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For the love of Celestia

Look at how many favorites I have. I am a two bit fave whore. Stop thanking me just because I faved your story. It doesn't even mean I liked it! Just that I may be interested in updates for now. There is no reason to thank me for a fave. It's complete lunacy!

Thank me for my "amazing" commenting ability or for writing "so many" inspiring stories. But for the love of Celestia please, no thanks for a fave. It just makes me feel bad, for not having anything else to give you that you feel worth mentioning.

You can find all of my stories in-progess, including a bunch of ones not published here, on my website. I have a "real" blog there, too.
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You can email me directly fimferret2, at critter.cloudns.org if you want.
I also am available on Tox, usually, at

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Anything we can do to help?

Yeah I'm... writing a little, maybe a couple paragraphs a day. Haven't been doing so well mentally, nothing real serious, just... really lonely and weary of everything. Sorta struggling to stay coherent. Maybe all this exercising I've been doing is getting me down. I dunno.

I note that updates have been a long time coming...


What a noble goal :raritystarry:

I hope you find one :twilightsmile:

I'm looking for rainbows in there!

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Never Write These

The following concepts are overused, ineffective, unappreciated or spoiled.

  1. Impossible odds.
    ...except if the characters can overcome them.
  2. Amnesia.
  3. Ultraviolence.
  4. Court Politics.
  5. "I can totally make people like this unpopular concept."
  6. Remarking in your story how “random” it is.
  7. Chapters that are unrelated prompt based minifics.
  8. Human finding a baby pony in a box.
  9. Human in Ponyland.
  10. Pony story without any actual ponies.
  11. Alicorn OC.
  12. Zombie Outbreak.
  13. Vampires.
  14. A mysterious new pony comes to Ponyville.
  15. Any variants on the phrase "So, what do we do now?"
  16. The kooky life of [insert name here]
  17. Multiple personalities.
  18. Infinite multiverse.
  19. So-and-so loves such-and-such but will it work out??? (unless it doesn't)
  20. Writing or drawing based cutie marks.
  21. Crossovers with non-stories (card-games, vidya, etc)
  22. Vidya.
  23. Everyone loves/hates/gives all the attention to an OC
  24. In the story summary:

    1. who is paired with whom
    2. “not your ordinary”
    3. a mysterious stranger
    4. "this is my first fic"
    5. telling us to read on
      especially to “find out”


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