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This story is a sequel to The Hero: Cozy Glow...?

In the last story, Cozy Glow became a super hero, mostly due to severe brain damage. You should probably read that before you get any further into this description, because spoilers abound! Part of the Cozy Hero continuity.

Living with Luna's been going pretty well for the filly the past few weeks, but with Hearth's Warming coming up, Luna urges her to go out and make some real friends. Cozy has her hooves full between that, her studies, and her super heroics, but to make matters worse it seems destiny has decided to get involved and dump even more responsibility on her.

Can't a former megalomaniacal psychopath catch a break?


Well, you know what they say. If you can't catch a break, make your own. By breaking things. What? It works for Dash!

If you want more Cozy after reading this, check out The Mirror.

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"Cozy, I was thinking... wouldn't you like for us to live somewhere a bit bigger?"

Oh no. She's becoming attached.

"Err, no, I just thought you might like your own room and so on. I mean, I've enjoyed staying at Silver Shoals, but it's hardly a place to bring up a foal."

Oh no. She's become attached.

I winced at the reminder of how the last year had gone for her. Of all of the responses she could have given, this was easily the least expected. I glanced at the apartment listings and considered it for a few seconds.

"Are you sure you don't want to live somewhere nicer?" "I spent a year in literal Hell. So, this place already meets all my standards!" [Internal Oof Intensifies]

"If you're considering getting a place for us, then I guess this is for real, huh?"

Gotta be honest, when this line dropped, I felt Luna's response.

"Luna, thank you. For, like... everything. You really caught me when I was at my lowest, and I don't think anypony else would have let me have the freedom I needed to get through all of this. I've kinda been going with the idea that I'd have to go sooner or later – I thought you were just being nice, but I was wearing out my welcome here. But if you want me to stay around, I'd be... well, I'm just really happy."

Huh. Someone's gone and splashed my face with liquid pride. Weird.

Cozy snorted again as she trotted to the shower. "Mm-hmm, but I'm at that sassy teenage period, so I can say whatever I want about my mom."

I was too stunned to respond as she closed the door.

Ooh, that little—! She did that on purpose!

Huh. I'm laughing but there's still liquid pride everywhere. Ah, what a terrible day for rain.

ummm wow
this sequel is gonna be interesting

Glad you think so. And welcome to the commenter's club! Sometimes I feel like only the 3d6-2 people who comment on my fics read them; it's cool to see a new face show up on the sequel (unless you made a comment on the previous fic that I've forgotten was by you, in which case I apologize)

I leaned against the wall of the shower while the soot washed out of my coat and tried to get my breathing under control. My heart was hammering so hard against my ribs I thought it would burst any second now.

I called her mom! I can't believe I went there! She's going to think I'm messing with her or something!

You ever just have one of those days where the context of how fucked your life is leads you to have a panic attack over having called someone who offered to adopt you "mom?"

No? Just me and Cozy? Okay.

Do you remember torching the orphanage records so nopony would know about them? So we could have a clean start at Twilight's school? I guess it backfired now that you've lost your marbles.

... Wow.

I mean, yeah, sensible, but wow.

I didn't torch those records, YOU did.

Oh dear. Oh no. Oh, we're going here.

I knew it wasn't healthy, so I kept trying to push it out, but I'd just sort-of slide into it whenever I thought about events before my memory loss.

Ahaha. Haha. Ahahahaha.

Solo. Why are you doing this to me? Is this about the crack I made about you drinking my Monster Energy drinks at Bronycon? Is this your revenge?

It's the truth, though. You can't really trust anypony. They all know what we did, so of course they're going to walk on eggshells around us. Their goal is always going to be to control us and keep us from causing problems, at best, and at worst you're just a chess piece. A rook to send out to take the opposing knights, just to be sacrificed to the pawns.

I was gonna save this for the end of the comment, buuuut- it just seemed too appropriate:

Oh yeah, just deflect rather than acknowledging my point. Sure showed me!

Gotta admit, the repressed self-hatred Cozy Glow has dissociated from to the point where she's basically hallucinating voices in her head is pretty fucking sharp.

Despite everything, the last thing that came to mind for me was Luna's smile when I told her I wanted to stay with her. I smiled back as I drifted off, though there was still a twinge of uncertainty in the back of my mind.

This paragraph got a hard "D'aww" from me right up until the finale clause, then it went back to kicking me in the soul.

First story not even out of the feature box and the sequel already has two chapters already...

I must have done something really good to deserve this late Chrismas gift.

man, it's 4 pm here, but there is always time for Cozy!

I actually wrote these stories as a late Christmas gift to FIMfic, I'm really glad someone took it that way! Have another chapter!

