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Long Fics are long.

A group dedicated to fics with substantial length.

Sometimes you just want to read a nice, long story.

All stories added to this group must have at least 200,000 words.

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Making my way there. around half way (:


Soon my fanfiction shall cross the 200,000 threshold to enter these hollowed halls. On such a day, there shall be rain somewhere in Africa, and maybe even snow in the Arctic.

Well, we don't have many members, but hopefully you'll get a few to give your fic a boost.

The story has since been finished. Followups are in the work to continue where new revelations and developments were made known.

When they reach that point, please do add them!

Wow! That's awesome.

Just added my story to this group. Crossing the Trixie Bridge is a lengthy (over 1 Million words) ongoing story, taking on a larger view of the world Equestria.

Action, a mystery that's not spoon-fed to the reader, slow-burner romances, comedy sprinkled in, as well as a world and character-building story that takes a closer look at how two different mentalities from different worlds adapt to each other.

This story also provides independent and commissioned art to help tell the story in various chapters. New art for current chapters is likely to be released with each new chapter, published every Wednesday at 2 PM Eastern Time, and occasionally bonus releases on Saturdays.

Well, I just spammed this group with tons of long stories!

I have a few fics that I know will be substantially long:ajsmug:.

Maybe one day after some hard Work I shall earn the Honor of Getting Spike Pie in this Group, but some serious work is ahead of me before I can do that.

Correct, 200k words or more.

For now, a total series length of 200k+ doesn't count, only individual story lengths (hence why I've been leaving sunflower in the submissions folder for so long, I've been hoping Hoopy could get the last 30k words to get it over the minimum :pinkiesmile:)

Hello there people! I just joined this group, and i must say, i love a long, good story. Hope we can all get along well:twilightsmile:

I can fix those for you right now.

EDIT: I located them, and have created more completed folders for them. I went ahead and relocated them into the correct folders.

Yeah, I was just wondering. There are 5 completed stories that are over 1.05 million words, yet no folder for them. Is it because there are so few of them?

Incomplete fics are added to the 'Word In Progress' folder.
Fics that are labelled as 'complete' are put in the appropriate wordcount folder.

  • Viewing 25 - 44 of 44