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I don't know i got bored and read a few stories they all had over a thousand likes and was like. "holy crap those were awesome stories"


1000 likes club was born

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Something something...when was my story added to this group?

How do I add a story, that isn't mine? I go add story but it just brings up my fics, and then I went cancel but it added it anyway... sorry

Sorry for the 128 updates in an hour, but I got on a spree and didn't want to stop.

Edit: Nope, more. Shifted some of the stories from idk into their correct folders, mainly slice of life. Will finish at some point later.

Edit2: 3 weeks later, emptied the idk folder to just 5, all of which don't obviously fit into any current folders. May re/read them to see if they can fit anywhere at some later point.

It's alright, the story reached the limit.


sorry i havent been on the site in a long time ill get right on those. and tell em the story that needs deleted

Ah! How do you delete stories from folders?

Could you make a folder for Slice of Life stories? It seems like a rather grievous oversight to not have one. On a more minor note, one for Alternate Universe stories would be nice, too.

Creator, thanks for making this group. Everyone else, thank you for keeping it up to date~ :pinkiehappy:

IF anyone sees stories getting close to 1k upvotes, but not quite there yet(~900+), can you let me know/link it to me? I've make a bookshelf for stories getting close.

ill go ahead and put this here to, if anyone finds a story that is really close to 1k likes and they know for sure that it will get more likes then u can add it to this group also

Would it be okay to add a few stories that are almost (990+) at 1000 likes now or should I wait until they do hit 1k?

Only 499 to go, and I can post my story here. So close yet so far.

omg these people just don't give up....

please help stop sopa again!


we've hit the big 1-double-zero!

thanks guys that's awesome

Hey guys, just wanted to drop by and say thank you for adding my story to the group. It means a lot to me that I not only have 1000+ up-votes, but that you guys thought that it was good enough to add here.

holy crap 25 people in dis group!!! :yay:

There you go. Added some from my favourites:
"Anthropology" and "Clop it!"

woopsie added a few buy mistake

330324 I just found this group and went through my favorites. Not a problem, i was kinda bored.

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