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I don't know i got bored and read a few stories they all had over a thousand likes and was like. "holy crap those were awesome stories"


1000 likes club was born

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Sorry, misclick on my part.

why did shining armors cock gets stuck in cadances ass get added? it only has 400 likes.

There are 800 members in this group

There is nothing different according to the website statistics.

Do we have over 23,000 users, or 23,000 accounts?

Because they aren’t that popular.

Then why do most stories have either around 30 likes/dislikes, around 50 likes/dislikes, or around 200 likes/dislikes? Checkmate, atheist.

Considering we have over 23 thousand users... your wrong.

How does a story gain 1000 likes on a website with around 128-400 users?

Something something...when was my story added to this group?

How do I add a story, that isn't mine? I go add story but it just brings up my fics, and then I went cancel but it added it anyway... sorry

Sorry for the 128 updates in an hour, but I got on a spree and didn't want to stop.

Edit: Nope, more. Shifted some of the stories from idk into their correct folders, mainly slice of life. Will finish at some point later.

Edit2: 3 weeks later, emptied the idk folder to just 5, all of which don't obviously fit into any current folders. May re/read them to see if they can fit anywhere at some later point.

It's alright, the story reached the limit.


sorry i havent been on the site in a long time ill get right on those. and tell em the story that needs deleted

Ah! How do you delete stories from folders?

Could you make a folder for Slice of Life stories? It seems like a rather grievous oversight to not have one. On a more minor note, one for Alternate Universe stories would be nice, too.

Creator, thanks for making this group. Everyone else, thank you for keeping it up to date~ :pinkiehappy:

IF anyone sees stories getting close to 1k upvotes, but not quite there yet(~900+), can you let me know/link it to me? I've make a bookshelf for stories getting close.

ill go ahead and put this here to, if anyone finds a story that is really close to 1k likes and they know for sure that it will get more likes then u can add it to this group also

Would it be okay to add a few stories that are almost (990+) at 1000 likes now or should I wait until they do hit 1k?

  • Viewing 18 - 37 of 37
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