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Shady Steps


Equestria, the stellar empire long joined together with the Covenant has commissioned an inquisition into the crusade against Humanity, such a monumental task falls into the hooves of the diligent Twilight Sparkle. Granted the title of Inquisitor can the Unicorn bring herself to admit the terrible truth should she find it?
but more pressingly can she survive the deadly battle of Installation 04?

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Interesting you have my attention with this story. I like the level of detail you are putting in to this and how you portray Twilight. Keep up the good work I am very much looking forward to seeing where you go with this.

is respect not a Sangheili himself?

Thank you! I am looking forward to continuing.

No Respect is a San'Shyuum or a "Prophet", he was the Prophet of Respect when Equestria and the Covenant signed a peace accord.

An interesting take on a Halo crossover having Equestria aligned with the Covenant, and I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

I’ve noticed a few spelling mistakes over the chapters.

sections of the Human ship where crumbling


They seem to be a simple mistake of using the wrong word, but other than that it's pretty good.

Thanks, I made some edits, English is hard sometimes :)

This is a great concept. I can't wait for more!

coating the limp womens body

Coating the limp woman’s body.

Take them to the brig, three meals and a four hundred meater walk once a day.


Chief you better be ready cause this isn't going to be easy.

I like where this story is going. I also really enjoy the attention to numbers you have for the entire theater of war.
There are many questions I have in regards to this universe, but I will wait and see if they are eventually answered.
I am just waiting for Twilights reaction to learning that the Humans are the Reclaimers and that the Covenant (and Equestria by neglect) have been killing their objects of worship.
More importantly I want to know how the disaster to come will affect Equestria and what direction they will go into, once they learn of the lies and abuses of the High Prophets, Truth in particular.

I'm pretty sure the Equestrians will side with the Elites and the UNSC when they realize the truth of Halo. Fight alongside the Arbiter and Master Chief against the Flood.

Thanks, I am enjoying writing this one a lot!
I do try to catch mistakes like this but no matter how many times I read back though I seem to miss them, thank you.
We all know that when it comes to the Chief, things line up just right, its simply a case of the lovable cyborg having the strength to act when the chips are down.
Thank you, attention to numbers comes naturally to me, this started with me trying to work out what forces where actually present on halo because a good friend of mine claimed that there were hundreds of thousands of Covenant and that did not sound right at all, I essentially had all the spreadsheets filled out before I started planning this!

I am happy to respond to any general questions that wont spoil things, I have a good grasp of the history and politics and the events that are going on, of course this story is about Twilight Sparkle, it will follow her with only a few short deviations so some parts of the universe wont be elaborated upon and will just be mentioned in passing.

Working out who Twilight was turned out to be harder then expected and while I think I have her nailed down mostly I am still working on it, for sure if she does confront the truth it will be hard for her.

As for Equestria? Well I am sure they would like to think of themselves as innocent of any wrongdoing.

We will have to wait and see, the Equestrian council and the Princesses have been critical of the Covenant Military for quite some time.

Will Twilight defect to the human’s side like Thel ‘Vadamee? Because I really hope she does.

Ok. When's the next chapter just asking.

Me too. I wonder if Chief and Cortona will appear in this story. Since this story is in Halo 1.

This is still interesting, keep up the good work. Looking forward to the next chapter :)

I will be blunt here. You could really use an editor, but your premise is so good that i will read the entire story anyway.

The moment I find one willing to put up with me he will get the job :)

Me too honestly


Who knows what the future will bring! :D

They will show up in the story.

All i have to said is good job i love this story

I love the unique twist of this MLP/HALO crossover, very original. I look foreword to the epic adventure to come.

Thank you, this story has been a lot of fun so far so I am actually looking forward to it too!

Will be very interesting to see what happens next. Twilight is well written as normal.

OOOOh, you knew about, Mari. not many do. but I dont rember aniting about Dr. Haysly being there.

Thank you for your comment :D
The battle of Reach happened differently in this universe, Equestria banned the use of ship based weapons being used as area denial tools after the Unggoy rebellion and subsequent quelling. This means that glassing a planet is illegal. Given that an Inquisitor was actually present breaking this law would have caused a major crisis within the Covenant.
Of course without the ability to glass the planet Covenant ground forces faced much stiffer resistance and could not fully contest vital ground systems meaning that several MAC cannons where active even after the Pillar of autumn left the battle.

This story is quite pleasing greatly looking forward to the next chapters.

Actually, it’s Linda-058. Chief escaped the Autumn already, while Linda was in a cyropod, nearly dead.