This is how I make up for missing Jinglemas this year.

Damn right.

"Aww, but you look so adorable as a dapple, Luna!"

Man, the Dapple-Luna headcanon has gotten legs.

Also: So many perspectives.

"You didn't! You didn't even think about that!"

Gotcha, bitch!

Twilight locked eyes with me for a moment, and then took a sigh of relief and leaned back. "Right, I'm sure that's what it is. Sorry, I'm just still processing the whole, like... Quillon, Cozy, super hero thing . Even Discord was less chaotic when it came to redemption. Sorry, Luna; I didn't mean to be a downer."

This got a hearty silently giggle from me.

Twilight seemed to give this some thought before responding. "It's not that hard to imagine. I mean, I've seen plenty of ponies reform. It's just that none of them posed as my friend or student beforehand. I was so taken in by Cozy, and I felt so betrayed by what she did, I just... I guess I'm just still hurt. I can't believe I failed a student so badly."

Awww. Feeling for Purple Smart, here.

"Sister... I actually wanted you to spend more time with her. She has so few friends to speak with, I worry she feels like she has nopony else to go to when she can't discuss something with me."

The part Luna omitted was that she wasn't much better-off herself; she would feel isolated if she moved somewhere without me. I mentally chided myself for the misstep and smiled at her.

Man, the use of "oof" as a short hand for "this sentiment both made me empathize with these characters and their suffering and made me reflect on similar events on my own life, causing a stab of wistfulness/bittersweetness" is gonna run thin fast at the rate that you keep putting me in that position... but still. Oof.

"I can attest to that. She's throwing herself into her magical studies in every spare moment; I can tell just from the book orders she sends. I know she needs to learn all of the basics, since she just got her horn, but the rate of learning she's putting in definitely doesn't strike me as just obsessive studying. I think she's trying to distract herself from everything with it, and, well... that just puts off dealing with those feelings and memories. She needs to make new memories, good ones, to help deal with it all."

This is why Purple Smart gets to wear the pointy metal hat!

Luna and I both beamed at Twilight, and I was starkly reminded then why I put her in charge. I nodded and looked to Luna.

Even Celestia agrees with me!

Also: Get out of my head, fic!

Twilight laughed. "Here's hoping the fate of the world doesn't depend on her making friends like it did for me! I don't know how many more crises I can handle during my first year in office!"

Luna cringed slightly. "Tempt not ye fates, Twilight."

Twilight snickered. "I'm sure it'll be fine."

I facehoofed.


Will be interesting to see the differnt perpectives in this story.

I'm glad you appreciate that aspect. Not everyone does.

My brilliant plan to fulfill my 'friendship homework' by making friends through my super hero work had one major flaw: ponies didn't know the real identity of the Dashing Savior, and if they did, they probably wouldn't want to be friends.

... why you gotta do me like that, opening paragraph?

Who knows how they might be useful to us in the future? It's good to have a widespread contact network.

Well... yes, but it also gives me a gratifying perspective on how diverse and important the 'faceless crowd' really is. It's the kind of lesson you'd never get, old-Cozy.



Man, I wonder what it says about the degree of her self-loathing that this is actually decent, completely non-sinister advice delivered in a morally neutral way, but Cozy still thinks of it in her Villain Voice and beats herself up over it.

As much as I didn't want to get wrapped up in my own head like that, I had nopony else to talk to. I'd headed out to Ponyville to make some friends, but word had gotten around about who 'Quillon' really was, so my new coat color wasn't fooling anypony. Ponies glared at me as they went past, and kept their distance. I sipped on my milkshake and tried to at least be thankful nopony was throwing anything.


This fucking sucks!

'Power' implies I can get what I want. I want ponies to like me, but all of the alicorn magic in the world can't make that happen. Not for real, anyway.

... Touche.

Man, this all hits too close to home, but the Cozies cyclically dunking on each other is hilarious.

Turns out, winning an internal argument against a voice in your head that was actually trying to cheer you up, does not result in you being happier. Who knew?

And then it got sad again. Woo hoo.

I looked over to see a light-yellow unicorn mare with a firey red-and-yellow mane staring at me.

Oh no... could it be...

"Great! Let's go. Oh, my name's Sunset Shimmer, by the way. What's yours?"

Also, her whole interaction with Cozy leading up to the "reveal", up to and including Old!Cozy's cutthroat sense of intrigue and deception, was fucking golden, you magnificent bastard.

I giggled. Something about this mare was just really likeable, as long as I ignored the screaming alarm bells coming from my manipulative side, my common sense, and my general survival instincts. None of which had served me very well in life, really.

I have nothing to add. This line is just funny.

