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I finally figured out how to put this thing on my profile. This is the best thing to happen to me since Princess Celestia teleported me to Equestria so that I could romance her student and sister.


What is the greatest cleaning spray ever, capable of cleaning any mess, no matter how severe, with a few simple squirts? Why, that's 409, a cleaning product that's a well-kept secret by earth ponies. Rarity has encountered a problem with the messiness factor of the Carousel Boutique, and Applejack has the solution. The question is, what happens when Rarity is given the ultimate in earth pony cleaning technology?

This is my 409-follower special that is my excuse to delay my 400-follower special. I assure you guys that I put more effort into the story itself than I did in making the magical aura around the bottle of 409.

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I was expecting the boutique to suddenly grow an apple tree or something like that.

This could end very well or very badly...:duck: *read later*

Vince Offers'll be all over that :rainbowlaugh:

>Not 409 words long
>u w0t m8?

:raritystarry: I bet Spikeys scales will shine now!
:twilightsheepish: I see no side effects
:moustache: SPIKE WANT!
:duck: !?!

I considered it, but earth ponies work their magic into the land as it is. It would be odd for the wood that regularly has earth pony magic influence it to suddenly be given some kind of ambiguous new property. Granted, distilled earth pony magic is obviously very strong, but it would just encourage growth in natural settings.

I look forward to your opinions. :moustache:

Vince only pitches good products, so this is definitely among them. :rainbowkiss:

I have let you down, Trampoline-senpai. :ajsleepy:

I'm pretty sure that, with scales that shiny, Spike would totally want himself. :raritywink:

6244063 Hi I'm Vince Offers and I'm going to spray it in the air :rainbowlaugh:

Next time: Rarity discovers RAID... Fluttershy must never know.

I'm wondering what kind of odd ingredient would be included. :derpyderp2:

That is almost exactly accurate. :moustache:

I thought the hair biceps were a really nice touch.

Well, this is something. And I like this something.

I worked really hard to impress you, Stellar_Bubbles-chan. :rainbowkiss:

Oh brother!:rainbowlaugh:

Oh gees. Now you got me waiting for 510... I really hope you wheren't telling tall tales about the sequel/alternative story.

The funniest part about this story is Rarity's addictio ln to cleaning stuff. We all know her curie mark means 'to bring out the beauty within' and what better way to do that than to make everything sparkly clean?


I really hope you wheren't telling tall tales about the sequel/alternative story.

That is most assuredly exactly what it was. :moustache: I am not the sort to write obligatory sequels.

6460685 Dang it! Now I have to write a alternative story. About 510! The Pegasi cleaning agent. AgdgdgdgGsgrhfhdjejqyhdj! Hope you are happy with yourself knowing what you've done.

Or perhaps about 508 the unicorn cleaning agent... hmmm.

I look forward to the prequel and sequel that you will inevitably write. :raritywink:

6462894 Dang it! Now I got someone expecting me to so something I sated I would do! Now I can't just forget about it and pretend like its nothing. I guess I better get to writing. . . (After I sleep. It's super past my bedtime.

There is no sleep, only sequels. :moustache:

6464047 That is actually frighteningly true...

Sweetie Belle was at a bench press lifting 300 pounds of weight. Her muscles rippled as she lifted the bar above her, once, twice, thrice. She took a few breaths, then lifted the bar again and placed it in its holder above her, rising and assuming a sitting position on the bench.

300 pounds? Damn! With that much exercise, Sweetie Belle is gonna turn into Sweaty Belle!

I'm sorry. It won't happen again, I promise. I'll see myself out now.

A pun worthy of this comments section. :rainbowdetermined2:

Now imagine if Scootaloo had been sprayed with that stuff.

She still wouldn't be able to fly. :trollestia:

Somehow, I think her flying would be the least of the town's worries. Somepony might wind up suffering as he did.

More reason why I support earth ponies.

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