So Chief and Cortona are already on Halo and Twilight doesn't know there was another Spartan onboard the Autumn that managed to escape.

As far as Twilight is aware all the Demons present on the Human ship escaped to halo.

Including Master Chief. Boy she'll be in for a major surprise of the green Spartan's skill.

I’ve honestly never thought of this idea before. Another crossover species being part of the covenant. Actually that’s a lie a while back a wrote up a big design and long term plan for a fusion of destiny and Halo where the fallen were inducted into the covenant.

I would really love the idea of equestrian units being armed with Fallout Equestria style power armor and energy weapons. Just something unique for them.

I like how you gave kig-yar privateers there own ship commands. I really hope your familiar with the expanded lore. Also griffons are really frickin big holy shit.

Trotting carefully into the treeline, doing her best to make as little sound as possible, Twilight looked into the shadowy interior of the craft, her hoof touching the Human made metal. It was slick, warm, wet, wrong and as her eyes adjusted she saw the prone figure, a Sangheili, slumped in the middle of the craft, blood coated the wall on one side and a great deal of his face had been blasted away, his lifeblood left to drip out from the craft onto halo.

Lol is that who I think it is. That’s fucking hilarious.

I love the sheer amount of detail your putting into it. Is twilight carrying one of the special models of plasma pistol like from the req’s or some other pattern.

I don’t know why , but just can’t help it. Is that woman doctor Halsey?

Twilight is drastically underestimating doctor Halsey. She’s the smartest woman likely human in human history she’s made a grave mistake letting her make that computer.

>Equestrian units being armed with Fallout Equestria style power armour and energy weapons.
All Equestrian armed forces have masterwork equipment often made for that person, they do not use mass produced gear and often don't use small arms at all, Griffons are a special case.

Twilight is a civilian and had to pay for her own weapon, obviously an Equestrian Weapon or armoursmith is out of her price range so she uses equipment and weapons on the open market, often older Sangheili equipment.

>Griffons are very big
for you
Now think about how big the rifles they carry are.

>Hope you are familiar with the lore
I like to think so but if you spot something odd please let me know :)

>Twilight is making a mistake underestimating Halsey

What kinds of unique equipment are their? Some examples please it sounds interesting.

Well it depends on the person, the Equestrian Armed Forces are tiny as the Equestrian Stellar Empire relies heavily upon its Covenant membership for defence and spends most of its budget on infrastructure and social services for Equestrians. There are over one hundred billion Equestrians on Equis and her colonies and the collective Equestrian armed forces number about 40 thousand, this includes all Griffon Knights or Honour Guard, Pegasus Lancers, Unicorn Sorcerers and various other militant orders.

A Unicorn Sorcerer Might commission a Royal Weaponsmith to make an enchanted sword or a custom plasma rifle and a Lancer might commission an armoured flight suit to survive in space, if you are good enough to actually be classed as a member of the Equestrian Armed Forces you can use whatever equipment you want.

Honestly if I was to put twilight up against a Spartan in a fight no holds barred. I would give it to twilight every damn time she’s just plain scary when she’s determined to fight. Physically a simple unicorn or any pony for that matter even foals would be strong enough physically to match Spartans. Of course physical strength and durability by itself doesn’t make you a fighter. Without the right training and mindset that’s just not worth much.

If she were to fight a Spartan like Linda now I think she would lose purely because of her fear and inexperience in confronting deadly danger. Though I think that by the end of this book that almost certainly won’t be a problem anymore.

Also I noticed how keys noticed that twilight is different than the others.

Thank you!
Me too :pinkiehappy:
In this story a Spartan II out of armour is physically stronger then all of the Pony tribes and in armour only Dragons or Griffons can overpower them.

I'm a little shocked and upset that halsey seems to be betraying humanity. But then I remember that pretty much any information given will be pointless since the covenant will discover earth on a matter of months anyway. So to save her daughter halsey will being giving information that wont really matter, smart.

When next AWESOME chapter!!? :pinkiehappy:

Halsey considers her work on the Spartans to be more important for Humanity then ANY planet even Earth. But you are correct, the Covenant finding Earth is only a matter of time and Halsey knows that.

I doubt Miranda is actually on the ship she’s probably talking about Linda. Halsey also just sent out a distress signal telling the other survivors where she, the command staff, and all of the cryogenic pods are for rescue.

When's the next chapter?

Hmm... I wonder how this will change things from the game...
Another interesting chapter. It is good to see more of Twilight interacting with humans.

That is true.
And for some reason I never got a notice you replied to my comment. :rainbowhuh: weird.

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