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Portal to Equestria CYOA · 9:19pm May 24th, 2021

I'm quite fond of the character/scenario builders posted to r/makeyourchoice (among other places). Most of them are just the static image kind - there's an old one for MLP, but fairly simple and lacking content from the later seasons.

As such I've made an interactive, up-to-date version : Portal to Equestria

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Hey StarGlider your portal to equestria cyoa is broken it seem like the website you made for it has expired. Most people tend to leave their interactive cyoas on a site called neocities.

Did you get my PM?

The cover art is a crop of the illustration for Chapter 33, by KlaraPL
Full details of the artwork for Expedition to the Cloudbreak Islands (13 illustrations so far, maps, diagrams, concept sketches, character references) can be found in this FiMfiction forum thread (scroll to the bottom for the latest stuff).

I really like the art on your story
Expedition to the cloudbreaker islands
Did you create it?

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