'd try to solve her situation with every tool at their disposal. Which, naturally, wouldn't work for wherever your story is going.

More likely than anything, I'd wait until TSC is DONE before I consider dipping into it, if for no other reason than to tell the best possible story. Canon or not, that's probably best regardless. Lucky me I have no plans of ending this story anytime soon.

That said, if you DO ever get any LSB/TSC ideas in that head of yours, PM me. It would be the most epic thing. Ever.

-GM, master of Sweets.

ya know id love the author to do a crossover chapter with pandemic

That fic's already been suggested. That said, I considered your vote and moved it up the priority.

For future reference please submit fic suggestions here, it's easier to keep track of:


-GM, master of links.

I love undead robot bug crusaders it's one of my favorite cutie Mark crusaders stories can't wait to see what happens

Ah, Inklings. Basically squid-piloted ink golems with a thin, water-soluble outer film of vaguely human guise. Contents under pressure. Use caution near sharp objects.

“Gone and created immortal robot bodies. Already put herself in one.”

Cutie Mark Crusader Singularitarians! Yay!

With barely suppressed fear: Angry elephantine Elcor are surprisingly terrifying.

That didn't go smoothly by any stretch of the imagination, but it certainly turned out well in the end. Okay, not really "the end," given all the impending cultural turmoil, but it's still looking a lot less like war.

URBC? Nice. A shame Sweetie Bot isn't part of the crew.
... Hang on. Let me throw up a spoiler for the next story: That Sweetie has time travel to the future as an integral part of her backstory. How the heck is this going to impact that? Oh, this will be very interesting indeed.

Commander Shepard puts an end to the Quarian-Geth conflict by shouting at them until they stop shooting. Best part of ME3, because it made all the decisions in ME2 worth it.

Oh, yeah, this chapter was cool too.

Woo Hoo!! That was a very nice chapter with an advanced Mexican Standoff at the end.
I'm excited to see where the next chapter will take us. Undead Bug Robot Crusaders is a favorite of mine. I wonder how the LOS will interact with the story. It probably won't be canon to UBRC due to it having a set future, so that just leaves the question of when in the story it will happen.

Once again, TIME ruins everything. Super fun story to portray, I'm glad the message of "being you is all that matters" managed to translate here as well as in the source. Fantastic work, GM.

This was an awesome chapter and was definitely worth the wait. Although I would've thought that the Merodi could've helped with that future a little.

“There was something… off about the feel of her love. Something I can’t quite put my hoof on…”

Are they talking about Cinder?

Happy to help, and delighted that my fic was added to this adventure. I might even make this canon in URBC's sequel. Maybe.

Anyway, Good luck moving forward GMBlackjack. I'll definitely be keeping track of this fine band of marshmallow explorers.

Yes, sorry, I seem to have ended up playing the pronoun game in edits. Made it clearer this time.

-GM, master of nines.

That was wild! And it was handled so well too. The future is stable, the CMC had fun, Cinder is special, and we learned more about our Sweeties.
I'm excited for the next one!

Heh. Yeah, Sweetie Belles aren't exactly the best combat tutors in the multiverse. Also, Sweetaloo being the average rather than the sum of her parts is certainly an interesting take on the "fused alicorn" concept.

“Speaking in robot now, are we?” Squiddy ribbed.

Ah, sweet irony. No pun intended.

“I’m a ghost!” Blink said with a chuckle, returning her sunglasses to her face. “Should be self-explanatory.”

I shouldn't be that surprised. A Skaian aspect would imply Homestuck logic at work, up to and including the dreaming dead. But I still didn't see this coming. Also interesting to learn that only a few universes (or at least pony universes) are undead-compatible.

Sweeetie nodded. “I don’t know what’s happening and I don’t care anymore!”

Probably the best state of mind for an introduction to the multiverse.

This requires significantly more mutations to be truly ‘fun’.

It's a good rule of pseudopod: mutations make just about everything more fun (e.g. the Simic Combine.)

Can confirm the Mash tendency. Skuldie's been shamelessly engaging in husband husbandry to craft hers into the best-case scenario. For the record, he's aware of this and more than okay with it... but then, he's okay with more about her precognition than he probably should be.

I have to agree with Squiddy. Railgun is an amazing name for a child.

Every group needs a foundation. It's one of the reasons why Applejacks are so important.

Heh. Probably the closest they'll ever come to legally forcing Murphy to acknowledge his aura of misfortune.