Sunset has always been a logical candidate for helping Cozy. Nice to see her here. I wonder if she can use her powers to restore your memory.

Bad Idea! Suddenly getting all of her memories back could cause a complete personality shift, and make Quillion/Cozy Glow into Cozy Glow/Quillion!

A gradual restoration, like the one already happening, is much better in this situation.

sunset shimmer? that explains why she didn't cringe or run away from the evil deeds of cozy glow.
their sins are similar

nah i didnt comment on the previous story cause i read it in one go so i didnt have time to but it was an awesome story

I looked over to see a light-yellow unicorn mare with a firey red-and-yellow mane staring at me.


It's rare to see pony Baconbutt in a story! Now she will have to make friends with two Cozys! Cozies? Cozy² !

You'll notice Cozy hasn't exactly gone to any lengths to ask anypony to restore her memory.

Dangit, I hate the bacon joke. I've even seen serious stories refer to her as bacon-haired. It was funny for the first week or so, but she's been called that for years when her hair clearly has a fire/sunset theme. Ah well.

I do hope her inclusion was a present surprise for everyone.

Wow! A sequel?! Awesome! I'm excited to see where this will go! :pinkiehappy:

Great! Now, all she needs is to befriend Discord, Starlight Glimmer, Trixie, and Tempest Shadow, and she could form with them and Luna a club of reformed villains. :rainbowlaugh:

Looks like Cozy has a new friend already! Her inner monologueing does suggest that she may need a therepist though, and the ursa thing is pretty strange.

Or... I could just not give a horseapple.

Such wuwei very dao wow

Inner monologues with an opposing voice in your head and judging if something is good or bad are not that unhealthy. It's called conscience.
Fun stuff begins if there's more than one voice and they are all hostile. Cozy's inner Cozy is... messed up, but rational.

Sorry this update took a lot longer than others. I got a truly awful neck cramp today, couldn't hold my head up for a while.

Oh boy... The Cutie Map is calling her? What kind of friendship mission will she be sent to? :rainbowderp:

cutie map calling her.... HEROES NEVER REST!!!

Ah, sorry about the neck cramp.

"Erm, Cozy? Your cutie mark is glowing."

oh umm
this ought to be an interesting next chapter

Nice to see Celestia using her wisdom to try and help Cozy. This multiple perspective thing really helps flesh out all the characters.

Take your time if you need to. This and the last story was more then I could ask for.

It's alright. Once it went down a bit, I did a little light swordfighting to loosen it up, then took a hot shower. Think it'll be gone by tomorrow.

It's all good, don't worry. I'm glad you're having such a good time! I was basically delivering all of this as a late Christmas gift, but of course I had no idea if folks would really appreciate it.

As to the multiple perspectives, I'm glad that landed well. It's a mechanism that really defined The Queen and I, one of my older works, and I'm enjoying bringing it back to the fore (though I'm not putting nearly as much work into it here as I did there). It does make writing this story a lot easier; I feel like I can just jump into writing whatever I am interested in writing about at a given point in the story rather than being married to a particular thread.

Cozy learning from her past mistakes? How nice.

Seriously though, she really needs a therapist at this point.

i think they found their friendship problem

Do you remember torching the orphanage




At the risk of sounding too much like DBZA!Cell, are you sure there's a shrink qualified enough to deal with that hot mess?

Frieza maybe? He did help Chichi, Broly and Lord Beerus after all. XD

My thoughts exactly. No, really!

I read your comment and the one you replied to before I started reading the story, and thanks to that when I read the italicized 'you're stupid' from Cozy my mind immediately supplied 'stop being stupid!'

Ehh. The Elements of Harmony can’t be applicable in every scenario. That pony brought it all upon himself ah’ reckon. :pinkiehappy:

What Twilight should be asking is why did the Elements of Harmony remove Cozy Glow's memories? What were they trying to accomplish? Just give Cozy Glow a fresh start? Just to take away her justification for being evil? Or... was there something wrong with those memories, that had to be destroyed? What isn't Cozy remembering, and why?

"You want me to demonstrate you, missy?!"


Wherein Sunset demonstrates her bestponyness

Ah, but sunset can't be bestpone when she's a hyoomahn!

Checkmate, atheists. :rainbowwild:

She can; that is the power of her bestponyness

Checkmate, Youtube guitarists

AHA! you said PONY, but everypone knows it is spelled PONE!

Checkmate, Changeling!!1

You caught me, but it's too late. I already have all of your love from reading this story.

You sleeped; you weeped.

I think you nailed Starlight's clueless antisocialness here. No idea what's causing the strife though.

Honestly, I just focused on writing lines in her voice; stuff I could imagine her saying in the show. The rest usually comes naturally.

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