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Investigative wordsmith leaving no idea unexplored and no shoe unsniffed.

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You can find all of my stories in-progess, including a bunch of ones not published here, on my website. I have a "real" blog there, too.
If that doesn't work, I leave my home computer running all the time. I write my stories there, then upload them to my "critter" server automatically. Then I... kind of think about going about manually uploading them to fimfiction using fimfiction's particular format, and... then go write more instead and never upload here. Sorry.

You can email me directly fimferret2, at critter.duckdns.org if you want.
My PGP key is rsa2048/7427625CBD42FE2E (0204 264A A8AB 68E3 876D 67DA 7427 625C BD42 FE2E) or here.
I also am available on Tox, usually, at

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I hope you're doing alright.

Ah, I'm sorry things have been going so badly for you. Good luck, indeed, though I'm afraid I'm not sure at the moment just how your external circumstances, at least, might significantly improve for you, from the sound of it. Still, perhaps there's something...

"though duckdns.org decided to stop allowing anyone to sign in without an account on like Twitter or Reddit"

And aye, sorry again about the hosting difficulties.
Is your blag not up on you computer, though? Not complaining, just wondering.
And would you say resuming ~daily checks of your website, now on your computer, would be a good idea, neutral because there's not much point at the moment, or bad due to it straining some system or other or somesuch thing?
I'm glad you were able to find some way to keep your website accessible, though. :)


Yeah, sorry I've been meaning to get on that. I'm kind of an emotional mess at the moment, probably since not even therapists will let me meet them in person these days. The universe of course conspired to ensure that I could not complain, since I technically get to have in-person social interaction with 1 rather antisocial person, but I think only them and nobody else for 2 years straight is kinda... probably the reason I only compulsively write stuff I can't share these days. Having no friends or community to work together with for 20 years was bad enough, but this's just nuts. Meh, for all I know, maybe it's the blood pressure medication they put me on. Also I was helping a friend write Expedition to the Cloudbreak Islands and that hasn't been going so great lately either, but it's something, at least.

Okay so critter.cloudns.org is dead forever, because the service you trust to look up host names is a mafia operation :facehoof: so they're always pulling shady shiz. You guys get to be collateral that "cloudns.org" can use to pressure me to pay up some protection money, or they'll tell your computers to stop going to my site. critter.cloudns.nz still works for now, but that's all they'll allow anymore. critter.duckdns.org still works, though duckdns.org decided to stop allowing anyone to sign in without an account on like Twitter or Reddit, so if they ever disable the auto-updater script support, I'm hosed there. But for now, those two addresses should work.

Also my home computer is always online which is the computer I write my stories on (along with a netbook in my bedroom). Should be synchronized with my "critter" server relatively automatically. Again DNS, mafia, shady shiz, but at least afraid.org is a nonprofit?

The website is, as far as I know, down for the foreseeable future, unfortunately. Though I don't know what the current state of the effort to find a way to get it back up is.

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Never Write These

The following concepts are overused, ineffective, unappreciated or spoiled.

  1. Impossible odds.
    ...except if the characters can overcome them.
  2. Amnesia.
  3. Ultraviolence.
  4. Court Politics.
  5. "I can totally make people like this unpopular concept."
  6. Remarking in your story how “random” it is.
  7. Chapters that are unrelated prompt based minifics.
  8. Human finding a baby pony in a box.
  9. Human in Ponyland.
  10. Pony story without any actual ponies.
  11. Alicorn OC.
  12. Zombie Outbreak.
  13. Vampires.
  14. A mysterious new pony comes to Ponyville.
  15. Any variants on the phrase "So, what do we do now?"
  16. The kooky life of [insert name here]
  17. Multiple personalities.
  18. Infinite multiverse.
  19. So-and-so loves such-and-such but will it work out??? (unless it doesn't)
  20. Writing or drawing based cutie marks.
  21. Crossovers with non-stories (card-games, vidya, etc)
  22. Vidya.
  23. Everyone loves/hates/gives all the attention to an OC
  24. In the story summary:

    1. who is paired with whom
    2. “not your ordinary”
    3. a mysterious stranger
    4. "this is my first fic"
    5. telling us to read on
      especially to “find out”


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