Splitting the timelines would erase a duplicate.

And Evening Sparkle felt the strangest sense of awkwardness...

“But it was fun,” Apple Bloom admitted. “And pretty crazy. Ah mean, do Ah dream into other universes or somethin’?”

Can a Prophet be undead?

Well. There's a curious stinger...

Another great excursion, and an excellent place for that lesson for Cinder. Looking forward to more... though I will need to read the next story first.

Hmm. You know, I could start doing my whole CinemaSins thing on every mention of the League of Sweetie Belles... but that'd just take up valuable comment space that could be used saying actually insightful things, so I'm not gonna.

Of course, now I need to fill this comment with actually insightful stuff or I'll be a hypocrite. Darn. This... was a nice... chapter? I especially liked... um... the alternate dimension and the Murphys. Especially the Murphys, now that I think about it. I wonder how cataclysmic it would be if there were a multiversal group of them...

If they're as stupid as these 2 were, it might be bad enough a God of Destruction from either Universe 7 Lord Beerus or 13 Sunset Shimmer has to be called in to settle things permanently to prevent a multiversal collapse. Full on AOE Hakai.

The CMC let out audible groans as the Changeling made himself known. Scootaloo in particular gave him a rather nasty glare. “Everyone, say hello to Twitch, my brother.”

I see what you did there

Cinder glanced at the old man in question. He looked right at her with crazed eyes. Magical wings sprouted out of his back, his grin widening. “I see you…”

... Hi Discord

“I’m hurt,” a man said, walking into the room. He had wild eyes and an aura of unpredictability about him. “That’s practically the one kind of naughtiness we’re not indulging in.” He gestured at himself. “I’m Discord, professional embodiment of chaos and mad scientist, in case you were wondering. Charmed!”

I stand corrected

The CMC let out audible groans as the Changeling made himself known. Scootaloo in particular gave him a rather nasty glare. “Everyone, say hello to Twitch, my brother.”

Oh no... Twitch...

darn, suggesting a horribly incomplete fic probably wouldn't work.

It'd work just fine so long as I like it, so go submit it on the LSB page anyway.

-GM, master of anyway.

It's like a page of Sweet Bro And Hella Jeff (if it were ever put into words), all I can say is 'WHAT THE FLYING FUCK' while I continue to laugh my ass off. :rainbowlaugh: :facehoof:

“We’ll figure out somethin’ when we get to them,” Apple Bloom said, standing tall. “Girls, let’s give her the Triple Finish!”

Wait, I thought these were the Rayearth Crusaders, not a Pokémon team. Scootaloo isn't even a Grass type!

“I do. It’s called Detention Headbutt. First, I yell it out, run at the enemy…” She held up her hoof. “Then I punch them really hard.”

"Elegant in its simplicity. I like it."

Hilarious stuff thus far. Definitely looking forward to more. Let's just hope no one takes Suzie's declaration of multiversal conquest out of context.

(Also, it does make sense that she'd love cutting loose in anime worlds. Given her husband, she's probably been exposed to a lot of JRPGs, to say nothing of Earth Stand.)

This is what happens when someone spikes your breakfast cereal and you try to write a fanfiction

Cheerilee chuckled. “Oh my, no. If I couldn’t stand to see my students suffer, then I wouldn’t give them pop quizzes on Monday mornings.”

the horror!

Diamond Tiara laughed maniacally. “Don’t you see? That’s why I’m better than you! You see ponies, relationships! I only see the power!


Oh this is good... Do you mind if I use it in my Diamond Tiara centric story...?

I don't mind, it's a fanfic, we write fanfics, you really shouldn't need permission. I do encourage you to come up with a more original line though, just because the more unique it is the better it tends to be.

-GM, master of niceness.

I'm... gonna go and... sit in a corner and contemplate everything that just happened. Possibly while sobbing and trying to think happy thoughts.

(*happy sigh*) I love parodies of Shounen anime styles and tropes. This is gonna be a fun bunch of chapters.

... Still no forgiveness for that bonus chapter that should not exist.

I'm amused by how much that messed everybody up. XD

Like, it was self-consistent, the words were spelt correctly, the sentences followed basic structure. The main character wasn't an all-powerful god surrounded by personality-less cannon-fodder. This was like, insanity level 3 on a scale of 8.

........ While it's true to source material, all I can say is a rather bland/stupified/deadpan "what".

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