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In RGRE Equestria, there's all sorts of mares who want to claim Anon's dick for their own. Except one mare has... not such a great way of showing her interest.

Contains: Cringe :(

Part of the B_25 vs Flutterpriest 24 Hour Writeoff

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Yeah it's a meme. its in an a.n. now


Alex_ #4 · Feb 2nd, 2019 · · 1 ·

This was too real, 3/10

You arrived a bit late. The title has changed.:ajsmug:

dangnabit! it did!?

... I don't trust you discord, but i put my faith and confidence in you

“But, the fact is, that you were deeply uncomfortable and she didn’t have the social awareness to realize you were uncomfortable.”

No, that's not true. It'd be one thing if Anon really were punishing Raven for something she didn't know she was doing wrong. But that's not what's happening here.

“It’s… a bit much right now. All of this is a bit too much.”

Anon told Raven that he was uncomfortable. But instead of being understanding (if embarrassed), Raven blew a gasket. She acted like a little girl throwing a temper tantrum, instead of like a grown woman.

this is pretty NEET!

Look, I am not proud of how hard this made me laugh, but we all have our crosses to bear.

Sad thing is, I know someone like that, who did the same thing.

Got a real woman in his room, then creeped her out so bad that she left.

The Monk
"Knowledge is power and power corrupts, so study and be evil." - Reykan

Poor gal, I feel really bad for the actual people who are like this.

Goddammit Arin.

I haven't even read the story yet and already I love it. Contains: cringe :( gold!

What would you even call the mare equivalent of a "nice guy"?




It's sad that this amused me so much.
I mean I don't know anyone like Raven but I'm well aware that there are people like her.
Honestly... I feel kinda dirty for finding this so amusing... and I have no idea why...

This story is a masterpiece in its own satirical way

“Well, Uhm,” she says, looking back and forth. “Could you hold something for me?”
“My hoof?” she says softly.

Anon, punt the pervert.

Polish the boot and reel it back like Charlie Brown

Cointains: cringe :(

Lmao that got me good

I don't know why you thought this one didn't come out so good; I think it's funny as hell.

I like this story. And I do want to hug Raven. As a fellow socially awkward weirdo, I can empathize with her.

I do get out of the house. Got stuff to do. But I am terrible at the whole "chatting with women" thing.

All those coltwhores going for popular trash princesses and stuff and not seeing caring and smart mares

That was... an unusually restrained Anon, but I think he worked pretty well. Raven was too over the top though. We know that socially awkward people don't really act that way. Too many contrivances to make her as cringey as ponily possible is itself kind of cringey. If he got turned of by her excited confession about My Little Human Smut fanfiction, and she started projecting all the bad experiences with guys in the past onto him there in the park without dragging him into her cringe dungeon, I think it might've been a little easier to swallow. People who write smut generally have boringly normal rooms without multi-shelf dildo collections, so having someone who does kind of... robs the story of its moral weight. Readers feel like it's soapboxing and reject the message it's trying to convey. Maybe the story could conclude with Raven posting a picture on the ponynet saying "i can be your angle... or yuor devil" trying to salvage her shattered ego, and that would be kind of awesome. And maybe she has a human dildo hidden in a drawer but... no one must know. Roll credits.

Or to be brief, this story reads like a pony in RGRE Equestria sat down and wrote it, trying to make unwanted mares look like total monstrous slobs because they want to justify them being forever alone.

It's still not a bad story. I love how he shot her down in one line about her fanaticism. That's life-changing stuff. (Assuming her life is her fault, that is.) The thing where Sweetie Belle was being childishly hormonal probably because her friends dared her to say it was terribly adorable. Twilight was awful and out of character, until he mentioned that she had too much cider, and then it was dead on hilarious.

My only other tiny quibble with it is... take a look at adult Halloween costumes. How many of the male costumes are references to something cool, and how many of the female ones are sexy costumes intended to show off her body? That might be better in its own story, where Anon can't get anypony to make his costume without it drawing focus to his prominent bulge. But I'd imagine RGRE Equestria would have a lot of stallions prancing around in risque costumes for that particular Halloween ripoff. Mare costumes would be more about skill and power, with a few oddballs dressing sexy as a joke. And any mare who did so seriously would be at risk of being accosted by the cops for potential sexual harassment. That's how I'd imagine it, anyway. An Equestria where the mares are such huge hornballs that they don't care about showing off their power levels is fine too.

The line that was attempted to be struck here is that Raven is the real-life equivalent of an Incel in RGRE. A deviant who feels they are owed sex and companionship. It's purposely cringy because Incels are the cringiest real life thing I have ever seen.

I can see what you're saying about RGRE, but this is supposed to be purposely hyperbolic of RGRE.

They're not, is the thing. They're a bunch of tryhard incel wannabes for the most part, who talk big but are actually pretty normal in most of their life, and genuinely deformed people being hated by the world for the rest. It's true that reality imitates fiction, and you'll see some guy post a video of his erotic dakimura collection, but he's doing that to be cringy, not because he doesn't know any better. Actually disturbed people are very, very rare, and it's just our social media "optimization" blows them up into this huge thing. And even genuinely crazy people aren't usually every kind of crazy at once.

Anyway that doesn't matter, because you were trying to be hyperbolic about RGRE. So my thought that it's too over the top to be compelling is actually a compliment. You successfully exaggerated things to ludicrous levels, to the point that nobody would seriously think a male human like Moondancer would exist to any significant degree. Or to be brief, this story reads like a pony in RGRE Equestria sat down and wrote it, trying to make unwanted mares look like total monstrous slobs because they want to justify them being forever alone. And that's exactly what you intended. Nice job!

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